Nicolas Cage and also Diane Kruger chase historical treasure in “National Treasure: publication of Secrets.” Disney Enterprises and also Jerry Bruckheimer, Inc.
A 3rd “National Treasure” film is reportedly in the works, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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What’s walk on: chris Bremner — writer for “Bad boys for Life” — is reportedly working top top “National endowment 3” for Disney. Bremner is working with Jerry Bruckheimer top top the project.

Why the matters: The “National Treasure” franchise created two films in the beforehand 2000s. The second film “National sweetheart 2: book of Secrets” ended with the personalities looking into “page 47” the a an enig book owned by the chairman of the joined States. No explanation because that the “page 47” was ever given.

Numbers: The first “National Treasure” earn $347 million in 2004. The sequel secured $457 million in 2007.

History: In 2018, Jon Turteltaub, that directed the “National Treasure” films, said Collider that Disney had too numerous movies in the pipeline for this reason “National sweetheart 3” got pushed back.

Turteltaub: “When ‘National Treasure’ very first got made, there to be a lot an ext money to go around. Everybody acquired paid nicely. The trouble with getting the third one made no the world who are acquiring paid saying, ‘I’m not doing it unless you salary me a lot!’ the really that Disney feeling they have other movies they want to make that they think will make them much more money. Ns think castle wrong. I think castle right about the movie they’re making; castle obviously act a really an excellent job at making an excellent films. I just think this would be among them, and also they don’t quite realize exactly how much the net is begging for a third ‘National Treasure.’”Turteltaub: “The script was close, but not so good that the studio couldn’t say yes,” he said, including that it to be “good enough” for the studio to grant it. Still, they to be never given the green light.

Reaction: Social media celebrated the return of the franchise.

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The only thing far better than nationwide Treasure 3 keep going is anyone messaging me with sincere congrats for national Treasure 3 happening

— Dave Jorgenson (
davejorgenson) January 17, 2020

NATIONAL treasure 3 IS HAPPENING????Birthday candle wishes perform come really! https://t.co/2rwL6O2n0i

— Katy Tur (
KatyTurNBC) January 17, 2020

I remember people treating nationwide Treasure choose a joke of a movie growing up, yet you recognize what? the movie obtained me therefore interested in U.S. Background that i took AP background and AP Gov and also LOVED them. I AM SO ready FOR national TREASURE 3.

— Arianna Rees (
AriWRees) January 17, 2020

What need to Nicolas Cage steal in national Treasure 3? pic.twitter.com/sO96dMhbuo

— screen Junkies (
screenjunkies) January 17, 2020

What carry out you think will certainly be on web page 47 of the publication of tricks in ‘National treasure 3’?

— Lights, Camera, Pod (
LightsCameraPod) January 17, 2020

tbh the just thing ns care around being in nationwide treasure 3 is riley pic.twitter.com/aS6NaMRjsC

— cheshire kat (
katwrites42) January 17, 2020

Great moment. The big fella indigenous the hall of Fame simply told Jimmy Johnson they"re making national Treasure 3. Pic.twitter.com/JWCvUNVubr