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Written by CallieLabrador


The means that Ben clearly covets the rifle and also engineers am opportunity to remain at the cabin foreshadows his at an early stage morning theft the it

Matt tells Attean that the bear might have eliminated them i beg your pardon is a substantial understatement together the bear to be female and also protecting she cub, and would certainly have killed them in order to safeguard it.

Many time the publication Robinson Crusoe is alluded to together the relationship in between Matt and Attean often resembles that of Crusoe and also Man Friday although it is in reality the viewed "savage" that resembles Robinson Crusoe and the white boy who is more like his manservant

Attean goes into the forest alone to look for his manitou, a Spirit overview whose photo will show up to him as soon as it is time for him to come to be a man and a hunter

Matt"s father warns him come beware that the Indians yet paradoxically it is just the white man in the form of renegade hunter Ben the he actually needs to be fear of

There is a parallel between Matt and Attean both coming of age and fulfilling the functions that their respective family members have because that them, together they step from childhood right into manhood and assume the duties that go along with it

The clan the the Beaver represents the desire of its leader, Atteans grand - the clan decides if Matt is welcome

The forest is a keeper of secrets offering the body of tree the ability to have secrets prefer a person can

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