The greatest players top top the experienced jewel thief circuit space a innovative bunch. Their relations run deep and also they"re tapped right into a network the attorneys and also "fences" who have the right to smuggle valuables undetected to various other parts the the human being within days. But just because you don"t have those sorts of contacts, that doesn"t median you must be dissuaded. Follow to the the Jeweler"s security Alliance, approximately 80% that the $100 million in gold, silver and also precious jewel stolen every year are pilfered through amateurs. If you"re looking to be a jewel thief, right here are 5 tips to acquire you started.

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Tip #1: Don"t Hide your Stash in a item of Fruit


Amazingly, the totality thing would have operated if it wasn"t for a pesky chambermaid called Suzanne Schiltz. When doing her rounds in ~ the Hotel Metropole, Suzanne started to get really hungry when she spotted a bowl of fruit the two gentlemen had stashed in your closet. There was so much fruit in the basket, and the apples and pears looked so tempting, the she ultimately caved. ~ all, Suzanne figured the the men wouldn"t notice if just one item of fruit go missing.But as soon as she take it a bite, she practically broke she tooth. Schiltz examined the apple and also discovered the it had been hollowed out and also a big gem of part sort had actually been tucked inside. She reported her finding come the hotel manager and also was fired for stealing indigenous a hotel guest. ~ above the upside, she did obtain a reward native the French government for recovering your priceless treasure.

Tip #2: speak to Stupid People

The Star that India is a Ceylonese blue sapphire weighing 563.35 carats and is considered to be the biggest of its sort in the world. It was donated to brand-new York"s American Museum of Natural history in 1900 by J.P. Morgan, i beg your pardon is where, in 1964, previous surfing champion Jack Murphy admired it and also also detailed the lack of security surrounding it. While chatting increase a protection guard, Murphy found out the the battery because that the alert hooked approximately the protective case was dead and had yet to it is in replaced. He also found the end that a second-story window was normally left open up at night for ventilation. An skilled "cat burglar," Murphy recruited 2 accomplices and entered the museum in the center of the night via the open bathroom window. They walked off with not only the Star that India, but additionally the Eagle Diamond and the Delong Star Ruby and several various other precious gems. Complete value the the heist: a cool $400,000. "Murph the Surf" and also his two pals to be apprehended 2 days later on in Miami (according come Murphy, Interpol figured out them since they to be spending too lot money and also they to be "partying too strong." The Star that India to be recovered native a locker in a Miami bus station.

Tip #3: pick Trustworthy Partners

Ernest Oppenheimer, who"d do his luck in mining gold and also diamonds, lived through his son and daughter-in-law on a 20-acre estate in a suburb that Johannesburg, south Africa. Throughout the summer the 1955, the Oppenheimers hired a crew the workmen come re-roof your stately home. One of those workers was a brother WWII veteran called Donald Miles who had functioned as a saboteur during his years of military service. Donald could climb follow me a window ledge through stealth and jimmy a door lock with a item of celluloid tape. While functioning at the Oppenheimer home, the noticed exactly how lax defense was: Bridget Oppenheimer retained over a half million dollars" precious of jewels in a wall safe, the an essential to i beg your pardon she maintained in a satin crate in her closet. On the night of December 7, 1955, the Oppenheimers went to a dinner party. Once they returned, Bridget noticed among the pillow situations was absent from her bed. Giving no believed to it, she retired because that the evening only to discover the following morning the all $600,000 precious of diamonds, emeralds and sapphires had been taken from her safe.

The police were stumped. There were no signs of required entry, and also the safe"s crucial was tho in that box. The course, here"s where reminder #2 comes in: Miles can never have actually been recorded if that hadn"t been because that the greed of his trusty pal wilhelm Pearson. Pearson had actually agreed to aid Miles fence the jewels for a price, however he changed his mind as soon as he caught wind the the $42,000 price being available by the Oppenheimer"s.

Tip #4: finish Your Food

Leonardo Notarbartolo is most likely spending much of his time in jail kicking himself. Notarbartolo was the mastermind of one audacious robbery that took place in 2003, at Belgium"s famous Antwerp Diamond Center. It all started when Leo and also several of his cohorts set up a bogus agency and rented office space in the exact same building. Climate they invested three years "casing" the place. Throughout that time they regulated to make duplicates of the grasp keys and also learn the schedules and also routines the the defense guards. Lock even figured out how come break previous the internal magnets in the 12 customs thick stole doors that protected the vault and triggered the alarm system. on February 16th, the team put their arrangement into action and plundered 123 vaults. They also knew enough to steal the accompanying authenticity records for the gems as well, make resale a totality lot easier.

So, why is Notarbartolo behind bars? Well, partially it"s due to the fact that he didn"t eat all his food. The huge break in the instance came as soon as police found a discarded record bag along Antwerp"s main avenue that contained video tapes and also a half-eaten sandwich. The tapes were security tapes from the vault. However there was additionally enough DNA from the sandwich to placed Leo and also his accomplices behind bars. The doesn"t average the police uncovered the jewels, though. Together of this writing, none of the steal gems have been recovered.

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Tip #5: find a an excellent Costume

Not all jewel thieves bother to work-related under cover of darkness; on December 5, 2005, a team of 4 robbers pull on in women"s clothing and wearing wigs entered the take care of Winston boutique in Paris and confronted employees at gunpoint. Castle ordered every the display situations (which to be filled with glittery presents in order come tempt Christmas shoppers) cleared into their bags. They additionally made off through the contents of the store"s safe, for a total haul of about $108 million in diamond jewelry. Monitoring tapes have led investigators to think that the thieves are component of a team that calls chin the Pink Panthers and also who have been responsible for jewel steal in 19 nations in the past 10 years.