Check all that are true statements about this figure.a. The is reticular connective tissue.b. That is dense continuous connective tissue.c. It is dense irregular connective tissue.d. It is discovered in the dermise. That is discovered in tendons and also ligaments.

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Match the epithelial tissue type with the example of a place where it would certainly be discovered in the body.1. Lining of most of the cradle tract2. Lining the alveoli3. Lining the uterine tubes4. Ducts the endocrine glands
Proteins execute not pass v plasma membranes because:a. They contain nitrogen.b. They are very huge molecules.c. They tie to the phospholipids.d. The membrane is do of protein.e. They reason emulsification.
This kind of connective organization is uncovered in the walls of arteries, true vocal cords and the trachea. That is _________ connective tissue.
Where would certainly this form of connective organization be found?a. Skeleton of the bodyb. Dermis the skind. Intervertebral discse. Walls of arteries
Select all that are true the epithelial tissue.a. The basal surface ar is commonly exposed to internal body spaces.b. They space almost totally composed the cells.c. Epithelia have actually a great blood supply.d. They enable for sensation and detection that the surrounding environment.
Which that the following is not a duty of connective tissue? inspect all the apply.1. Physical supportb. Physical protectionc. Warehouse of adipocytes and also calciumd. Transport via the bloode. Absorption of nutrients
Which variables impact the price of diffusion? inspect all the apply.a. Solubility of moleculesb. Size of moleculesc. Concentration gradientd. Polarity the moleculese. PH
Match the type of connective tissue appropriate with its ar in the body.1. Subcutaneous layer2. Walls of huge arteries3. Dermis4. Stroma of lymphatic organs5. Tendons and also ligaments
When compare the diffusion price of a substance in different media, (Check all that apply)a. The diffusion rate is higher in the liquid than in the solid.b. The an ext solid the medium, the quicker the diffusion rate.c. The diffusion v a gas will certainly be faster than v a liquid.d. The diffusion through a solid will be slow than with a gas.e. The diffusion rate for the problem is the very same in every media.
What happens once an animal cell is put into a hypertonic solution?a. Crenation occursb. The is unchangedc. The burstsd. It swellse. Plasmolysis
Check all of the declaration that space true concerning keratinized stratified squamous epithelium. A. Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium is generally found lining the oral cavity.b. Keratinized stratified squamous epithelium forms the epidermis that the skin.c. In keratinized stratified squamous epithelial tissue, the cell on the apical (outer) surface room dead.
Please complement the kind of muscle tissue v its description.1. No striations; involuntary2. Striated; voluntary3. Striated; involuntary
Since the cell membrane enables some molecules to pass v it and also will not permit others, it deserve to be described asa. Impermeable.b. Permeable.c. Selectively permeable.d. Impervious.e. Totally pervious.
Diffusion proceeds to take place until there is an equal concentration of particles on both sides of a semi-permeable membrane. (T/F)
Which form of epithelium is shown in this figure?a. Pseudostratified epitheliumb. An easy epitheliumc. Stratified epithelium
If temperature is increased,a. Adjust in price of diffusion is unpredictable.b. The price of diffusion increases.c. Change in price of diffusion is unaffected.d. Diffusion halts.e. The price of diffusion decreases.
The form of epithelium that would certainly best allow rapid diffusion, osmosis, or filtration is ____________ epithelium.a. Stratified squamousb. Transitionalc. Basic squamousd. Pseudostratified columnar
Diffusion the water with a differentially permeable membrane is calleda. Energetic transport.b. Energy.c. Osmosis.d. Facilitated transport.e. Every one of these answers room true.
Embryonic mesenchyme consists of mesenchymal cells anda. Fibroblasts.b. Immature protein fibers.c. Elastic fibers.d. Collagen.
Chambers A and also B are inserted next to every other, however are be separate by a film comparable to a cabinet membrane. Room A contains 80% carbon dioxide and also Chamber B has 20% carbon dioxide. I m sorry of the adhering to will occur?a. All of the carbon dioxide will move into Chamber B.b. Some carbon dioxide will move from chamber A to room B.c. Every one of the carbon dioxide will certainly move into chamber A.d. Part carbon dioxide will move from chamber B to chamber A.e. There will certainly be no net activity of carbon dioxide molecules.
Which of the following statements are true about the structure and functions of nervous tissue? check all that apply.a. Worried tissue includes neurons and glial cells.b. Glial cells room responsible for info processing, control, and internal communicationc. Neurons are regularly the longest cells in the body as result of the length of the axons.d. The short, branched procedures that extend from the neuron cell human body are referred to as dendrites.
Which that the complying with has the many solid ground substance?a. Dense continual connective tissueb. Connective organization properc. Liquid connective tissued. Supporting connective tissue
Where would certainly this form of muscle tissue be found?a. Wall surface of the heartb. Voluntary skeleton musclesc. Wall surfaces of guts of the digestive systemd. Wall surface of the bladder
As molecular load increases,a. The rate of diffusion stays unchanged.b. The price of diffusion stops.c. The price of diffusion decreases.d. The rate of diffusion rises at first, then slows down.e. The price of diffusion increases.
This is photo of which kind of muscle tissue?a. Smooth muscle tissueb. Cardiac muscle tissuec. Skeleton muscle tissue
F (The two types of embryonic connective tissue space mesenchyme and also mucous connective tissue. Mesenchyme is the source of all other connective tissues, and adult connective tissue often dwellings mesenchymal (stem) cells. Mucous connective organization is situated only in the umbilical cord.)
The form of muscle organization that would certainly be uncovered in the wall of the bladder is __________ muscle tissue.

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An rise in temperature will certainly cause an increase in diffusion price becausea. Warm water changes to a solid, so diffusion is easier.b. The frequency and force of molecular collisions decreases.c. Hot molecules get smaller and therefore diffuse faster.d. Warm water is thinner 보다 cold water.e. The frequency and also force of molecular collisions increases.
All connective tissue contains three basic components: cells, protein fibers, and also ground substance. (T/F)
Match the connective tissue example with the connective tissue class.1. Loose and thick connective tissue2. Blood3. Cartilage and also bone
The kind of epithelial tissue that is just one cabinet layer special is referred to as __________; the kind of epithelial tissue that is 2 or more cell layers thick is dubbed _________.a. Stratified; columnarb. Pseudostratified; cuboidalc. Simple; stratifiedd. Squamous; transitional