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100 Items because that the 100th job of college & estimate Jar Activities

For a number of years, i remember my kids coming home with a note asking the each boy in the class lug in "100 of your favorite item" to celebrate the 100th day of school.

100 of their favorite item -- whew! now those to be some long discussions --

Kid: "How about 100 stuffed animals Mom?"

Me: How about we think of other a small smaller?

Kid: "I desire to lug in something that the other youngsters won"t bring."

Me: Ok, how about crayons?

Kid: No

Me: Tatoos?

Kid: No

And so that went for around 50 much more suggestions till we finally came up through a winner!

And in the process, we additionally came up with rather a perform of possibilities in case you"re having actually trouble reasoning of tiny items for her 100th day of school celebration or fun points to placed in an estimate jar! I"ve likewise tried to do life simpler for girlfriend by consisting of affiliate web links to item we"ve used, those that may not be popular or might be tough to find.

There space some at sight fun ways to help kids exercise all this counting.

Now if my youngest had actually HER way, she would carry 100 publications to college to celebrate (and review them all too :)

Can you imagine stacking 100 of her favorite stories??! That would actually be pretty cool to do.


Counting & estimate Jar Ideas

One well-known idea is to present a 100"s Jar. similar to an estimate jar in many classrooms, a 100"s Jar holds one-hundred pieces of the exact same item.

If you usage plastic party or jars, you have the right to introduce a variety of math concepts such together volume, size and weight. So the an initial part of ours list consists of lots of items that can be counted, sorted, categorized and compared.

I had actually some extra mason jars the we supplied to carry out some counting and also comparison. Just make certain that the seasoned or bottle you usage is transparent for this reason the children can see & check out the items within it.

100 items to counting for the 100th job of school Celebrations

Since item in this group are for this reason similar, castle are great to use for count by 2"s, 5"s and also 10"s once they space sorted.

1. Paperclips

2. Pencils

3. Ping pong balls

4. Cap Erasers (great to revive old pencils)

5. Pennies (use with various other coins to learn exactly how to count money)

6. Nickels

7. Dimes

8. Quarters

9. Plastic spoons

10. Binder Clips (good because that finger dexterity)

11. Puzzle pieces (then placed together the puzzle) - few of our favorites room the Melissa & Doug 100 piece Floor Puzzles

12. Game tokens

13. Rubber bands

For an ext ideas, have your kids browse these Marvelous Math publications that Inspire children to counting !


Items come Categorize by color While girlfriend Count

14. Guitar picks

15. Golf balls (they come in white, pink, yellow and also orange)

16. Crayons

17. Playing cards (sort by color or suit) + 20 creative things to execute with cards

18. Marbles (sort by shade/color)

19. Plastic egg (sort by shade or size)

20. Wood Beads (can also be supplied for threading)

21. Assorted Pom Poms

22. Enhance box cars

23. Spools of object (these are gorgeous!)

24. Barbie shoes

25. Bright Sticks (these are great to undertake as arm bands too)

26. Mini erasers

27. Socks (just have each child lug in 4 mismatched socks)

28. Rubber bracelets or rings

You"ll likewise enjoy this 9 vivid Ways to find out Math

Fun points to kind & measure for Height/Length

Grab a ruler and also have children take measurements while they sort these items. Friend can also have kids arrange each item from shortest come longest once they room measured.

29. Barrettes (sort by color or length)


31. Old keys

32. Golf tees

For an ext hands-on measurement activities: 10 Math devices for learning Measurement

100th job of school Activity: Sorting items by Type

There will be a selection of methods to sort the complying with items.

Batteries deserve to be sorted by form of size,Stickers deserve to be sorted by person/place/thing or have actually the kids come up v their very own groupings.

33. Backpack clip toys or mini pets like these collection of 100 Assorted animal Figures

34. Happy enjoy the meal toys

35. Tattoos

36. Small Maze Puzzles (by form or color)

37. Plastic pet figurines (by animal)

38. Stickers

39. Postage stamps (by picture, confront value, etc)

40. Cookie cutters

41. Commerce cards

42. Shrinky dinks or charms

43. Batteries

44. Pieces from plank games

Some of ours nature item (listed below) would likewise fit in this category such together rocks, seashells, jaw cones and also flowers.


Such a funny idea - to compare popcorn both un-popped & popped!

Learn more about Popcorn mathematics & science with this fun activity

Advanced Math: to teach Volume/Area with 100 Items

I love this form of items -- points that adjust the an are they take up relying on how they space presented come the kids.

These room perfect for a math/science discussion!

45. Paper or Plastic cups (stacked one within the other and also stacked together a pyramid)

46. 100 milliliters of a liquid (look at it in a cup and also then pour it the end on a cookie sheet or pie plate to discuss area)

47. Balloons (both blown up and flat)

48. Popcorn kernels (un-popped and popped)

Things to Craft v after you counting to 100

Making a shirt for her 100th job celebration? Or looking for a craft idea? counting these things & then develop with them!

49. Buttons

50. Mini play dough containers

51. Pipeline cleaners

52. Repaint Brushes

53. Popsicle Sticks

54. Mini Duct tape or Washi tape rolls

55. Q-tips (then usage them come paint)

56. Markers

57. Self-ink Stamps

58. Plastic beads (make a necklace)

59. Rainbow impend bands (make a bracelet)

60. tiny Notebooks (use because that drawing, tracing or even graphing the 100 items)

61. Glue sticks

62. Noodle balls


If you use mini-marshmallows and also toothpicks for her 100"s jar, you deserve to then pair castle to create constellations for scientific research exploration! Learn more about Marshmallow Constellations.

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100th Day science & design Activities

Super item to usage for counting and then experimenting!

63. Mentos (count and then use them to make volcanoes or geysers)

64. Toothpicks (combine through mini-marshmallows to make constellations)

65. Street Cubes (yep, the still market these at grocery stores and you deserve to use them to construct too!)

66. Legos (then gyeongju to check out who can stack castle the quickest)

67. Block (then view who can construct a bridge or the tallest building)

Another connected Activity: hand-operated Math -- Clothespin Geometry

Have a stacking an obstacle with any kind of of the next three items --

68. Checkers

69. Poker chips

70. Dice

And you can use practically any the the items on this list for a Sink or Float scientific research experiment too!

Snack concepts for 100th work of school

A very popular activity is creating a snack mix on the 100th day so here"s a few things the kids might want to eat together --

71. Pretzels

72. Marshmallows or mini-marshmallows

73. Fruit snack packets

74. Cereal

75. Dried pasta (this can also be offered for a pasta necklace handmade or cooked because that lunch)

76. Grains of rice (if you color them, children will LOVE making a Rainbow in a Jar)

77. Jelly beans

78. Clementine oranges

79. Mini crate of raisins

80. Hershey Kisses

81. Liquid hearts

82. Grapes

83. Tea bags

84. Baby carrots

85. Cheese sticks

86. Goldfish crackers

87. Oyster crackers

88. Coco chips

89. Cookies

90. Tic-tacs

91. Gumballs

92. Pole of gum

93. Baby pickles

And don"t forget the popcorn in the photo over too!


Count come 100 with Nature Items

We love using items indigenous nature because that crafts & finding out throughout the year!

I would suggest having a kid-friendly Magnifying Glass handy with these items so the kids can explore them further.