A portion with denominator 100 is referred to as percentage and also is denoted by the symbol %.

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In our everyday life, we view a the majority of statements with numbers followedby a price %. A number complied with by % is called a percent or percent. Theterm percent comes from the Latin expression per centum, meaning by the hundred.Percentage is another means of expressing a component of a whole.

One hundreds percent of a amount is \(\frac100100\) ofit, for example if 40 students room enrolled in a class and also all 40 room presenton a details day, climate 100% that the course is present.

The indigenous percent method per hundreds or because that every hundred. Thus, Clara got 83 marks out of 100 means; she obtained 83 percent marks.

Conversely, as soon as a college student scored 67 percent marks the means; the student scored 67 marks the end of 100.

The symbol of percent is %.

Thus, 15 percent will certainly be created as 15%

7/100 means 7%.

Conversely, 9% method 9/100.

On the status bar the our computer system 100% suggests that thebattery is fully charged. Let us show this by assuming that a battery ismade increase of 100 little cells and also each cell of the battery is stood for by anequal part on a square sheet. The shaded an ar in the following numbers showsthe percent of charge in a battery.




So, we have the right to say that percentage represents components her hundred.Percentage is a portion with 100 as its denominator.

Thus, 7% means 7 out of 100 = \(\frac7100\)

85% means 85 the end of 100 = \(\frac85100\)

For example:(i) 20/100 = 20%

(ii) 15/100 = 15%

(iii) 5/100 = 5%

(iv) 71/100 = 71%

(v) 89/100 = 89%

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