Harry Potter: What happened To Fluffy after The Sorcerer’s stone Fluffy"s arc to be short-lived in the take care of Potter franchise, but some exciting details about his fate have actually been revealed in recent years.

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Harry potter and also the sorcerers stone fluffy
Fluffy the three-headed dog didn"t make any kind of appearances after ~ the very first Harry Potter installment, but writer J.K. Rowling revealed details about his fate. Regardless of his short stint in Harry Potter and also the Sorcerer"s Stone, Fluffy became one that the most popular mystical creatures come come out of the franchise. Like fellow dog Fang, Fluffy was additionally originally owned by hogwarts groundskeeper Rubeus Hagrid before embarking ~ above a unique job.

Before bother Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger joined Hogwarts, Hagrid gained the three-headed beast from someone at the Leaky Cauldron. Quite than save him together a pet, Hagrid borrow the enormous pet to headmaster Albus Dumbledore. Fluffy to be then offered to guard the trapdoor bring about the underground room holding the Sorcerer"s Stone. Harry, Ron, and also Hermione an initial encountered Fluffy as soon as the trio found themselves in a minimal area the the institution after running from Argus Filch. The trio later learned the vicious security dog can be required to loss asleep if music to be played.

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Upon believing Severus Snape to be after the wonder stone, Harry and also his friend sought out its location, an interpretation they had actually to get beyond Fluffy. When getting here by Harry"s invisibility cloak, the group uncovered that the three-headed dog was rapid asleep thanks in component to an enchanted harp left by a recent visitor. In order to gain to the trapdoor leading to the underground chamber, Fluffy"s giant paw had to be moved. In doing so, he woke up, top in the children jumping come safety. In the publication version, Harry offered a flute offered him through Hagrid to put the dog back to sleep. The Harry Potter franchise didn"t administer much insight into Fluffy"s fate after ~ the Sorcerer"s stone debacle, however thankfully, Rowling clued in fans.

Harry Potter
follow to the author, Hagrid collection Fluffy free in the Forbidden woodland after the events of the an initial installment. Considering the rock had to be destroyed, the dog"s duties were no longer needed. Gift the gentle huge that that was, Hagrid must have actually thought it was finest to enable the large animal come live freely among other mystical species. In 2015, Rowling took to Twitter to confirm Fluffy was sent back to his native Greece, which was set up by Dumbledore. Not wanting Hagrid"s known dangerous creatures lurking roughly in the proximity the students and also staff, he assumed it was finest to send the three-headed dog earlier home.

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The Greek aspect of Fluffy"s background to be fitting because that his Harry Potter arc, considering the creature was based upon hellhounds native Greek mythology. Hades" hellhound, Cerberus, was assumed to have actually three heads as he guarded the Underworld. The fact that the illustration was integrated into the creature sent out to guard critical chamber was totally intentional. Amusingly, Fluffy"s story was seemingly provided a recent update, connecting the dog to a taco truck attack. The defense footage (via Twitter) reflecting a "ravenous three-headed dog" believed to be Fluffy was advocated through the social media accounts of the official Harry Potter mobile game, Wizards Unite, in 2019. More than anything, the update shown Fluffy is alive and also well in the wizarding world.