Your TI-84 plus can attract graphs, calculation logarithms and also exponents, crunch matrices and even carry out calculus. The poor news is that through this much power packed into one calculator, there just isn"t room because that every function on the keyboard. Instance in point, the TI-84 add to lacks a straightforward solitary button for entering fountain or combined numbers – but you deserve to still obtain there by making use of a few extra keystrokes.

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Press the Alpha vital on the upper left of her TI-84 plus keypad. Then press the Y= key, located just below the calculator"s screen. This brings up a collection of shortcut menus; the very first menu, FRAC, controls the intake of fractions and also mixed numbers.

Press go into (located in the lower right corner of the calculator) to select the n/d function. This brings up the theme for producing a fraction.

Input the molecule of your fraction (the number on peak of the fraction line). Then use the down switch to navigate to the denominator and enter its value. You deserve to use this process for entering fractions at any point that her TI-84 Plus permits input.

You can additionally use the FRAC menu to get in mixed numbers on your TI-84 to add calculator. Just like entering fractions, push ALPHA and then Y= to bring up the FRAC menu. Then usage the arrowhead keys to choose the second option in the menu, Un/d. This bring up the layout for beginning a combined number. Go into the totality number first, and also then usage the arrowhead keys to mouse through the design template as you enter the numerator and denominator too.

There space two various other entries in the FRAC menu. Selecting the third option counter improper fractions into mixed numbers, and also vice versa. So if your results appear in not correct fraction type and you"d choose to check out them as a blended number instead, choose this function. The fourth option converts fountain to decimal and ago again.

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You can likewise use the TI-84 Plus"s setting settings come determine just how your answers are shown. The default setups are the if you usage fractions in one operation, the result will be presented in fractions; and that mixed numbers will be shown as an wrong fraction. To readjust these settings, push the setting button. Your existing settings will certainly be emphasize on the screen. Usage the arrow keys come navigate and also Enter to select new settings:

choose n/d if you desire your outcomes to be presented as an improper portion when possible. Choose Un/d if you"d fairly see your results as a combined number (again, when possible). In the next option down, highlight and also select Dec if you"d prefer your outcomes to default into decimal form, Frac if you"d prefer them to default into fraction type and Auto if you"d favor them to appear in the same type as your original input.

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