We walk a tiny Engineering job this past week in our house and built a popsicle stick bridge. It was a yes, really fun job to execute with the kids. Us used colored popsicle sticks and Elmer’s X-Treme college Glue to make the bridges look at cool and also stay STRONG!

(This is a sponsored post in behalf of Elmer’s. Ns am being compensated because that my time in composing this post.)

Want a much easier bridge there is no glue? Try this one!


Bridge building is a an excellent STEM design project because that students. The is a simple way to teach around how essential structure is come strength. Friend can develop a bridge numerous different ways, and also they will not all be equal. Take this bridge building project a step more by competing with other bridges to check out which one organize up the many weight.

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Yes, our popsicle leg is messy and also crooked, however my youngsters had a blast make it and also it is strong!

All you have to make this popsicle stick leg is a good strong glue and some popsicle sticks. This Elmer’s X-Treme glue operated like a miracle! hardwood glue also works an excellent here.


How to develop a Popsicle rod Bridge:

When building the bridge, you should start v your bridge design. We determined to do a truss bridge with our sticks. A Warren Truss leg is made with equilateral triangles that division out the weight on the bridge. This makes the leg really strong.

To start, you will require two rows the popsicle sticks because that the bottom base. Begin by lining up three popsicle sticks finish to end. Glue on 2 overlapping the seams. Then reduced one pole in half for the two ends.

Repeat this three much more times.


You will then make two an ext with just two popsicle sticks making much shorter beams. These space going to do the trusses. Using a 3-stick beam and also a 2-stick beam that has actually mostly dried, attach them with the sticks making a triangular pattern.

Once the dries a for around 15 minutes, flip it over and repeat the triangular sample on the other side to make it double thick. You will certainly repeat this to do the 2 trusses for the sides of the bridge.


The other three-stick beams room to be provided as the bottom base of the bridge. Put them parallel to each other and glue sticks going throughout the bottom connecting them. This would certainly be the road that the car would journey over if it to be a yes, really bridge.


Once the basic is done, adhesive the next trusses on standing along the edge. I glued it and propped increase some publications along the next to organize them up while they dried. Connect the sides together along the peak with another triangular pattern.

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Ours finished up pretty lopsided, but it still held together amazingly well! My daughter fill in the uneven parts along the bottom v some extra rod to save it balanced. She was SO proud of she creation!

I think this may be the the strongest Popsicle Stick bridge out there!


Learn much more about Engineering and Bridges v these cool books:


Bridges and also Tunnels by Donna Latham & Bridges! by Carol A. Johmann

Also inspect out my Fairy story STEM project with the three Billy Goats Gruff for another idea to make a popsicle rod bridge.