Music duo Twenty One Pilots has announced plans because that the "Takeover Tour" for the loss of 2021. The tour will certainly make 6 multi-night stops in the US, which encompass Denver (4 shows), Los Angeles (4 shows), Chicago (4 shows), Boston (4 shows), Columbus (2 shows), and also Atlanta (4 shows). There are an additional four dates set for London in 2022.

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Where come Buy Twenty One Pilots Tickets for The "Takeover Tour"

Primary market face-value tickets for the "Takeover Tour" walk on revenue to via Ticketmaster"s proved Fan communication on Wednesday, June 23rd at 10 a.m. Regional time.

On the secondary market, has Fee-FreeTwenty One Pilots ticket which also include aRefund Guarantee. Ours Refund Guarantee says that if an event is canceled or considered unfit for fans come attend, will refund ticket buyers in as quickly as 15 days. That way that you deserve to buy indigenous worry-free. Customers on save in between 15%-25% contrasted to other secondary market ticketing sites.




How much Are Twenty One Pilots Tickets because that The "Takeover Tour"

On the secondary market, inventory is minimal for some dates. Ticket prices for shows with a kind amount of inventory available--mostly the arena dates--start in between $120 and also $150. Ticket prices because that seats closest come the stage have the right to go together high together $1,000+. For reflects with minimal inventory, prices begin at over $300.

Twenty One Pilots "Takeover Tour" Dates

Sept. 21 - Denver, Colo.
Bluebird TheaterSept. 22 - Denver, Colo.
Ogden TheatreSept. 23 - Denver, Colo.
The Mission BallroomSept. 25 - Denver, Colo.
ball ArenaSept. 28 - Los Angeles, Calif.
TroubadourSept. 29 - Los Angeles, Calif.
The WilternSept. 30 - Los Angeles, Calif.
The Greek TheatreOct. 02 - Los Angeles, Calif.
The ForumOct. 12 - Chicago, Ill.
Bottom LoungeOct. 13 - Chicago, Ill.
house of BluesOct. 14 - Chicago, Ill.
Byline bank Aragon BallroomOct. 16 - Chicago, Ill.
united CenterOct. 18 - Boston, Mass.
Paradise absent ClubOct. 19 - Boston, Mass.
home of BluesOct, 20 - Boston, Mass.
Agganis ArenaOct, 23 - Boston, Mass.
TD GardenOct. 29 - Columbus, Ohio
Nationwide ArenaOct. 30 - Columbus, Ohio
Nationwide ArenaNov. 02 - Atlanta, Ga.
center StageNov. 03 - Atlanta, Ga.
TabernacleNov. 04 - Atlanta, Ga.
Coca-Cola RoxyNov, 06 - Atlanta, Ga.
State farm yard ArenaJune 21 - London, UK
The Camden AssemblyJune 22 - London, UK
O2 Shepherd’s bush EmpireJune 23 - London, UK
O2 Academy BrixtonJune 25 - London, UK
The SSE Arena Wembley is cursed to the cheapest tickets possible, and we do much much less on offered out tickets compared to other significant marketplaces choose StubHub and Vivid. That way ticket buyers save from approximately 25% top top on sports, music and also theater. We"re maybe to execute this because we likewise work v teams, venues, and also other ticket owners, to help them sell tickets at face price, directly to consumers like you, v Ticketmaster, Seatgeek and other main ticketing platforms. You can read our new Summer Music Buying guide that us think is the most objective advice on wherein to discover the best deals ~ above summer concert tickets, even if it is they"re "sold out" top top or "unsold" top top the major ticket market.


How To find The Cheapest Twenty One Pilots "Bandito Tour" ticket In 2019

Music duo Twenty One Pilots proceeds its "Bandito Tour" when it kicks turn off the tour"s third leg on October 9 in Tampa, Florida. The tape will execute 18 shows across the U.S., finishing on November 9 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Prior to the tour, the band will play at Chicago’s Lollapaloozaon respectable 1, and also the exterior Lands Music & arts Festival in san Francisco’s gold Gate Park on respectable 9.

Where to Buy Twenty One Pilots Tickets

Tickets to many of the tour shows deserve to be had actually for under $100 ~ above the an additional market, however during a West coast stretch in late October and also early November, demand for tickets in ras Vegas, Los Angeles, Anaheim, Sacramento and San Diego has pushed the average asking price fine over $100.

Many higher-interest reflects are nearly 100% offered out ~ above the major market.On the secondary market, has actually seats to all shows, and in numerous cases, a bigger selection, meaning fans have to shop around.

lifwynnfoundation.orgalso supplies aLow Price insurance on Twenty One Pilots tickets because that every avoid on the "Bandito Tour", definition that if you find a secondary market ticket for less on a site favor Stubhub or Seatgeek, we"ll give you 200% that the difference in ticket credit.

How lot Are Twenty One Pilots Tickets

For the October 17 display at the Mohegan sun in Connecticut, there are primary sector seats available in only Sections 105, 118 and 120 available, beginning at $84.75. All room side-view seats. Because that comparison, has actually seats transparent the venueavailable, including tickets in the basic Admission ar in prior of the stage, starting $219.

Another display that merits comparison purchase is the November 2 present in Anaheim – one of two mirrors in the Los Angeles area. For that show, Ticketmaster has actually only two seats remaining, both in section 305, row D because that $89.50. has a range of seatsavailable for the show, native Terrace 402 starting at $154 to general Admission in front of the stage starting at $260. The other Los Angeles present is November 1 in ~ Staples Center and also tickets for that display are obtainable through AXS top top the primary market.

How much Are Floor Seats because that Twenty One Pilots BanditoTour

The floor configuration for the Bandito tourism is a standard v GA was standing room only floor setup. In some venues over there is additionally a small B phase at the back end the the floor section, while other venues have actually the stage situated an ext towards the middle of the floor. In a grasp of markets, the cheapest floor seat start about $150, when in the bulk of cities, you must expect to salary $250 or more.

Twenty One Pilots "Bandito Tour" loss Dates

Oct.9 - Tampa, FL


Twenty One Pilots Plot 2016 "Emotional Roadshow" Tour

As if Twenty One Pilots weren"t liven enough, they go ahead and also announce a brand brand-new tour because that 2016.

The alt hip-hop duo is at this time winding down a two-month run v Echosmith and on Monday announced the "Emotional Roadshow" Tour, which will hit U.S. Cities between May and also August of following year. The tour will run in assistance of Blurryface, the band"s most recent studio album.

The tour kicks turn off on might 31 at U.S. Financial institution Arena in Cincinnati and also winds throughout the country through respectable 10, pack at Madison Square Garden in brand-new York City. Significant stops encompass Molson Canadian Amphitheatre in Toronto, Red cap Amphitheatre in Raleigh, Greek Theatre in Berkeley, Austin 360 Amphitheatre and also Viejas Arena in mountain Diego. 39 days in full are reserved over the 10-week trek.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public this Friday, October 30 at 10 a.m. EDT via Ticketmaster. A one-of-a-kind pre-sale will be made easily accessible beginning Wednesday, October 28 in ~ 10 a.m. EDT.

Twenty One Pilots 2016 "Emotional Roadshow" tourism Dates

05.31 Cincinnati, five
Madison Square Garden


The median Twenty One Pilots Setlist For their FallTour

Musical Duo Twenty One Pilots exit their fourth studio album this past May, receiving an excellent reviews and praise from music critics. The duo has since been touring in other parts the the civilization to help support, including North American foot of their tourism which already kicked turn off last Tuesday in Washington. Twenty One Pilots will be touring for over the next month in phibìc America with still 30 cities left to do as your last show will be in ~ the Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee top top October 30.

Twenty One Pilots ticket for their remaining loss tour have an mean price that $209.60 on the secondary market. Over there is only one present remaining on your tour through tickets going because that an asking average price under $100 when the duo travels to Sumtur Amphitheater top top September 23 in Papillion, Nebraska wherein tickets because that this space going for just $93.17, v a acquire in price that $81.

Below is the median setlist for Twenty One Pilots for your concert reflects in 2015, every data from


Stressed Out


House of Gold

Guns because that Hands

We Don"t think What"s on TV

Fairly Local

Lane Boy

The Judge

Holding on come You


The Run and also Go

Tear in mine Heart

Car Radio


Twenty One Pilots begin Fall tour Friday Night in Philadelphia through High Ticket Demand

Twenty One Pilots ticket have been in high demand due to the fact that announcing a north American tour ago in March. As the tour is collection to kickoff Friday night in Philadelphia in ~ Penn’s Landing’s Festival Pier, the band has actually been illustration high second market prices throughout the whole North American run. The current average price for height tickets is $213.23, many thanks in part to plenty of sold out shows throughout the run. The most expensive display come top top October 15 in ~ the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. That present has an mean price of $293.56 and a get-in price the $89. Only one show has an average listed below $100, a September 23 stop at Sumtur Amphitheater in Papillion, Nebraska at $92.75.


Twenty One Pilots disclose Album relax Date, north American Tour days With Echosmith

Twenty One Pilots are back with the follow-up come 2013’s Vessels. The Ohio-based duo has announced that is intentions to relax Blurryface, its fourth studio album, on may 19. Together with the new album news, optimal will also be hitting the road later on this spring with Echosmith.

The band’s tour will kick off in the UK in May and will do its way to north America in September. Four UK dates are scheduled from might 11-14, though the UK foot won’t function Echosmith. It will hit ABC2 in Glasgow, Deaf institute in Manchester, Hare & Hounds in Birmingham and Electrowerkz in London.

25 shows in the U.S. And Canada will be held between September 11 and also October 29. The tour’s north American leg will hit numerous big-name cities, consisting of Toronto, new York, Kansas City, Atlanta, Orlando, Los Angeles and Vancouver. That officially wraps in ~ the myth in St. Paul, Minnesota top top October 29.

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Check the end the full tour itinerary below and make certain to check ago here because that all tourism updates and also announcements.