The display took a nosedive ~ the leave of Charlie Sheen, however there to be still many of celebrity cameos.

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Two and also a half Men debut top top CBS in 2003. Certification Charlie Sheen, the quickly became a favorite. The plot, a narcissistic solder writer living beside the beach v his broke brother and dumb nephew, turned out to be Emmy-worthy. Throughout its reign, it bagged a record of 46 nominations, winning six technical awards. For the very first eight seasons, Charlie Sheen bodied his personality ‘Charlie’. The is assumed that he perfect fit the role, as it no so much from his life together a celebrity. His charming ladies’ man traits, coupled with Berta’s (Conchata Ferrell) no-nonsense persona, Alan’s ( Jon Cryer) strict beliefs, and Jake’s (Angus Jones) complete lack of simple life skills, made television gold.

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The show took a nosedive ~ the departure of Charlie Sheen and only it s long four much more seasons ~ his departure. V Charlie’s reign and the last four seasons whereby he was changed by Ashton Kutcher, a few celebrities popped in and also out. Some continued to be a little longer than others. Let’s check out who:


10 Enrique Iglesias

On the display with Charlie. Via Twitter
In the fourth season of the show, the King that Latin pop appeared as "Fernando", a handyman. The might 2007 illustration was plotted roughly Charlie’s deck. Fernando to be hired to settle the deck. The women of the house, specifically Charlie’s love interest Chloe (Marin Hinkle) might not assist themselves. Eventually, Chloe left and ‘promised’ to watch Charlie soon.

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9 Bellamy Young

Bellamy and Jon Scene Via MovieStillsDB
before she was ‘smelly Mellie’ on Scandal, Bellamy Young, climate an upcoming actress, make an figure on the show. She played ‘Diane’, a money-hungry predator who met Alan at an auto shop. She was drawn to Alan’s Mercedes. Unknown come her, the vehicle was borrowed. Alan let the lie run and drove her to his mum’s Beverly Hills mansion. The night finished fatefully because that Alan as soon as he was robbed the a couple of valuables.


8 Mila Kunis

At the beach home in Malibu. Via Entertainment focus
~ above the eleventh season of the show, Mila Kunis appeared alongside her husband Ashton Kutcher (Walden Schmidt). In the episode, Vivian to be peering v Walden’s doors. That let her in and also convinced her to wait till the storm walk away. Vivian stayed, and the two bonded over Chinese food. The next morning, Vivian left, return Walden had currently pictured a life with her.

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As seen on set. Via Two and A half Men Wiki - Fandom
Comedian Tim Conway appeared on a single episode throughout the eleventh season of the show. He to be a friend of Marty Pepper (Carl Reiner), a friend of Evelyn Harper (Holland Taylor). As soon as Marty decided to marry Evelyn, Tim appeared at his bachelor party. At the wild bachelor party, Marty, after acquiring a lap dance, called off the wedding and took the strippers home.


6 Miley Cyrus

Missi and also Walden in the Livingroom. Via
Singer Miley Cyrus appeared on Season 10 that Two and a half Men as ‘Missi’, the girlfriend of Jake Harper. ~ above the two-episode stint, Missi and Jake met ideal as Jake was around to head turn off to military camp. They appeared to obtain along, however it was noticeable that Jake’s infatuation to be unrequited. By the end of your time together, Missi had actually revealed the she remained in a relationship. She also convinced Jake to go ago to the army.

Via DeviantArt
top top the 12th illustration of the very first season, Megan Fox guest-starred on the display as the teenage daughter of Berta, ‘Prudence.’ Berta was required to lug her daughter come work. However, the teenage girl was stubborn, and also even made advancements towards Charlie. Seeing together she to be underage, Charlie do the efforts to stand up to her trap. Regardless of his philandering ways, he regulated to save it together.


4 Denise Richards

With Charlie top top the show. Via IMDb
Actress Denise Richards, that once had actually a real-life connection with Charlie Sheen showed up on 2 episodes the the show. She was actors as ‘Lisa’, among Charlie’s love interests. In her very first appearance, Charlie tried to woo Lisa back into his life and invited her to a thanksgiving dinner where everyone to be bribed to it is in nicer come him. When she re-appeared in the second season, the lovebirds had actually a fling that did not end well.

A scene v charlie. Via Two and also a fifty percent Men (2003)
method before she to be a known singer, Tinashe was actors as ‘Celeste’ on 4 episodes of Two and a fifty percent Men. Celeste and her father relocated to Malibu. She and Jake quickly ended up being friends and began dating. She became much more controlling in the relationship, a trait that Jake to be irked by. Your relationship finished when she caught Jake cheating.


2 Hillary Duff

Stacey and Walden on the show. Via CBS
In Season 10’s finale, Hillary Duff appeared a ‘Stacey’, a love attention of Walden (Ashton Kutcher). Stacey was an uninterested girlfriend who was continuous on she phone. Things took a different turn as soon as Walden, after moments of being ignored, uncovered himself attractive to Stacey’s grandmother, Linda ( Marilu Henner). Linda first turned that down, and later provided in when he became an ext persistent. Stacey authorized of the relationship, calling Walden the ‘old guy.’

With Charlie, Jake and Celeste. Via IMDb

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actor Michael Clarke, who passed away in 2012, make a cameo together ‘Jerome’. Once Jerome relocated to Malibu through his daughter Celeste (Tinashe Kachingwe), his strong physique intimidated his neighbors. He was protective that Celeste and was upset as soon as she no come home early on after a date with Jake. In the second episode, he to be warmer and even mutual a drink with Alan, Herb (Ryan Stiles), and Gordon (J. D. Walsh)

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