It"s a bird. It"s a plane. No, it"s just Tyler Hoechlin. The American actor, who an initial gained acknowledgment as Michael Sullivan Jr. In 2002"s Road come Perdition — holding his very own at period 14 alongside Tom Hanks, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, and Paul Newman — is now set to take it on the duty of the male of stole in CW"s recent show, Superman & Lois.

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The collection based on the DC Comics" character premieres top top Feb. 23, and according come SyFy, it"s unlike any kind of previous Superman story. Usually, Superman is focused on gift a crime-fighting superhero, yet this time around, Clark Kent will likewise be acquisition on the role of husband and also father. 

This is a little bit of a stretch for Hoechlin that is not married, and currently, doesn"t have any type of baby superheroes of his own. However, the gibbs does have actually a quite star-studded dating history that includes a couple of of his former co-stars, follow to The Cinemaholic

Long before being actors as Superman, Hoechlin landing the duty of boy name Brewer in 7th Heaven. That"s where he met Ashlee Simpson, and according come The Netline, the two began dating in 2004. Over there were additionally rumors he dated his other 7th Heaven co-star Mackenzie Rosman in 2005, yet nothing was ever before confirmed. Then, in 2014, when Hoechlin was appearing in MTV"s Teen Wolf together Derek Hale, he was linked to his co-star Jill Wagner who played Kate Argent.

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One that Tyler Hoechlin"s most high-profile relationships was through Pitch Perfect star Brittany Snow. According to Hello!, the 2 dated from 2012-15, yet other 보다 a few red carpet appearances together, they maintained their connection pretty hush-hush. In a 2015 interview through E!, Snow said that she didn"t choose to talk too much around her relationships, because "if you provide too much away, it loser its magic, together cheesy together that sounds."

Though prior to Snow, Hoechlin was in a committed relationship with actress and also dancer Rachele Brooke smith from 2010-12 (via Meaww). At the time, when speaking v Seventeen, Hoechlin admitted that, "You need to not be fear to perform the little things" and also that he and Smith "never let each other forget exactly how much love every other." as cute together that is, the two eventually dubbed it quits.

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Now, Tyler Hoechlin isn"t connected to anyone, yet that"s probably due to the fact that he"s been focusing on his career. The actor was spotted shoot scenes for Superman & Lois in Canada earlier in December (via the Daily Mail). So, v the big premiere ultimately here, the new Clark Kent deserve to take some lot needed rest.