Many uncover VA’s rules because that rating ago disabilities confusing. Despite having severe impairment and also a the majority of pain, often discover that VA prices their back injuries in ~ 10 or 20 percent.

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A many feel the this 10 or 20 percent rating is low for just how much their earlier disability affects them. Is that rating correct or should it be higher?

In this article, ns will talk about how VA rates back disabilities and the ratings your can receive. Ns will focus on the thoracolumbar spine.

Can I gain to a 100 percent rating because that a ago disability?

The diagnostic codes do allow for a 100 percent disability. But, you have to display unfavorable ankylosis the the entire spine to qualify because that that.

This would median that you space bent forward however cannot relocate any part of your spine in ~ all. In various other words, her thoracolumbar spine does no move and your cervical spine go not move either. The is obviously a very far-reaching limitation.

But, you need to keep in mind the you might still be able to qualify because that a 100 percent rating for a ago disability if your impairment makes girlfriend unemployable.

A 40 to 60 percent thoracolumbar spine rating means that you space severely limited by your back. You would certainly either have actually very restricted range of movement or incapacitating episodes requiring bedrest at least 4 main in the last year. Individuals with these restrictions will often discover it complicated to uncover or maintain employment.

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I speak to countless who have one VA rating the 40 percent or higher and various other smaller ratings that brings their total rating as much as 70 percent or more. These might often potentially qualify for TDIU benefits and also get paid at the 100 percent level due to the fact that their disabilities avoid them native finding work.