Value in art has various meanings, however for the function of this write-up we will be introduce to worth in relationship to color theory.

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Value in arts is essentially how light or dark other is top top a scale of white to black (with white being the highest possible value and also black being the shortest value).

It is widely taken into consideration to be among the most necessary variables to the success the a painting, even much more so than your choice of shade (hue).

Value in art need to be simple to understand, yet the consists of color can do it a daunting concept to grasp.

You can have two different colors which appear completely different, yet have exactly the exact same value. There would be small contrast between these colors regardless of the different hues.

On the other hand, you can have many different values of the very same hue. These are referred to as tints and also shades. You can develop tints that a color by adding white and also shades by including black.

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The value Scale

Below is a range of values ranging from 1 come 9:


Color Wheel - Black and also White
Notice how various colors have different values. Not all colors room equal in regards to light and dark.

Now for each of these colors you have the right to have an individual value scale, v tints every the method up to white and shades all the means down come black.

So together you have the right to imagine, there are an infinite number of potential colors you might mix also with simply a minimal palette.

Notice how many colors in the color wheel have comparable values, regardless of having very different hues. When placed next come each various other these colour would have very little contrast in value and also your eye may uncover it daunting to determine which color has an ext importance in her painting.

Value is a much much more powerful structural facet in your paintings compared to the hues friend use. In fact, the hues you use have little importance in setup the structure of her paintings. The is no to say color is not important. Shade has an extremely powerful physiological prominence in your paintings.

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In the fauvism movement, artists like Henri Matisse well-known this and also he would usage wildly inaccurate hues, however the worths were typically correct and also his paints still looked somewhat realistic.