Kennedy half dollars fight circulation in 1964. That was just months after ~ President man F. Kennedy to be assassinated in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963.

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The coins were conserved by the millions top top their release by a mourning public. The Kennedy half dollar remains one of the most widely well-known and built up coins around.


Image: USA CoinBook

There is no known mintage because that the 1964 greatly Accented Hair half dollar. However, it’s approximated that much less than 5% the the entire proof mintage is of this at an early stage variety. The a total mintage of 3,950,762 pieces, 5% is roughly 197,500 pieces.

1966 SMS No FG

The United states Mint end making proof sets and also uncirculated sets in the mid-1960s. In your place, it readily available collectors a distinctive type of coin product. Win on sleek dies and also planchets, this coins own a complete superior to typical uncirculated coins.

These distinct Mint Sets to be struck native 1965 v 1967, yielding a few interesting varieties. This consisted of the 1966 SMS Kennedy half dollar absent the \"FG\" initials of designer frank Gasparro. The initials are an alleged to show up under the eagle\"s left thigh on the lower-right quadrant the the turning back design. Numerous other dates in the Kennedy collection also exhibit this variety. It mirrors absolutely no map of the \"FG\" initials—inadvertently removed during die polishing.

1966 SMS Doubled dice Obverse

Another 1966 SMS fifty percent dollar variety is this piece, which mirrors doubling in the native “IN GOD us TRUST” and throughout much the Kennedy’s profile.


The critical of the original-period 40% silver Kennedy fifty percent dollars. This piece was issued only in uncirculated sets. It is among the scarcest the the regular-issue, circulation-era strikes. Just 2,150,000 to be produced.

(We\"ve mentioned 40% silver- coins a couple of times so far. You deserve to read much more about how these coins can be tricky, or shop because that 40% silver at Gainesville Coins.)

1972-D No FG

Perhaps the rarest the the no-FG Kennedy fifty percent dollars. This 1972-D issue is extremely sought ~ among range collectors.

Be wary as soon as buying no-FG half dollars. Lock should likewise show some strike weakness in other locations of the reverse, specifically in the feather details around the eagle\"s left leg.

1974-D Doubled dice Obverse


Image: USA CoinBook

The most far-reaching doubled die of the Kennedy half dollar collection is the 1974-D obverse doubled die. It exhibits doubling most greatly in the motto IN GOD us TRUST. A precise mintage number for this piece is unknown however perhaps a few thousand instances exist.

1979-S form II Proof

Significant changes were made come the “S” mintmark on proof 1979 Kennedy half dollars. This brought about two ranges for the year—a blobby looking “S” mintmark (Type ns mintmark) and also a an ext refined “S” with sharper details (Type II).


Image: USA CoinBook

The type II is far less typical than the kind I, representing possibly 15 come 20% the the entire proof mintage for the year. That\"s around a complete of 550,000 the the 3,677,175 proof halves make in 1979.

1981-S type II Proof

A couple years ~ the 1979-S mintmark to be changed, follow me came an ext modifications to the “S” mintmark in 1981. This time, the kind II “S” mintmark offered in 1979 to be being replaced and served as the kind I “S” mintmark because that 1981.


Image: USA CoinBook

A lot clearer “S” mintmark v bulbous serifs is the form II here. It\"s lot scarcer than the 1981-S type I, with perhaps only 10 to 15% the the 1981-S proofs represented by the type II mintmark. That\"s roughly 500,000 the the 4,063,083 proof half dollars make in 1981.

1982-P No FG

Another major entry among the no-FG Kennedy half dollars. This range is quite popular and widely collected by series enthusiasts. It’s also much much more common than the 1966 SMS and also 1972-D no-FG pieces.

1998-S silver- Matte Finish

This distinct 1998-S proof fifty percent dollar was had in the two-coin Kennedy Collector’s Set, which likewise contains a 1998-S Robert F. Kennedy commemorative silver dollar.

Only 62,000 examples of the 1998-S matte proof half dollar were made. Thus much that is the lowest-mintage non-variety Kennedy fifty percent dollar in the series.

2014-W 50th Anniversary Gold

While no normally included in a typical run of Kennedy fifty percent dollars, this three-quarter ounce 24 karat gold Kennedy half dollar commemorates the 50th anniversary of the very first Kennedy fifty percent dollar in 1964. It to be struck in ~ the West point Mint come the song of 73,772 pieces. Its worth is mostly dependent top top the prevailing winds of the yellow bullion market.

Collecting Kennedy half Dollars

The Kennedy half dollar series doesn\"t only appeal to collectors of modern coins. It additionally attracts those who admire john F. Kennedy and the nostalgic “Camelot” period marked by JFK’s tenure in the White home from 1961 v 1963.

While the series lacks any type of major key dates or pricey rarities, it is however a big draw because that collectors of deluxe coins. Countless of the business-strike worries are conditional rarities in grades over MS-66 and especially beyond MS-67.

A complete, basic date-and-mintmark collection of organization strikes and proofs deserve to be developed for much less than $2,000. Add varieties and also other inexplicable offerings, including the 2014-W gold fifty percent dollar, and the price deserve to quickly strategy $7,500 or more.

Those that wish to develop a set in the highest-known grades can conveniently run their expenses into the high five figures. In various other words, the sky’s the limit with how challenging one have the right to make the Kennedy half dollar series.

Given the especially popularity and also versatility the the Kennedy half dollar series, there are plenty of alternatives for collectors that wish to go after this set. Completing a collection of Kennedy half dollars uses exciting opportunities for everyone. It\"s likewise within the financial reach of many collectors. However the myriad methods for progressed collectors to customize their sets and include premium-quality examples and unusual varieties offer difficulties to also the most advanced numismatists.

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