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The countries With the biggest Proven Oil Reserves

Oil is a natural source formed by the degeneration of organic matter over countless years, and also like plenty of other herbal resources, it have the right to only be extract from reserves wherein it already exists. The only difference in between oil and also every other natural source is the oil is well and truly the lifeblood that the an international economy.

The human being derives end a 3rd of its full energy production from oil, much more than any other source by far. Together a result, the nations that control the world oil reserves frequently have disproportionate geopolitical and also economic power.

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According to the BP Statistical testimonial of civilization Energy 2020, 14 countries make up 93.5% the the proven oil to make reservation globally. The countries on this list expectations five continents and control everywhere from 25.2 exchange rate barrels that oil come 304 exchange rate barrels the oil.

Proven Oil Reserves, by Country

At the end of 2019, the human being had 1.73 trillion barrels the oil reserves. Right here are the 14 countries with at least a 1% share of worldwide proven oil reserves:

RankCountryOil to make reservation (billion barrels)Share of global Reserves