Visual Boy breakthrough is the ideal GBA emulator applications to play GBA games on pc Windows. This application has actually many ideal features that you deserve to use because that free, similar to GBA4iOS. But due to the fact that the developer don’t administer regular updates because that this GBA emulator, we need to fix the pest that might appear by ourselves. Here, we will find out how to fix white screen error on VBA.

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Recently, us have faced an error once we begin GBA emulator. In this error, the GBA emulator only shows a white screen and also a line saying “loaded battery”. When this white display appears, it stays for part times and also the video game is not playing.

We cannot do anything but quit the application and try to run it again. By law this, the GBA emulator white display screen error occasionally disappears, yet mostly it doesn’t have any effect the all. Hereby, we will provide you a tutorial to fix the GBA emulator error for good. Please follow the straightforward steps below:

How to settle White screen Error on VBA

1. Start GBA Emulator on pc Windows. Then, go to Option >> framework Skip 5.


2. After ~ that, walk to Emulator >> Save kind >> speed 128K.


3. Now, you have the right to do the critical step. Go to File >> Reset (CTRL + R).


4. Done

The GBA Emulator error should have been solved by now and Visual Boy advancement should no longer showing a white display in the future. Shot to pack the GBA game once again and you will check out that the GBA game is working properly on Visual young Advance.

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That’s every how to fix the white screen error on visual Boy development (VBA) GBA Emulator. Us hope it help you an extremely much. If you room encountering one more error on VBA GBA emulator, nothing hesitate to contact us. However, we will upgrade the article once there is a real update from VBA Emulator to fix white display error permanently. Therefore, please keep visiting this website regularly. Please also share this write-up to assist others who room in need.

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