This white file provides a history of Walmart’s distribution center network in the United claims to the current day. The intent is to administer a thorough look at the evolution of Walmart’s U.S. Logistics infrastructure due to the fact that the time once the company's first formal warehouse operation was opened in 1970.

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Walmart’s existing U.S. Sleeve store and distribution network is enormous at 783 Million and 143 Million square feet respectively because that a complete of 926 Million square feet together at September 2021. To put things into perspective, the entire city of Manhattan is 661 Million square feet. If Walmart’s circulation centers were air-lifted right into Manhattan then they would certainly cover much more than 21% the the city's surface area! The sum complete of Walmart’s retail and distribution center an are is 1.4 times bigger than Manhattan!

We have actually taken the time to study the opened dates and also square clip of each distribution facility for the purpose of compiling the evolution of the Walmart’s distribution network. Now you might be wonder why anyone would certainly undertake to research study this information. The prize is quite simply that we room supply chain people and we space interested in understanding exactly how the world's most successful suppliers strategically distribute products to market. In the instance of Walmart, the company's multiple supply chains have evolved over the year so the is crucial to education logistics professionals with an knowledge of this evolution.

We also undertook to research study Walmart’s distribution network together a way to measure up several an essential ratios that compare retail keep square footage to distribution facility square footage. Come our knowledge, no one has analyzed this information in the past so we believed that this info may be beneficial for civilization seeking to understand the company's supporting circulation infrastructure family member to the retail save network. It to be a painstaking initiative to testimonial 42 year of Walmart’s publicly financial statements and also 10-K filings but this enabled us to construct the statistics and charts below that describe the ratio of net sales revenue and also cost of products per square footage of distribution an are since 1970.

We have actually organized Walmart’s distribution centers by basic Type, State, and City based on the following main facility types:

local Distribution Centers (RDCs) Food distribution Centers Fashion distribution Centers E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers Sam’s society “Dark Store” E-Commerce Fulfillment Centers Specialty distribution Centers (Export, Optical Labs, Pharmacy, returns Processing, Tires, Print and also Mail) income / Redistribution Centers Center point Distribution Centers Sam’s Club circulation Centers Closed/Cancelled Walmart distribution Centers.

As a next note, if you to compare our statistics come Walmart’s public financial statements ours information suggests a larger network due to the fact that we incorporate 3PL facilities that are devoted to Walmart however not activate to Walmart. We likewise include number of converted Sam’s Club retail stores that have been convert to “dark stores” for e-commerce order fulfillment. These dark stores are technically not distribution centers however we include them because they are involved in the e-commerce stimulate fulfillment network. Lastly, we may be missing a few e-commerce fulfillment infrastructure so if you wish to update our information please execute not hesitate to send united state feedback.

It is essential to note that about 81% that the merchandise sold from Walmart stores is shipped with Walmart’s distribution facility network. Similarly, 64% that the non-fuel merchandise marketed from Sam’s society stores is shipped v Sam’s club distribution facility network. The balance that sales is serviced with the DSD distribution channel (.i.e. Direct store delivery refers to when the manufacturer/supplier it is provided goods straight to the store. Thus bypassing the retailer distribution network. This channel is frequently used because that food assets such as snacks, beverages, beer, new bread, milk, etc. For much more information top top DSD refer to this white paper).

Walmart U.S. Distribution center Network Summary

The table listed below provides a summary of Walmart’s distribution center network in the unified States.


Walmart regional General merchandise Distribution facility (GMDC or RDC) Network in the united States

Walmart at this time operates a national network local general merchandise circulation centers in the United states exceeding 50 Million square feet. These huge facilities are generally within the variety of 1.0 - 1.6 Million square feet in ~ 35’ clean stacking height. The median distribution center employs end 1,000 warehouse associates. The typical one-way travel distance come the stores is roughly 124 Miles.

Walmart’s local GMDC facilities normally do not vary significantly in design from website to website as explained below. In general, Walmart owns and operates these facilities which serve as the strategy backbone because that the company's tough lines basic merchandise distribution network.

The narrow rectangular portion of the basic is generally designed for a mechanically based conveyor mechanism that can be all over from 10 - 20 miles in full length. Conveyors are offered to flow through cases of merchandise the are currently allocated to store orders at the time of receiving. Each full instance has a Walmart-compliant brand such that the conveyance system can sort the merchandise to the exactly shipping dock door assigned to a store (i.e. “door every store” is the market term the is provided for this). A typical facility may have in between 90 -170 stores gift serviced by which outbound trailers are staged at dock doors transparent a shipping shift until they space cubed or weighed out.

Since no all was is conveyable and not every merchandise deserve to be pre-allocated, over there is likewise a conventional full case and also split instance section that the facility. This is a racked section of the warehouse in ~ the bigger rectangular portion of the complex. On this next of the complex, pallets are obtained on one next of the building and also then putaway right into storage racks. Pallets room then replenished to pick places where was is consequently picked and also either deposit to conveyor belts or to electric dual pallet jacks. Full case and split instance picking modules deserve to be designed through picking come conveyors approximately 3 - 4 vertical levels high. In general, bar-coded brand picking is provided for full instance picking and also put to irradiate / pick to light is used for split case merchandise save in case flow racks as a way to boost speed and also accuracy.

A portion of the GMDC facility is also used for full pallet overcome docking operations. Much faster moving SKUs are moved through the basic in pallet unit lots from receiving docks across to shipping docks positioned ~ above the opposite side of the complex. Walmart controls a much bigger percentage that its inbound freight as compared to many retailers, therefore floor room is additionally used because that the function of relocating inbound backhaul merchandise v the facility to delivery to other distribution centers in ~ the network; or to offer as a consolidation suggest for remixing purposes.

In the past, Walmart’s basic Merchandise distribution centers to be primarily created to distribute difficult lines (i.e. Non-food) products including electronics, health and also beauty aids, sporting goods and toys, appliances, etc. Similarly, the company's grocery circulation network to be primarily developed to distribute dry grocery, fresh dairy/deli/meat/produce and also frozen food commodities. Beginning around 2006, the company began to blur the lines between the role of the basic merchandise distribution network and also the role of dry grocery circulation network. In effect, about 4,000 that the fastest moving dry grocery and also general merchandise assets were blended (i.e. Combined) so the these faster velocity items deserve to be distributed from all eligible basic Merchandise and Grocery circulation centers. This remixing concept is a network strategy that is frequently referred to together a fast/slow circulation strategy through which the fastest cube-movement commodities are positioned closer come the retail stores and slower moving products are stocked in ~ fewer circulation points the are further away from need points. Why walk this strategy make perfect sense? quite simply because the fastest-moving products generate the most truckload volume and also therefore miles of travel to support the stores. This items move so conveniently that their inventory turns are incredibly fast, hence the inventory penalty connected with stocking these items at twice as many distribution centers is relatively low. ~ above the other hand, these items create the majority of cube movement because of this stocking lock closer to the stores takes out far-ranging over the roadway transportation miles. As well, the most essential items are usually the assets that relocate the fastest therefore the stores get improved company levels for these items due to the fact that they space stocked closer to the store. This is continual with Walmart’s on-going efforts to minimize out of share at retail, come take expense out that the it is provided chain and to assistance its environment-friendly initiatives. In various other words, the remixing principle is a winner throughout all fronts.

Similarly, as the e-commerce channel started to become a larger sales channel beginning around 2018, the agency began transforming the duty of the RDCs for this reason that some of these facilities also manage the fulfillment of online consumer orders in addition to retail store orders. This is particularly true for products that room being transport to the sleeve stores in the exact same unit that measure the is gift ordered through the consumer (i.e. The vendor carton includes one sleeve unit). In the list listed below we indicate which if the RDCs offer a dual e-commerce function (Note the the 2nd DC number is the DC number assigned to the e-commerce fulfillment center).

Below is a perform of Walmart’s local General Merchandise circulation Centers in the joined States.


Walmart Food Distribution center Network in the joined States

Walmart right now operates a nationwide network of food distribution centers in the United says exceeding 35.0 Million square feet. The usual full-line food distribution center is in the selection of 850,000 - 1.0 Million square feet through 750 - 800 warehouse associates. The average one-way take trip distance to the stores is roughly 134 miles.

Walmart’s Full-Line Grocery distribution centers are typically L-shaped facilities with a square-shaped dried Grocery building forming one next of the L-shaped complex, and also a long rectangular Perishables structure forming the other side that the complex, The dry Grocery buildings typically have actually 3 sides specialized to dock doors to enable maximum throu

ghput and also crossdock capacity while the Perishables structures having receiving and shipping docks ~ above the opposite sides of the complex. Walmart owns and also operates these facilities which serve as the backbone of the company's food distribution network consisting of Dry Grocery, Dairy, Deli Meats, new Meat, Produce and Frozen Food. Walmart was an early adopter of Vocollect’s voice picking technology to enhance the speed and also accuracy the full case picking operations within their grocery circulation operations.

At least 17 that Walmart’s Perishables distribution centers business both Walmart and Sam’s club stores. Over time, the Walmart and also Sam’s society food circulation networks have converged to record synergies because that logistics expense reduction purposes, particularly on the perishables side of the business. This is clearly logical since perishables usually provides up 50% of the outbound truckloads transport to the save from a full-line grocery circulation center.

Lastly, Walmart has imposed automated material managing systems in numerous of their Perishables distribution centers. In some situations they have worked with Swisslog together their integration partner. In the Swisslog infrastructure Walmart has deployed high climb stacker cranes (ASRS) which automatically store just arrive pallets and also then replenish multi-level choose modules where standard voice-directed choose to double pallet jack or choose to belt is performed. Our research suggests that six automated distribution centers exist in the network as established in the table below. Among the challenges that Walmart encounters is the the company is such an reliable low-cost operator that expense justifying extensive resources investments into automated material dealing with systems is difficult, thus the majority of the facilities remain together conventional distribution operations.

More newly Walmart has actually invested right into Witron automation to fully automate full instance distribution in a pair of perishables distribution centers where far-reaching capital investments have actually been justified because of the high price of land and also labor.

Below is a list of Walmart’s food distribution centers in the united States.


Walmart E-Commerce Fulfillment facility Network in the unified States


Walmart’s U.S. E-commerce fulfillment center network calls for some explanation due to the fact that it is facility by the fact that there are multiple types of e-commerce to work that room active. The company's e-commerce distribution centers are actually more extensive than we indicate in the table below due to the fact that the table below only identifies the circulation centers that room 100% devoted to e-commerce stimulate fulfillment. In enhancement to this 25 dedicated e-commerce facilities, Walmart additionally fulfills e-commerce orders from 8 local distribution centers; 2 fashion distribution centers; 6 Sam’s club dark stores that were convert from retail stores; and 3 import circulation centers. Therefore all-told the agency currently fulfills digital orders indigenous 45 infrastructure of i m sorry 25 room strictly dedicated to e-commerce.

Walmart opened their first committed e-commerce fulfillment center in ft Worth in 2013. The agency has because been investing greatly in their fulfillment network which is supplemented by in-store bespeak fulfillment capabilities. The agency is additionally in the procedure of converting multiple Sam's society stores right into e-Commerce metro-market facilities which we list in a separate table after ~ the table below

Below is a list of Walmart’s “dedicated” e-commerce fulfillment centers in the united States.


Sam's club E-Commerce Dark save Network in the unified States

Sam's Club has converted number of retail stores right into dark shop to serve as tiny metropolitan e-commerce fulfillment centers. Ultimately the setup is to have actually 20 of this mini distribution centers in operation. A perform of energetic known dark stores shows up in the table below.


Walmart Fashion Distribution facility Network in the united States


Walmart currently operates 7 Fashion distribution centers in the United claims totaling around 8.0 Million square feet. This massive circulation centers are within the selection of 640,000 - 1.6 Million square feet and also employ around 700+ warehouse associates.

It is tough to think that Walmart’s an initial fashion distribution facility was launched back in May, 1972. Ago then, it was a 22,000 square foot section of Walmart DC#6000 in Bentonville, AR allocated come ticketing and distributing wearables. This was actually Walmart’s an initial warehouse which handled both soft lines and hard lines merchandise. This facility was expanded multiple times to 236,800 square feet and also in 1986 the was eventually converted into head office space.

Today, Walmart’s Fashion circulation centers room generally big rectangular-shaped facilities that are very mechanized v conveyance systems designed to organization upwards that 1,000 stores.

Below is a perform of Walmart’s fashion and footwear circulation centers in the unified States.


The Walmart Specialty Distribution facility Network in the joined States

In addition to the circulation networks recorded above, Walmart likewise operates a number of specialty circulation centers that organization different commodities. We have actually records for 23 that these framework totaling 4.0 Million square feet in ~ the United says which include:

1 fiddle Distribution facility (ed. Keep in mind - Walmart in reality considers this come be part of their global distribution center network. We incorporate this basic in our list because it is based in the U.S.) 1 Walmart/Sam’s society Distribution facility in a campus in Puerto Rico the is now considered to be component of the 3 Optical activities Plants 4 Pharmacy distribution Centers 1 Print and also Mail distribution Center and also and 1 STaR north IT Distribution center 5 return Centers; 6 returns Consolidation Centers; 7 provided Asset Centers; 1 material Consolidation Center; & 2 electronics Refurbishment Centers 1 tire Distribution facility 1 Appliance Distribution center 1 Beef Production center (acquired)

Below is a perform of Walmart Specialty circulation centers because that which we have actually records.


Walmart import Distribution facility Network in the unified States

Walmart at this time operates 11 Import circulation center buildings in 7 locations around the United states totaling 20 Million square feet. There space plans underway to include 2 new import centers totaling 4.8 Million square feet. These huge facilities space positioned nearby to significant U.S. P

orts located in long Beach, Houston, Savannah, Norfolk and Chicago. Each import center receives containers of merchandise from Asia Pacific (and the remainder of the world) and then redistributes this merchandise to the company’s local general merchandise and grocery distribution centers within its region. Thus these facilities are not designed come ship directly to stores.

For many of this facilities, Walmart’s job strategy has actually been to outsource this operations to 3rd party logistics providers that use staffing agencies to recruitment warehouse associates. This job strategy is not unique to Walmart and also this technique is typically used to establish an arm's size relationship v the labor force. Unfortunately, the intense push to journey operating prices down frequently places the third party logistics provider in a difficult position wherein they have no selection but to place boosting demands ~ above the labor force to attain increased productivity at a lessened operating expense. Ultimately this pressure deserve to backfire causing labor-related concerns that generate an adverse publicity because that the retailer. This was exactly the situation for Walmart in 2012 at two of its income distribution center campuses activate by Schneider Logistics in Mira Loma, CA and Elwood, IL.

Lastly, over the years Walmart has vacated numerous import distribution center structures in Mira Loma, CA and also Savannah, GA. Below is a list of import distribution centers in the unified States.


Walmart Center allude Distribution Centers

Walmart has arisen a specialized distribution network come consolidate inbound merchandise from residential suppliers for shipment to their distribution centers. The firm refers to these facilities as Center allude distribution centers (CP) and also they are utilized to consolidate inbound loads of merchandise with the score to minimize the net landed price of items into their distribution network. Center allude distribution centers are similar in shape and size to overcome dock / LTL terminals in the they often tend to be lengthy “skinny” structures with countless dock doors on either next of the building (the exemption to this preeminence being the framework that space utilized for public cold warehouse applications). These framework are strategically located approximately the country with the objectives being to minimize inbound transportation expenses primarily for much less than truckload (LTL) loads.


Rather than carriers sending little shipments directly to Walmart’s many distribution centers roughly the country, Walmart to reduce inbound freight expenses by having suppliers transport their LTL loads into the nearest CP. The CP then consolidates every merchandise going come the exact same distribution facility with the score to accomplish a complete truckload inbound to every DC. Trucks room dispatched native the CP to the distribution center when a full truck fill is achieved, or once a time window constraint has elapsed. In short, the consolidation of inbound LTL loads at strategic places within the Walmart network enables the elimination of countless inbound take trip miles to replenish inventory transparent the Walmart circulation network. This is an important concept that have the right to be leveraged by any type of national retailer seeking to mitigate the net landed price of goods within their supply chain by acquisition greater regulate over their inbound freight.

Walmart’s Center allude distribution network is composed of the dedicated facilities provided below which are mostly cross dock terminal buildings, many of which space operated by third party logistics firms. In addition to the facilities listed below, Center point facilities are also attached come existing Walmart DC places such as Desoto, TX; Laurens, SC; Seymour, IN; Grove City, OH; Ottawa, KS; Saint James, MO, and 2 various other sites. Below is a list of the dedicated Walmart Center point distribution centers.


Sam’s society Distribution center Network in the unified States

Sam’s Club currently operates a nationwide network of cross dock facilities across the joined States. The majority of this operations are little crossdock framework (similar come LTL van terminals) that selection between 40,000 - 100,000 square feet in size. The majority, however not all, of these facilities are operated by 3PL companies.

Sam’s crossdock framework are basically long rectangular shed-like structures with many dock doors top top either next of the facility. Complete pallets are got on one side of the building and also then a forklift driver crossdocks the pallet directly to a stage

d trailer assigned come a store/shipping door ~ above the other side the the building. In general, complete pallets are handled within these cross dock operations. A couple of the Sam’s Club circulation centers are collection up because that high range full case and split situation picking but the vast bulk of volume is shipped out as complete pallet unit tons via overcome dock terminal facilities. About 64% that the non-fuel merchandise sold at a Sam’s Club store is serviced through the company’s distribution network with the balance being delivered directly to the keep so 36% the the goods bypass the Walmart network altogether.

It is not clear why Sam’s club outsources the majority of that is crossdock operations come multiple 3PL companies. Sam’s Club has a an extremely demanding benchmarking scorecard mechanism to measure up the power of that 3PL warehouse and also transportation service providers. Yearly awards are provided to the highest performing suppliers based upon their performance. This create a extremely competitive setting which eventually maximizes the top quality of service and productivity rates achieved across the network. Our conjecture is that Walmart outsources many crossdock operations come 3PLs as a method of keeping its circulation network versatile to the ever widening store network that demands to it is in supported. As such, the crossdock network can be changed with greater adaptability than if the company owned and also operated all of these facilities.

Below is a list of dedicated Sam’s Club distribution centers.


Walmart circulation Centers That have actually Been Vacated or jobs That have Been Canceled

Since Walmart presented its first distribution facility in 1970, Walmart has actually vacated a variety of distribution centers. A list of the basic closures and also project cancellations that we are conscious of is below. There have likely to be others which space off the record.



Walmart’s U.S. Circulation network is shown by it is provided chain in the maps below.








Distribution center Growth Curves

Since 1970, Walmart’s growth in distribution center room within the United claims is illustrated in the graphs below. Throughout the 1990’s, Walmart quadrupled its local general goods distribution center square footage by growing from 7.3 Million sq. Ft. To 29.6 Million sq. Ft. It was without a doubt the logistics story of the decade.

Between 1996 - 2006, Walmart explosive its supercenter concept and also the company’s food circulation network rapidly broadened proportionately to assistance the circulation of grocery and perishables merchandise. During this time, Walmart’s grocery and also perishables distribution center square feet thrived from 5 DCs totaling 4.2 Million square feet to 39 DCs totaling 31.5 Million square feet - one astonishing 750% increase! the was an unprecedented assault on one otherwise complacent industry identified by razor thin profit margins and low level of innovation. Throughout this ten-year period, many well known local supermarket chain went out of organization due come this sizable ns of market share. Walmart’s incredible expansion in the grocery market was indeed the logistics story of the 2000’s.




Key Ratios

Walmart publishes annual statements and also 10-k develops that administer insight into the company’s revenues, profits and cost of products sold by segment (Walmart USA, Sam’s club USA, Walmart International). The agency has also published its sleeve square footage information because 1969. Together well, the % of sales generated from assets distributed through the company’s circulation network matches the DSD channel is likewise published. For this reason we deserve to analyze several interesting questions to provide a distinctive perspective that might be meaningful.

What ratio of sleeve square footage to distribution facility square footage does a agency like Walmart have in the U.S.? How has this readjusted over time? What ratio of net sales revenue come distribution center square footage does a firm like Walmart have actually in the U.S.? What about sales revenue v the circulation center? What about cost of products through the circulation center? How has actually this changed over time?

To it is in clear, not every one of the data to answer such concerns is publicly available, however through the procedure of extrapolation we can develop charts and also statistics that are directionally correct. This process is described below for those that may be interested.

Walmart and Sam’s Club sleeve square footage is information that is readily accessible thus we can chart this information versus distribution square footage for the U.S. Market. Walmart and Sam’s club net Sales info is readily easily accessible thus we have the right to chart this information against distribution square footage for the U.S. Market. Information on the % of net sales marketed through the circulation network is also available for both Walmart and Sam's Club for this reason we can identify the net sales through the DC network together a more meaningful ratio since it excludes DSD sales (i.e. Sales v the direct store distribution channel). Info on the expense of sales (cost of items sold) is more difficult because this number is a consolidated number for all service divisions consisting of international. Thus the International price of items needs to be eliminated to have the expense of goods sold v the U.S. Therefore we provided the worldwide sales revenue together a % to total sales to pull out expense of goods linked with worldwide markets. We then determined the U.S. Price of items sold because that Walmart and also for Sam’s club by again utilizing net sales together a percent to complete sales because that each division. We then applied the % of items sold through the distribution network to the price of sales numbers separately because that Walmart and for Sam’s Club since the company models are very different. Walmart tends to delivery 80-85% of its cost of goods through its distribution network conversely, Sam’s Club tends to ship between 60-65% with its network. Utilizing this extrapolation technique, we come up v an estimated total cost of items sold v the company’s U.S. Circulation network. The is definitely not perfect information but the charts should be directionally correct. save in mind that Walmart self-distributes partial-line pharmaceuticals products and the dollar worth of pharmaceuticals is incredibly high relative to the square clip of distribution room needed to support this business. Because that this reason, Walmart’s price of items sold every square footage of distribution center room will most likely be much greater as contrasted to comparable retailers that carry out not self-distribute pharmaceuticals. Likewise keep in mind the Sam’s club sales revenue loved one to distribution center square feet is much greater than most retailers because most that the non-DSD merchandise overcome through smaller sized crossdock facilities in pallet quantities. It is not possible to an episode the Sam’s club DC network indigenous the Walmart DC network because these networks space converged definition that plenty of of Walmart’s facilities additionally serve Sam’s club stores, specifically on the food side of the business. This distortion reasons a greater sales number per square clip of circulation center an are as contrasted to a retailer that does not operate with a club keep concept! Lastly, the is important to keep in mind that all of the warehouse space that a firm requires can never be caught throughout its history for things like third party infrastructure that come and also go, the use of external storage warehouses or trailers to hold excess inventory, etc. Suffice come say that recording the background of any type of company’s circulation center an are is not a perfect scientific research . Hope these concerns do not change the results acquired below.

Having stated the above qualifying statements, listed below are several charts of an essential ratios the hopefully assist to make sense of just how Walmart has actually become much more efficient end the year from a it is provided chain perspective.




Key Learnings- Interpreting the Analytics

What execute the charts above tell us? together we discussed in the qualifying statements, these results are not necessarily helpful to benchmark versus other retailers due to the fact that they are extremely dependent on the product lines being distributed and the sleeve store format being serviced. Sales the pharmaceuticals produce extremely high revenues and require a small distribution footprint. Sales with the warehouse club layout are high loved one to the distribution center footprint since the items are mainly cross-docked in pallet loads and there is a short labor/space need to move products to market. What we have the right to use the over charts for is to benchmark Walmart against itself over time. We have always supported that most industry-wide benchmarking efforts administer meaningless results. The only benchmarking the matters is to measure up one's very own performance against oneself end time.

From our perspective, the complying with learnings have the right to be derived from the above charts:

The first chart depicts the number of retail square feet sustained by distribution facility square feet end time. We deserve to see the this ratio has actually leveled the end to about 6.2 end time. Currently one may look at this curve and suppose the Walmart has actually actually become more inefficient due to the fact that this proportion has decreased over the years. It would be a grave wrong to draw this conclusion. Walmart is an market leader in ~ cutting costs - us all recognize this. What this chart help to prove is that Walmart to reduce the network landed cost of the product come the sleeve shelf by raising the quantity of control that the firm has end distribution. Distribution centers space not evil cost centers that should be beaten into the ground to drive costs out. Circulation centers space absolutely an important to the success of the business and its ability to be price competitive. This is maybe the most vital learning that this research effort because all as well often, sleeve executives fail to recognize that circulation centers space at the love of capturing market share and reducing the cost to offer the customer. Too plenty of companies watch the distribution facility as en expense that must be minimized as opposed to a strategy weapon. The reality that Walmart has strategically boosted its distribution space relative come its retail store an are provides a clean signal to the market that castle have uncovered a to win formula. Increasing manage over distribution as a means to success is the most powerful lesson the Walmart can teach the remainder of the world. To more emphasize this point, the complying with quote is taken native Sam Walton's biography dubbed Made in America - mine Story, released in 1992: “Distribution and also transportation have actually been so effective at Walmart because an elderly management see this component of the company as a competitive advantage, no as part afterthought or necessary evil. And they support it with resources investment. A many companies don't desire to invest the money on distribution unless they have to. Our spends since we continually show that that lowers our costs. This is a really important strategic point in knowledge Walmart.” - Mr. Joe Hardin, executive vice president, logistics personnel (1986 - 1997). The 2nd chart depicts Walmart’s network sales revenue come the U.S. Market as a proportion to square clip of circulation center space within the U.S. Native this chart we have the right to see the this ratio has steadily increased over time which might in component be led to by inflation. The data says that this number is right now running just listed below $2200 the Non-DSD network sales revenue every square foot of circulation space. The essential thing is that this value has increased in time which way that much more volume and/or higher dollar worth merchandise is being relocated through the DC network. This implies far better margins and much better leverage native existing legacy - in other words better return top top assets gradually as far as distribution assets are concerned. The 3rd chart depicts Walmart’s non-DSD cost of goods sold to the U.S. Industry relative come square footage of distribution center room within the U.S. Indigenous this chart we again see a steady boost over time, in component due to inflation, but mostly as result of increased volume and greater value goods being dispersed through the company’s network. The data suggests that this number is at this time running at around $1600 that non-DSD price of products sold per square foot of circulation space. Together per the qualifying statements, this graph is generated through data extrapolation methods due to the fact that cost of goods sold for non-DSD was is no publicly reported because of this it may be topic to error.


Marc Wulfraat is the chairman of international Inc. He deserve to be reached by clicking here. International gives supply chain / logistics network strategy consulting services. Our solutions include: circulation network strategy; distribution facility design; product handling and also automation design; supply chain an innovation consulting; product sourcing; 3PL Outsourcing; and also purchasing; transportation consulting; and operational assessments.

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Legal Disclaimer international Inc. Go not stand for Walmart nor carry out we have a business relationship with Walmart. This is a research document for educational objectives only. The info assembled in this research record is intended to provide the audience with intelligence on the topic of civilization class strategies for distribution networks. In prepare this material, worldwide Inc. Has actually not disclosed any private or confidential firm information. global Inc. Has actually made every effort to ensure that the information consisted of within this white paper is together accurate and as increase to day as possible. However, that is essential to note that circulation networks adjust over time and also for this factor there is a possibility that information contained within this document may be the end of date or inaccurate. If you great to submit any type of information to enhance the high quality of this white paper, please be sure to send us some feedback.