Leah Remini is commonly known, and also beloved, for being a mandrel in the next of Scientology. Remini has actually been for this reason dogged in her pursuit to take under the controversial church, of which she was a component for numerous years, it"s nearly overshadowed her exhilaration career. As IMDb details, she"s been appearing on our screens because 1988, when a young Remini debuted ~ above TV series "Head that the Class." The actor has actually mostly stuck to television in the years since, featuring in everything from "Saved through the Bell" come "Friends." Remini has likewise dabbled in movies, notably starring the opposite real-life BFF Jennifer Lopez in "Second Act," among other films.

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However, there"s one function synonymous with the brand-new Yorker and it"s certainly "King that Queens." Remini starred together Kevin James"s wife in the fight sitcom indigenous 1998 all the way up to the show"s end in 2007. The pairing the Remini and also James verified so potent his onscreen mam in "Kevin have the right to Wait" was killed off come accommodate Remini authorized the show, as united state Weekly report at the time. Evidently, "King that Queens" intended a totality lot come the main duo, and when it came to hiding Remini"s pregnancy, they knew specifically how to handle it. 

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According to display screen Rant, star Leah Remini to be pregnant during the sixth season the the fight show. Come accommodate her growing belly, producer engineered a plot whereby Remini"s character, Carrie, lost her job, leaving her totally free to hang about the house all day and also eat the end of boredom, therefore she can gain load without the being too disconcerting. Remini wore baggier apparel as she acquired bigger but, for the many part, there to be no real need to hide her stomach because the personality was getting weight in the storyline too.

Eagle-eyed fans of the present should be able to spot that she"s pregnant if they look closely, but mostly it wasn"t an issue. In her book, "Troublemaker: enduring Hollywood and Scientology," Remini revealed she was so enormous towards the end of her pregnant that she had actually to hide behind a couch during specific scenes. Co-star Kevin James love it though, quipping that he was the skinny one for once (via Google Books).

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Considering Carrie and also Doug, Kevin James"s character, are a long-time married couple it appears strange the producers didn"t just give them a baby on the display too. However, executive, management producer David Bickel said The Futon Critic the studio didn"t desire them to have youngsters until the finish of "King the Queens," because it would day episodes together pre-baby and also post-baby, potentially hurting syndication. Sadly, back Carrie was free to acquire weight ~ above the show, Leah Remini complained to people that she to be vilified in actual life for gaining 80 pounds when pregnant. 

As she revealed, "No one wanted to talk around how I in reality did lose the weight, simply that I got fat," adding, "When you have a baby and you space not blessed through a metabolism the you can get ago into your blue jeans the an extremely next day, it i do not care something to focus on." Remini admitted, "I don"t also blame the papers. They are making money indigenous it. However the people who space buying it?"