June 14, 2007: No doubt Nepal is among the many beautiful mountainous countries in the world however billions of human being from the globe still don’t recognize Nepal’s political and geographical situation. Several of them are in confusion that whether it is one independent country or a part of some country.

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I think it is unfortunate the Nepal is still encountering the situation of identify even in this 21st century of globalization. Once I at some point use Yahoo or some other Messengers and chat with unknown friends from various countries, normally they asking me mine ASL (age, sex and also location) first. Together I answer Nepal for L, many of lock react, with a question, Nepal as a part of India. Few of them at some point think Nepal lies in the Tibet. 

What could be other negative hurt than that reaction because that a genuine nationalist (Nepali)? Yeah, it really pinches me however I additionally don’t know the place of every country of 194. Nepal is a landlocked nation of southern Asia and also situated in between 2 giants India and China with an area the 147,181 sq km. For this reason Nepal is 21 and also 65 times smaller than India and China respectively.

In the paper definition of 2 giants, King Prithvi Narayan shah (1723-1775), who combined Nepal and also saved that from the external enemies, stated that Nepal was a yam in between two stones however former rebel supremo Prachanda, in a current program answered the saying the Nepal was dynamite and also it could likewise burst.

Raja ram Giri, president of friend of Britain and Nepal, quiet feels sad together he recalls those moment of joined Kingdom since some that its citizens suspect Nepal as an Indian state during his visit of the land. “It is an extremely bad for united state to listen Nepal as an Indian part” said Giri. Some seven years ago, renowned Bollywood actress Madhuri Dixit had apologized over her controversial comments once she had actually said, standing in Nepali land, the Nepal was as soon as a component of India. Nepal never ever was a component of any kind of other country and also has never been ruled by rather in its background so that is constantly sovereign country.


Though Anglo-Nepalese battle (1814-1816) was fought between Nepal and also British east India Company, Nepal came to be able to save its sovereignty but some components were lost. Quiet Banke, Bardiya, Kailai and Kanchanpur districts were returned back during the Jang Bahadur Rana. Bhimsen, Balbhadra, Amar Singh and also Bhakti Thapa played a an important role to save Nepal against East India company however the treaty of Sugauli was signed in 1816. Talking around relation in between two countries, there is tho no visa system in between India and Nepal so people from both countries have been working and traveling come each other land because that years.

We Nepali have actually in part occasion to be happening come hear the the Buddha birthplace and Mount Everest (8,848 m) lies in India. In such problems Nepali current their agitating behaviors and extreme nationalism. Yet it is decision clear that Nepal is a floor of mount Everest and also lord Buddha but there are too many things that present Nepal come the world.

When i wished to examine the popularity of Nepal in the Internet, I found 98,300,000 outcomes for Nepal together I Googled it however found 115,000,000 outcomes for Sri Lanka that is 2.24 times smaller in area 보다 the Nepal. I think the economy and also the sports room two most crucial phenomenons because that the identification of every country. Sri Lanka holds more than 7 percent of GDP expansion rate while Nepal is only roughly two. Talking around sports Sri Lanka is an extremely forward in cricket but the Nepal’s location is really low in many of the games.

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Since Nepal is a occurring country over there is more to be done because that its development. Nepal is very rich in water recourses and high hills that we can utilize because that the advancement of our country. To be occurred is itself a good identity of a country. Throughout the10 years political conflict and also royal massacre the Nepal, the nation was introduced negatively come the world but it is in the peace procedure now and also trying come be introduced itself together a brand-new Nepal.

Author: Rup Narayan Dhakal, NepalSource: http://english.ohmynews.com/articleview/article_view.asp?at_code=416521Photography: Md. Arafatul Islam