Sean Astin confirms the Mikey will when again come confront to confront with the above pirate One-Eyed Willy in the long-delayed Goonies 2.

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The truth of the issue is, we might never watch The Goonies 2. This, regardless of the reality that most actors members and also the an innovative team behind the initial really want it to happen. It\"s to be years because original director Richard Donner shown the movie to be happening. And since the time, we\"ve heard both stars Sean Astin and Corey Feldman talk up the movie. Now, Sean Astin is back at it again, and while over there is no real update on once the movie will certainly happen, the does promise the a crucial player, but dead he might be, will certainly be earlier to haunt the sequel.

Sean Astin played Mikey in the initial The Goonies, and he to be the defacto leader that the gang who resides in the lower class division of the Goondocks. Astin has actually probably been just one of the loudest pendant of a sequel. At miscellaneous points, he\"s stated that The Goonies 2 will be a true sequel that finds the original youngsters all grown up and on an additional adventure. At that, there have been rumors the the movie will be a complete reboot with a brand-new set that kids. And a third scenario finds the initial Goonies setup off after your own children as they collection off to find one more hidden treasure. Now, while visiting Phoenix ComicCon 2016, Astin permit this slip, courtesy the Youtube.

RELATED: The Goonies 2 might Still take place with the ideal Director states Corey Feldman\"In the original Goonies, it\"s not the just time the |Mikey will certainly come challenge to confront with One-Eyed Willy.\"

One-Eyed Willy is the pirate that left his ship and also treasure behind for the Goonies come find, and it to be the catalyst of your adventure. It sounds choose Astin has some beforehand insight into the script, assuring that this key element will live and also breath again in the sequel. But who to know if this will ever before happen. And also judging native the reaction to the Ghostbusters remake, possibly it shouldn\"t. Possibly it\"s just fun to talk about, and also assures the no one\"s childhood gets hurt in the process.

We\"re no sure just how One-Eyed Willy will be worked earlier into the brand-new script. At the end of the original, the kids set Willy\"s ship cost-free into the ocean off the Oregon coast, wherein it had actually been trapped in a cavern for decades. Will certainly the delivery be recovered? has actually it to be sitting in a museum for the previous thirty years? go it quickly sink after sitting dormant every this time? We\"re guessing those concerns will be answered when and if a sequel ever before truly moves forward.

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The one thing that Astin\"s comments carry out seem to confirm is the we\"ll check out some, if not all, the the initial Goonies cast return in some capacity. Corey Feldman, Josh Brolin, Kerri Green, Martha Plimpton, and Jonathan Quan have all express an interest in returning. Just Jeff Cohen, that played Chunk, has evidenced that he will certainly not be back to carry out the Truffle Shuffle yet again. Climate again, probably the only returning Goonie will certainly be Mikey. And also that could be kind of sad. We\"ll have to wait and see.