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As the September 2000, a new logotype identifies Washington college in St. Louis.

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The brand-new logotype was emerged by an advisory committee headed by mar Ellen Benson, Assistant angry Chancellor and Executive manager of publications in the Office of windy Affairs. The new design to update the previous logotype, occurred in the mid-1980s, to do it an ideal for digital publishing and the World large Web. The principal adjust in the new version is the removed of the 2nd use of the word "Washington". The logotype now appears with the words "Washington college in St. Louis".


A universal style has been embraced for letterhead, envelopes, company cards, and also memo forms. In addition, brand-new logotypes have been designed because that the University's eight schools, and much more choices have been listed for supplies such together brochures, viewbooks, signs, T-shirts, and coffee mugs.

The brand-new designs to be presented to the board of Trustees in may of 2000. Work-related to phase in your use started in June, and in August, a new set the logotype intake guidelines to be mailed to all campus offices.

Approved versions of the University's logotype have been registered as trademarks. Guidelines because that the suitable use of the University's logotype deserve to be uncovered in the present version of the Logotype consumption Guidelines, easily accessible from the Office of publicly Affairs.

For more information ~ above the new logotype, watch the September 1, 2000 issue of the Washington University record or the Office of public Affairs,Brand Management.

In the early on 1980s, a review Committee for Institutional identification was created for the function of developing a University-wide logotype to replace the plethora the seals and logos used by assorted departments and units the the University. The Committee perfect its job-related in 1985 and its recommendations were approved by the plank of Trustees on June 4, 1986. The logotype embraced in the 1980s had the following elements:

A shield, two bars, and three stars. These facets are borrowed from the cloak of eight of chairman George Washington, after whom the college is named.Three fleur-de-lis: the prize of King luigi IX that France, after whom the city the St. Louis is named.The indigenous "Washington university in St. Louis". First added to the University's logotype (then a depiction of the Gateway Arch through an open book and the W.U. Motto) in 1976,in stimulate to better identify the university in the nationwide media.The word "Washington" by itself -- added in 1985, as a method to simplify the University's name to no an ext than three syllables. V the re-design of the University's logotype in 2000, this facet was eliminated.


The University's main colors, embraced in the mid 1890s, room red and green. An frequently repeated, however inaccurate, campus myth says that the University's colors room "myrtle and also maroon". This confusion has existed at least due to the fact that the 1890s, as soon as a college songbook had a tune entitled "Myrtle and also Maroon", which consisted of this stanza:

Let us constantly hold together,If the finish comes late or soon.For the love we bore in commonTo the Myrtle and Maroon.

In 1916, Chancellor freder Aldin Hall created a university Art Committee, chaired through Holmes Smith, Professor the Art, come look into the matter. The committee reported to Hall the the college colors "were embraced by the Alumni Association roughly the year 1890. So much as the Committee can discover the colors to be "a rich red and also green."

The Committee's report included that if the tune "Myrtle and Maroon" to be no much longer being sung by the college community, "the title of it shows up to have had actually a many unfortunate effect upon the colour of the University, which have actually gradually changed from a mix as first adopted to really dull and also dark colors known as myrtle and maroon." Myrtle and also maroon were used in athletic uniforms and scholastic regalia as freshly as the beforehand 1970s.


The review Committee because that Institutional identification in the 1980s also established the main shades the red and also green which were to be used on strong uniforms, academic regalia, service cards, letterhead, and also publications, and also published a detailed collection of logotype and letterhead guidelines which collection forth policies worrying the usage of the University's institutional identification symbols.

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With the introduction of a brand-new logotype in the summer of 2000, the guidelines have been updated. The updated guidelines are accessible from the Office of windy Affairs, Brand Management.