Make a sparkling statement with Christmas décor do from tinsel. In fact, take it increase a notch v a silver artificial Christmas tree that shines from top to bottom. It’s a brilliant different to traditional green Christmas trees. Plus, there are plenty of spectacular ways to decorate a silver Christmas tree. In this guide, us cover the varieties and also shapes available, the backstory of silver tinsel trees, and also decorating options to spark your creativity. 

A Spectacular choice of silver- Trees provides a selection of silver Christmas trees that shine indigenous the topmost branch under to the bottom of equivalent silver-gray tree stands. Pick from timeless tinsel tree to “Space Age” tree in dark shades mixed with silver. Choose a tabletop or skinny tree for compact spaces. Or, choose from lush, complete trees for standard-sized or big areas.

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Browse various lighting choices that suit her style. For instance, ours pre-lit tinsel trees allow you come showcase your accessories with extra dazzle. Meanwhile, the color Blast silver Tree offers the latest LED an innovation to develop a dancing light show.

Silver Stardust Tinsel TreeTinkerbell silver- Christmas Tree
Essentials – silver Bells TreeShimmering silver- Pencil Tree
Color Blast silver Tree
Silver shadow Ombre Tree
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If you’re aiming to dazzle, pile on the metallic tones. Decorate a silver- Christmas tree v silver, gold, or bronze ornaments for one elegant display. Sam the Aww Sam threw in part peach and blush accents to complement the soft hues the her vivid closet.

Cool as Ice

Blue is an additional hue that complements silver needles. Amp up the shine v a tinsel tree. Decorate it v reflective Christmas balls painted imperial blue and also teal. Include blue tinsel and also metallic tree picks as accents. Take it native Tracy of clear Chic Home and also choose a pre-lit Christmas tree to add warmth to her icy shade palette.

Tip: All pre-lit vibrant Christmas tree from come with a plug close to the top.

Shining the Spotlight on Santa

Why no go end the top when decorating a silver- tinsel Christmas tree? Jennifer Perkins studded hers with Santa Claus figurines.Mix and also match decorations to do the tree complement your room décor.

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Cassie that ColorfullyCassie showcased her black color Santa repertoire with this shimmering tree. She added red, pink, and also gold Christmas ornaments as accents and topped the off v a sparkly silver- bouquet.

Ribbons and Rainbows

Go beyond one or 2 hues on top of silver- for your color palette. Why not wrap your tree in rainbows choose Olivia the Baubles to bubbles did? Look because that a striped multicolor ribbon and matching ornaments. For your finishing touch, top it through a glittering star.

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Here’s one more take ~ above decorating a silver tinsel Christmas tree with a rainbow that color. Jenna of the_littlest_pan combined heirloom ornaments and also retro Christmas figurines in bright tones.

Tip: Check the end our Christmas Tree Ornament Calculator to calculation how numerous ornaments and ribbons you’ll should prepare. The number will rely on your tree’s height and shape and your decorating preferences.