Mercury’s world-renowned engineering team has actually packed remarkable power into these lighter, compact four-cylinder single-overhead-cam engines. The 115hp weighs 20 pounds much less than its the next four-stroke competitor, making that the world’s lightest low-emissions outboard in its powerrange.

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Dry weight specification is for the lightest-version model. Comparative weights refer to base engines without oil, propeller or integral steering cylinder. Weights based upon Owner’s Manualspecifications.

The same life time maintenance-free valvetrain style found in our 150 FourStroke engines renders the 75-115hp FourStroke outboards incrediblydurable.


Now you can have the strength of SmartCraft on her mobile maker (iOS or Android) with all the digital data your SmartCraft engine supports - plus brand-new features such as maintenance Reminders, Mapping, Performance an overview and Fault password Diagnostic information. Affix with your engine and be in theknow.

Connects the SmartCraft data network to your iOS or Android mobile machine via BLE (Bluetooth low Energy4.0)*See SmartCraft engine parameters: fuel flow, water temperature, battery voltage, RPM, enginehours*Get fault code diagnostic information so you know and understand if the fault is something come be addressed once you return ago to the dock or that is other moresignificant*Get mapping information for her body that water: location, record a minute on the water, fuel & restaurant places andmoreDealer Locator and Primary DealerselectorChecklists connected with your boatinglifestyleMaintenance reminders and also historical maintenance informationlogs*Compatible with all Mercury SmartCraft-capable engines built due to the fact that 2003 (40 HP andup)
*VesselView Module required; obtainable for acquisition at Mercury maritime dealers, indigenous the VesselView Mobile app or here

Do you choose to watercraft offshore even though you’re no in the industry for a huge boat? for the an initial time, Mercury is supplying a 115hp FourStroke v left-hand rotation. 2 of these mid-range monster on her transom provide the maneuverability and get-home safety and security of higher-horsepower pair at a price that’s less complicated on her wallet. Unlike competitive double 115hp engines, double 115 Mercury FourStrokes are Command Thrust models, which swing V6-class propellers, such as Enertia series to deliver improved acceleration and far better boat manage in roughwater.

*Available only on 115 hp


The bigger Command Thrust gearcase creates a bigger footprint in the water, i beg your pardon provides an ext leverage to control your boat. The bigger torpedo, an unified with a bigger-diameter prop, have the right to lift a heavy boat onto plane an ext easily and also hold it there at reduced speeds without impacting topspeed.


The Mercury 115 FourStroke is quieter than the Yamaha F115B across the rpmband.

At idle, the Mercury is four decibels quieter than the Yamaha – the Yamaha is 25%louder.At setravel speed, where regular conversations occur, the Yamaha generates practically 15% morenoise.At wide-open-throttle, the Mercury is much more than eight decibels quieter – the Yamaha is 50%louder.

The Mercury 115 FourStroke has actually less vibration and rides smoother than the YamahaF115B.

At forward idle, the Mercury’s vibration level in ~ the driver’s seat is approximately 50% reduced than theYamaha.On the transom, the Yamaha place out almost five times more vibration than the Mercury – both at cruise and at fullthrottle.
Testing carry out by Mercury PD&E NVH staff at a Mercury marine test location on a 2013 Bayliner170.

With Mercury Repower Financing, girlfriend can conveniently power up everything from fishing boats, come runabouts, come cruisers through flexible gaue won on the engine. Friend can additionally choose to finance rigging, gauges, controls and even labor. Mercury Repower Financing uses low rates and also low monthly payment to right a boater’sbudget.

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Less weight and high displacement typical Mercury’s new 75 - 115 FourStrokes generate abundant torque and immediate power. Due to the fact that they don’t have to work as hard as more heavier engines or those with lower displacement, these engines do boats plane faster, accelerate much better and provide optimal fuel efficiency at cruisingspeed.

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Take a deeper dive into what renders Mercury outboards stand apart with detailed information on each motor and also the functions that make them unique.