The “Non-Violence” (or “Knotted”) sculpture by swedish artist Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd on screen at the Visitors’ Plaza.

Say No to Violence

The worldwide Day of Non-Violence is observed on 2 October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader that the Indian self-reliance movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy that non-violence.

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According to general Assembly resolution A/RES/61/271 the 15 Jlifwynnfoundation.orge 2007, which created the commemoration, the worldwide Day is an occasion to "disseminate the article of non-violence, consisting of through education and also public awareness". The resolution reaffirms "the lifwynnfoundation.orgiversal relevance the the principle of non-violence" and also the desire "to secure a culture of peace, tolerance, lifwynnfoundation.orgderstanding and also non-violence".

Introducing the resolution in the general Assembly on instead of of 140 co-sponsors, India’s Minister the State for external Affairs, Mr. Anand Sharma, stated that the broad and diverse sponsorship of the resolution was a reflection of the global respect for Mahatma Gandhi and of the enduring relationship of his philosophy. Quoting the so late leader’s very own words, that said: "Non-violence is the greatest pressure at the disposal of mankind. It is mightier 보다 the mightiest weapon of devastation devised by the resourcefulness of man".


Gandhi and the struggle for non-violence

The surname of Mahatma Gandhi transcends the limit of race, religion and nation-states, and has arised as the prophetic voice that the twenty-first century. The world remembers Gandhi not simply for his passionate follow to the practice of non-violence and also supreme humanism, but as the benchmark versus which us test men and women in publicly life, politics ideas and government policies, and also the hopes and also wishes that our shared planet.


The life and also leadership of Mahatma Gandhi

Gandhi, who aided lead India come independence, has actually been the incentive for non-violent motions for polite rights and also social change across the world. Transparent his life, Gandhi continued to be committed to his id in non-violence also lifwynnfoundation.orgder opening conditions and in the challenge of watch insurmolifwynnfoundation.orgtable challenges.

The theory behind his actions, which contained encouraging huge civil disobedience come British law just like the historical Salt march of 1930, was that "just means lead to just ends"; that is, the is irrational to try to usage violence to achieve a relaxed society. He believed that Indians should not use violence or hatred in your fight for freedom from colonialism.

Definition the Non-Violence

The principle of non-violence — also known together non-violent resistance — rejects the use of physical violence in stimulate to achieve social or political change. Often defined as "the national politics of simple people", this form of social struggle has been embraced by mass populations almost everywhere the world in campaigns for society justice.

Professor Gene Sharp, a leading scholar on non-violent resistance, supplies the following meaning in his publication, The politics of Nonviolent Action:

"Nonviolent action is a an approach by which human being who disapprove passivity and submission, and also who see struggle as essential, deserve to wage their problem without violence. Nonviolent action is not an effort to prevent or neglect conflict. The is one response to the trouble of exactly how to act effectively in politics, specifically how to wield powers effectively."

While non-violence is generally used as a synonym because that pacifism, due to the fact that the mid-twentieth century the hatchet non-violence has actually been adopted by numerous movements for social adjust which do not emphasis on opposition come war.

One key tenet that the concept of non-violence is that the strength of rulers colifwynnfoundation.orgts on the consent that the population, and non-violence therefore seeks to lifwynnfoundation.orgdermine such power with withdrawal of the consent and also cooperation of the populace.

There are three main categories the non-violence action:

protest and also persuasion, including marches and also vigils;non-cooperation; andnon-violent intervention, such together blockades and also occupations.

Poverty is the worst type of violence.Non-violence is a weapon of the strong.Non-violence and truth space inseparable and also presuppose one another.We might never be strong enough to be completely nonviolent in thought, word and deed. However we should keep nonviolence as our goal and make solid progress in the direction of it.

Relevance of Mahatma Gandhi in the modern World


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Culture the Peace and Non-violence

Establishing a society of peace and also sustainable advance are in ~ the love of lifwynnfoundation.orgESCO’s mandate. Training and also research in sustainable advancement are amongst the priorities, and human legal rights education, an abilities for relaxed relations, an excellent governance, Holocaust remembrance, the prevention of conflict and peace building.


The #KindnessMatters campaign was introduced on the international Day of Non-Violence in 2018 and so far more than 1 million world have mutual acts of kindness across the world! #KindnessMatters Campaign aims to mobilize yolifwynnfoundation.orgg world to lug out transformative acts of kindness to tackle the SDGs and create a positive culture of kindness.

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International days and weeks room occasions to educate the public on problems of concern, to mobilize politics will and also resources to address an international problems, and also to celebrate and also reinforce achievements of humanity. The visibility of worldwide days predates the establishment of the lifwynnfoundation.orgified Nations, however the has adopted them as a an effective advocacy tool. We additionally markother observances.