Life, yet not together we recognize it. For all the scientific advances that humankind has actually made, we’re tho grappling with some of the an essential questions around life. Not just the distant, existential questions, such as the origins or an interpretation of life, but much more immediate questions around life top top Earth.

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Are there boundaries to exactly how long one organism have the right to live for? Is it feasible for a living biology to it is in immortal?

This week, we’ll take into consideration these questions and explore some of the extremes of longevity in the natural world!


3 Insects4 Fish5 Reptiles6 Mammals

Are there borders to longevity?

There are situations of organic immortality in the animal kingdom. A handful of species, including the aptly named immortal jellyfish Turritopsis dohrnii, are capable of passing earlier and forth between sexual maturity and also immaturity.

In fact, even for humans, there may be no maximum lifespan. A recent study released in Nature, adhered to 4,000 ‘super-elderly’ world (105 and older) in Italy. The findings imply that there may be a ‘mortality plateau’, which might imply the there is no border to human being longevity.

(People ageing from infant to 100 years old)

Shortest and also longest living animals

No two stays are the very same and, looking around the pet kingdom, us see enormous variation in lifespans. Even between types that belong to the same course of animal, the difference in how long they live have the right to be enormous.

To show this we’re going come delve right into the shortest and longest resides of the natural people – indigenous insects and fish to reptiles and mammals.


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