I"m writing rules because that a board game. It"s similar to dots and also boxes, and also I would choose to have a nice general word or expression to refer to what the players use to note their moves on the plank or paper, since one could conceivably use anything to carry out it, like a pen, pencil, crayon or also a repaint brush if they want to use one.

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The best I can think the was drawing implement, yet that sounds too technical, and also I"m trying to shoot because that the lowest reading level ns can.

I likewise thought about drawing tool, marking tool or maybe even just marker? What execute you think?


Writing instrument, writing utensil, and writing implement space all quite common. They space not old-fashioned.

I think all of these are much better than marker, which is standardly used only in the restricted sense introduce to sharpies, felt pens, etc.


Just shot marker - something supplied for marking.

A marker can be anything that leaves a mark or anything supplied to mark. Protect against using a sesquipedalian word.


stylus any type of of assorted pointed, pen-shaped tools used in drawing, artwork, etc.

second definition


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