Dr. Young name Luther King Jr. Demonstrated plenty of leadership qualities during his struggle for same rights and over the course of history. That showed good courage over his life time by difficult the authority through his countless protests and also marches for many worries he thought in. That took numerous controversial stands among opposing american on many issues over history, some of those consisting of equal rights and also segregation.

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He proved determination through never giving up on his fight because that equal civil liberties for everyone, and also trying to finish segregation for every Americans. He likewise was determined to no let what others did, said or called him or any of his household sway his referee in his hit for same rights. That showed loyalty by proceeding to fight for his beliefs even after numerous arrests and also attacks on himself, his household members and followers during the marches and speeches he made in countless cities.

He showed an excellent passion by educating himself on numerous issues. And also continuing come protest for equal rights, ever after his home was bombed. He ongoing his struggle for many years of his life for many issues in America.

Many civilization have learned great lessons on just how to it is in a leader due to the fact that of many things the did. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Proved respect and honesty by never resorting to violence also though he had actually much violence tossed in his face. He believed in nonviolent protests and made sure others complied with him in this quest. His greatest leadership high quality was integrity, which that showed once he provided his life because that what he to be fighting for. He likewise showed integrity by taking obligation for his actions.

One of mine favorite price quotes by Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. Is … “Our lives started to finish the job we ended up being silent about things the matter.” because of this no matter what issues I select to help my community in by being a leader, ns would start by making sure I have many of Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr.’s leadership qualities.

If i were in a leadership function for changing something in our community, I would certainly make sure that anyone was there during a protest. I would respect the voices the my community by making sure I spoke of your behalf and for their ideas in every little thing we were protesting.

I would likewise educate myself top top the issues, so i am may be to better lead the community. Ns would display courage by was standing up for the ar on any issue we thought required to be handle at the time. Ns would likewise make sure we lead a peaceful and also nonviolent protest at every times. I would certainly make certain the city knew of any kind of marches or protests we had planned so the streets could be closed turn off to help protect the community and also the people. Ns would shot to certain that all of the civilization are cure equally during the protest.

I will end this on another famous quote … “Almost always, the creative dedicated minority has made the world better,” through Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. In i beg your pardon if ns am ever in a leadership role, I will certainly display many of his qualities.


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