At The college of St. Scholastica, we are standing top top the shoulders of giants. We have actually a background rich in traditions and values. It is ourunique privilege to uphold and also to steward well this an excellent Benedictine heritage for ourselves, for one another, and for those that come ~ us. To be Benedictine way actively and also intentionally striving come liveout our values on a day-to-day basis.Our well-off heritage animates both our Mission and ours Vision.

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Mission: shame by the Catholic Benedictine heritage, The university of St. Scholasticaprovides intellectual and also moral preparation for responsible living and meaningful work.

Vision: The university of St. Scholastica aspires to be a diverse and also inclusive scholastic community of excellence, base in the well-off Catholic Benedictine heritage, sending forth thoughtful leaders sharpened and also sensitized by the liberal arts, who are prepared and committedto serve and also transform the world.

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Our five Core values

There are countless values installed in the dominion of Benedict. Of these, The university of St. Scholastica has chosen to focus on five: Community, Hospitality, Respect, Stewardship, and also Love of Learning. Clock a video of sisters sharing what the values typical to them.


Sharing duty to create and support communityCreating a climate which disclosure a sense of communitywhile valuing the uniqueness that the individualManifesting an ability to it is adapted to circumstances withoutcompromising our values


Creating a welcoming atmosphere personally and institutionallyListening and responding sensitively to allExtending warmth and also acceptance come allWelcoming new ideas and being open to change


Cherishing and also promoting the precious of all person lifeTreating persons through dignity and reverence without regardto age, gender, race, minority, sexual preference or economic statusHonoring and also supporting the spirituality that eachperson. Valuing the dignity of every workPromoting participation of every persons in the decisions affecting your lives


Utilizing person resources responsiblyProviding wise and also respectful use of every material and also monetary resourcesPromoting prudent usage of resources and energyFinding time for work, play and also prayer in daily life, which willpromote physical, mental and spiritual growth

Love of Learning

Preserving the intellectual and material heritage entrusted to us by past generationsTransmitting the treasuresof human culture to new generationsCreating scholarly, artistic and scientific functions which enrich and also enlargehuman lifeIntegrating believed and activity as complementary aspects of a complete human life

Did you ever before wonder who St. Benedict is, what his rule is every about, and what this method for united state as a Benedictine college?


March 21 is the Feast the the passing of St. Benedict. A ‘feast' refers to the day of the year that the Catholic Church assigns come a saint, once she or the is remembered and also specially honored.

Who is St. Benedict? the is the pair brother of St. Scholastica, after whom our university is named. Sister Margaret Clarke, previous faculty member and archivist that St. Scholastica Monastery, created the following:

\"Our only resource of info on the life of Benedict the Nursia (480?-547?) is the second book the the Dialogues the Pope Gregory the great (540-604). This work days from less than 50 year after the fatality of Benedict and is based ~ above the reminiscences of persons who knew the Abbot, yet it is not history or story in our contemporary sense. Instead, that is intended together an edifying and also didactic tale depicting the way by which human beings journey in the direction of God.

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Benedict, whose name in Latin way \"Blessed,\" to be born to a Christian family in the hills to the northeast the Rome. The Roman empire was crumbling and also the Goths and Vandals regulated Italy. As a youth, that was sent out to Rome because that schooling and also there competent a religious awakening which brought about him come renounce corruption secular society and to sign up with a band of Christian ascetics. The later became a hermit, life in the hill an ar of Subiaco. His fame as a divine person prospered until he was importuned to come to be the abduction of a group of monks, that eventually became so peeved by his reforming zeal that they check to poison him. Benedict left them come their angry ways and began organizing teams of his own followers into small monasteries. In around A.D. 529, he and also a few disciples came to the mountain above the city the Cassino whereby they established the monastery now recognized as Montecassino. This is more than likely where he composed the monastic Rule, the only paper which stays to us from his hand. Benedict's fatality occurred around 547, and tradition tells us he passed away standing prior to the altar, sustained by his brothers, a design of fidelity and also perseverance for all of his followers.\"

Here's a full version the thebeautiful paint of St. Benedictby sister Emmanuel Pieper the the Benedictine sister of St. Walburg Monastery in Villa Hills, KY.