There are generally two various standards for ice hockey rink dimensions and also size. The phibìc American rink dimension is likewise the typical for the NHL. The various other most typical rink size is the European-size rink or global rink.

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Let’s take it a watch at several of the vital measurements and also distances provided in hockey.

Hockey Rink Size

The nationwide Hockey league (NHL) rink ice surface is 200 feet long and 85 feet wide. The worldwide rink ice surface ar is 197 feet long and also 98.4 feet wide.

An worldwide hockey rink is around the very same length yet considerably more comprehensive than an NHL rink. Bigger ices change the layout of play. It gives for a an ext wide-open style of play with an ext space and more time. The pace of play tends to it is in slower, and the video game turns come puck possession. Still, a shooter’s angles room not quite as an excellent when compelled wide.

As you deserve to see, the blue lines room 50 feet except each other or 25 feet native the red line.

NHL Hockey Rink Diagram


A line happen going from a player behind one blue heat to a player top top the much side that the various other blue line would take trip over 50 feet.

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International Hockey Rink Diagram


The political parties of the rink for international Hockey are 98.4 feet apart. The size is 197 feet.

How long is a Hockey Rink?

The size of a hockey rink is 200 feet for the north American or NHL rink. The worldwide rink is contempt shorter, at 197 feet (or 60 meters).

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What is the the end or Backyard Hockey Rink Size?

The the end rink deserve to be any size you pick (usually determined by easily accessible space), yet typically they are lot smaller 보다 the expert rink. One usual size because that young skaters is 46 feet long by 20 feet wide. For older kids and teens, a rink size of 88 through 44 feet is good.

Famous Hockey Rinks

> Montreal Forum – The Canadians winner the NHL title 22 times while play their home games at the Montreal Forum. Several of the greats who played their include: Rocket Richard, guy Lafleur, and also Ken Dryden.

> Maple sheet Gardens – The Toronto Maple Leafs played here for home games from 1931 come 1999. An ext “Hockey Night in Canada” gamings were broadcast from this arena than any type of other in the NHL.

The Boston Garden – The Bruins referred to as this home from 1928 v 1995. While much shorter than regulation size, it was a an extremely intimate setting to clock a game. Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito played here.

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How large is a Roller Hockey Rink?

Inline ice scating or roller hockey rink sizes deserve to vary, yet usually, they room 185 feet long by 85 feet wide.

What dimension is a Knee Hockey Rink?

Knee hockey’s rink measures around 20 feet lengthy by 14 feet wide. Or, it have the right to be play in whatever an are is obtainable in a basement.