native Genesis to Malachi, because that over 6,000 years, the Old testament of the Holy scriptures has been the book of confidence for millions of human being in the Christian and also Jewish religions. After researching the in its entirety message or purpose of the different books, biblical scholars group the Old testimony into five divisions.

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The protestant Old Testament contains thirty-nine books, which are split into five sections: Law, History, Wisdom -- sometimes known as Poetry, significant Prophets and Minor Prophets. According to Dr. Clint Dunagan, former professor the Bible and also Philosophy at Hardin-Simmons college in Abilene, Tex., the differentiation the "major" and also "minor" prophets is a recommendation to the size of the books.

The bespeak of the Old Testament books is not based on linear time. According to the "Illustrated thesaurus of bible Life and also Times," "The chronology the the scriptures books shows the time defined by the publications rather 보다 the time when they to be written." for instance, Genesis, a book of the law, is considered very first in chronology, complied with by Job, i m sorry is native the Wisdom writings. Malachi is the last book detailed in the Old Testament, however Joel was written last.

According to F.W. Grant"s "The number Bible, Volume 1 -- The Pentateuch (1890)," the present division of the Old testament was adjusted from the Septuagint. The Septuagint is the Greek translate in of the Old testimony from Hebrew, done in between 300 and 200 B.C.

The five publications of the Law, from Genesis come Deuteronomy, are also known as the Torah in the Jewish religion. The background books are Joshua v Esther. The Wisdom publications are task through the song of Solomon. The major Prophets room Isaiah v Daniel, and the minor Prophets are Hosea with Malachi.

The "Illustrated dictionary of scriptures Life and also Times" cases that the good news Old testimony was composed from 4,000 B.C. Come 375 B.C. Deuteronomy was composed ten years after the Trojan War. Amos was composed 16 year after the an initial Olympic Games. Proverbs was finished ripe years after the Roman realm was founded. The battle of Carchemish took place one year ~ Daniel was written. Alexander the great conquered Egypt 43 year after Joel to be written.

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