The Weather aspects main are the levels of average precipitation, temperatures, humidity, atmospheric pressure, cloudiness and wind.

these elements type the conditions with i m sorry the living beings that a particular area subsist and also develop.

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This geographical delimitation is among the intrinsic characteristics of the climate; Is circumscribed come a specific an are and involves describe it together is the situation of warm in the tropics, cold at the poles, etc.

The climate counts on components such as latitude, topography, vegetation, the presence or absence of body of water and their currents, or the proximity the the sea.

because that this reason, in order to define the climate that a provided territory, adequate time have to elapse for the various atmospheric cases to occur due to its topographical characteristics, location, etc.

The 6 main facets of the climate

1- Temperature

Clouds, dust and water vapor in the environment reflect fifty percent of the solar power Which start the earth into space, if the earth and also the sea absorb the remaining half and return the as warmth to the atmosphere.

that caloric energy that accumulates in the air, is the temperature and also can vary in the course of the job (s) by the place of the planet with respect come the sun (rotation and also translation).

The measure units used to measure up the temperature are: levels Celsius or Celsius, levels Kelvin and degrees Fahrenheit. And also the tools that are offered in that task are: the thermometer and the thermograph.

The dimensions taken from the temperature are normally plotted top top a climate map utilizing the isotherms.

2- Precipitation

Or the rain, is the culmination of a meteorological procedure with the autumn of water, in liquid or gaseous state, come the terrestrial surface.

an important part of the water that falls in this process goes to the bodies of water and the remainder evaporates.

The quantity of rain that drops in a given room depends, come a large extent, on the latitude and presence the masses of water. The locations near the terrestrial equator room those that, normally, record greater amount that precipitations in a year.

The quantity of water the falls throughout a year in a specific territory offers rise come what is well-known as the rainfall index. Such an table of contents is to express in millimeters per square meter.

The rain gauge is the an equipment used to measure up the rainfall table of contents of a location, and the pluviometer is the device used come graph the index.

Precipitations have a classification: convective, cyclonic, and also orographic. This category is as result of the method in i beg your pardon the massive of air that originated it, went approximately the atmosphere.

3- Humidity

usually it is around water vapor current in the atmosphere and also depends top top temperature and precipitation.

In most climates over there is some degree of humidity, also in the hotter climates. In fact, the higher the temperature, the much more potentially wet the is.

The tools used for its measurement and also recording are the hygrometer and also the psychrometer. The results of these dimensions are to express in percentages.

over there is a principle of relative humidity that refers to the lot of humidity in relation to the quantity of air molecules, and also as it relies on temperature (inversely proportional), fluctuates or changes over the course of a day.

4- Atmospheric press

This element corresponds to the load of the environment on a provided surface. The values, which are expressed in millibars, count on the altitude.

The higher the territory, the less atmospheric pressure it must have. Hence it is higher at sea level than at the peak of the mountains.

The mean atmospheric push at sea level is roughly 1,013.25 millibars.

The so-called pressure charts the a barograph room the means to graphically stand for the two types of atmospheric pressure that exist: high and low.

This climatic facet is measured v the barometer and also is to express in pascal (Pa).

5- Cloudiness

as soon as relative humidity increases and water molecules bind to dust or ash particles, clouds are formed, i beg your pardon are organized high due to the fact that of the little and slight size of the water particles.

Clouds are indications of the presence of fronts (two waiting masses of different temperature), humidity and rainfall possibilities, among other meteorological phenomena.

Clouds might move in a direction other than wind and may it is in the prelude to precipitation.

Atmospheric pressure and humidity impact the shape, size, and type of cloud that forms. Specifically that typology or classification was proposed by Luke Howard, attending to the type and the behavior of these gaseous masses:

short clouds: Stratus, nimbostratus, stratocumulus, cumulus, towering cumulus and also cumulonimbus mean clouds: Altostratus, altocumulus, altocumulus lenticularis. High clouds: Cirrus, cirrocumulus and cirrostratus.

6- Wind

come speak the wind is to speak of waiting in horizontal activity originated by the distinctions of atmospheric pressure.

There room different varieties of wind:

Planetaries: trade winds, east polar, brave west, and also southern winds. Continental: asian monsoons, sea breeze and also cyclonic winds. Local: depending upon the region.

it is measure in km / h, for which an anemometer is used.

Wind is involved in the reduction of humidity, the development of storms and the evaporation the water.

Climate categories

back traveling approximately the people you can find countless species of landscapes through their particular climate, you could classify the climate right into three large categories:

warm : the is a kind of climate in i m sorry the temperatures room usually high to obtain the solar radiation of constant form. It refers to areas close to terrestrial Ecuador. Tempered : It has actually moderate temperatures since it wake up in locations of an mean latitude. Polar : as its surname implies, the is usually given in polar circles with temperatures listed below 10 ° C, throughout the warmer period.

However, every of these categories can be broken down into much more specific sub-categories, namely:

dry : occurs in areas with consistent rains and temperatures from medium to high. Depending upon the lot of rainfall deserve to be subdivided right into tropical humid and also tropical dry. dry : A form of climate through nothing or practically nothing that precipitation that can be: arid or semi-arid. middle : This type of climate is classified in: Mediterranean, subtropical humid and also marine that the west coast. continental : share in continent humid and also subarctic. Polar : in ~ this form of climate you can find another classification: tundra and also ice sheet. Highland Climate . references Auburn college (s / f). Weather elements. Recall from: Environment and Climate change Canada (2015). Weather elements. Recall from: Geoencicopadia (s / f). Facets of the climate. Recall from: Oliver Allen. The Planet earth Series. Ed. Cutting board Lewis. (Alexandria, Virginia: Time-Life Books, 1983) P. 95-96. cultural Assistant of the Banco de la República (2015). Climate: elements and factors in Luís ángel Arango"s online library.

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