There space lots of various tongs out there, from irradiate plastic people to heavy metal and rubber ones. We have a few different kinds of tongs - a little bamboo set, a plastic set, and also a heavy metal set.

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10 uses for Tongs

Turn a food without removing that from the oven. Because the tongs have a long handle, girlfriend don"t have to pull the dish the whole method out of the heat. It will cook an ext quickly, and also you won"t burn your fingers.Toss a salad.Bake potatoes. Wrap the potato in foil and cook them straight on the oven"s rack. Use tongs to traction the warm potatoes indigenous the range without burning her hands. Using stove mitt is unwieldy and also leads quickly to reduce potatoes, so the tongs room perfect because that this one.Remove corn top top the cob native boiling water. There"s no easier means to remove large items indigenous a pot of boil water 보다 tongs. Lobster, corn cobs, boiled potatoes, boil-in bags, and also more. Pull them best out of the water v tongs.Toss a row fry. Obviously, this will only work with hefty duty metal tongs, yet you can use them in place of a spatula, do it straightforward to toss the veggies ideal in the stir fry pan.Turn meat in a pan or on the grill. go you understand that spearing food through a fork enables the juices to run out, resulting in dried the end burgers or chicken breasts? making use of a spatula is a good way to drop them. Tongs enable you to obtain a an excellent grip ~ above the food without losing any kind of of the juices.Pull toast the end of the toaster. Take the hot toast indigenous the toaster to a plate. No much more burned fingers!Let little ones eat Chinese food. When everyone else is utilizing chop sticks, give the children a pair of small tongs. Lock won"t feeling left out, but won"t gain as frustrated with tongs as they would with chopsticks.Extend her reach. Can gain to the height shelf of her spice cabinet there is no a step ladder? usage tongs to reach the seasoned you"re extending for.

When ns was creating this post, Joe chimed in through "Tell them to use tongs to pick up the dead rodents their cat drag in throughout the night."

I"m thinking he"s done that before.

I shudder come think that it. I hope there was bleach involved afterward.

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What perform you use your tongs for?

Please don"t speak you choose up rodents v them. That totally grossed me out.

Have you checked out the rest of this series?

LOL! Love tongs as chopsticks! exactly how cool! I have actually some amazing bamboo tongs from Pampered Chef...those would certainly be perfect! and I love making use of those bamboo tongs for pulling little things (toast, pancakes, etc.) out of the oven. And also for pulling out a item of pasta to view if it"s done!