We love weather andeverything to execute with it and also today we’re walking to end the many used devicesand personal weather stations because that measuring wind speed.It bring away precision andtechnology to appropriately measure wind speed. Yes sir an intricacy to measuringwind speed and also not just any type of old maker will work.So, let’s inspect out the 5 most used weather instruments for measuring wind speed and also we’ll learn exactly how each maker works.

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The 5 many Used Devicesfor Wind rate Measurement

I’m sure you’ve heard ofanemometers before on our website and also that’s due to the fact that they’re a nifty deviceused to measure up wind speed.The term “anemometer” comesfrom Greek. The Greek word “anemos” means, simply, wind.Anemometers use the unit feetper minute (or FPM) to measure wind speed.Most anemometers room meant particularly to measure wind speed, return some might measure other variables such as temperature, wind chill, and also wind direction.There are several various typesof anemometers used to measure up wind speed so we’re walk to examine out the 5main an easy types.

Mechanical Anemometer

For a mechanical Anemometer,it’s nice simple. Many mechanical anemometers usage wind vanes.It use to be a propeller withwind cups at the finish of every blade. As the wind blows and spins the cup, and itcounts how countless times the cups spin because that each second.The updated variation of thewind blades and wind cup is the a generator reads the wind speed. Because that the handheld and portableanemometers, the wind blows and spins the propellers which have actually a generator.The generator sends out a message to an electric current that screens the windspeed.

Check out this HoldPeak Digital Anemometer.


This handheld anemometer actions wind speed, windchill, and temperature v super accuracy.It has actually a at sight fast solution time.This anemometer can read winds as much as 69 mph.It provides an LCD display and also back-lighting so you canstill read the display screen during the night.It immediately shuts off if it there is no been offered for a when to save batteries.It will certainly alert you if her battery is to run low.It comes through a lanyard therefore you have the right to wear it approximately yourneck, a 9V battery, and straightforward to read hand-operated for setup.It comes with a 1 year warranty.For more pricing information, click top top this link.

Thermal and also Hot AirAnemometer

Thermal and also hot airanemometers work-related a lot in different way than most other anemometers.Instead of measure up the windas that moves, it steps it by the coolness of the wind. A heat anemometer has actually athermometer. The thermometer keeps a heated cable at a particular temperature. So,when the wind blows the cools under this wire. Due to the fact that it’s gift cooled, thethermometer needs to use power to warm it ago up.The electricity used come warmthe wire back up is measured and also calculated into wind speed.

Check out the General Tools warm Wire Data Logging Anemometer.


This hot wire anemometer is a great weather monitor for the professional.It has a huge LCD screen shows you 3 check out outs andhas a back-light for this reason you can read the screen in the dark.It procedures both wind speed, wind direction, and thetemperature.When this anemometer is running off batteries and ithasn’t been offered in 10 minute it will immediately turn off. If friend haven’tused it for 30 minutes while running on AC power, that will instantly shutoff.For an ext pricing information, click top top this link.

Pressure pipe Anemometer

Pressure pipe anemometers are an older maker created for measuring wind speed. It’s a upright tube with a horizontal tube that’s bent at the top.Inside the tube, there’s amembrane. When the wind pushes the horizontal tube, the membrane moves. A gaugeinside steps this pressure and determines the wind speed.

Sound wave Anemometers

Sound wave anemometers workwith sound tide to measure wind speed. Wind moves the travel of sound,sometimes faster and also sometimes slower, depending on which direction the wind isblowing.The key sound wave anemometer is one ultrasonic anemometer. These anemometers have actually both sound transmitters and sound receivers.When you ar the ultrasonicanemometer outside and also it detects the wind, the transmitters send the end highfrequency sound to the receivers.There are electric currentsinside of the receivers that measure the speed of the sound that receiving.Then it identify the speed of the wind based on this time and also the directionof the wind.The the very least accurate sound waveanemometer is the acoustic anemometer.Instead of measuring exactly how longit takes because that the sound come travel, one acoustic anemometer measures the actualchanges in the sound waves.

Laser Anemometer

A laser anemometer provides alaser beam that’s split in half by a mirror, right into 2 laser beams. One laser beamis thought about a reference beam and remains undisturbed.The 2nd laser beam ismoved by the wind. Once it’s to be changed, both lasers are reemerged backtogether. The noticeable distinction in the laser beams is described as a “setof interference fringes”.The set of interferencefringes can be calculated and also measured into the speed of the wind.

Doppler Radar Anemometer

Doppler radars were createdto measure both wind speed and wind direction.A Doppler Anemometer sendsout an infrared laser beam the splits into 2 beams, much like the laseranemometer. The very first laser beam is used as a recommendation to measure versus thesecond beam and is beamedThe second infrared laserbeam is what’s offered to measure the wind. When wind access time the laser beam, itmoves the particles and changes in frequency contrasted to the recommendation beam.This frequency is what’s known as a “Doppler shift”.The Doppler shift can bemeasured into wind speed.

The Bottom Line

There are lots of products out there made to measure wind speed. We hope this helps you decide what kind of anemometer you should invest in.

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