From historical landmarks come breathtaking views, the Cape and also Islands space the perfect areas for television and movies. Plenty of productions have been filmed in the area, varying from popular comedies to legend classics. While things may adjust over time, the area continues to it is in the perfect backdrop because that Hollywood productions.

American horror Story, known as AHS, is currently being filmed in Provincetown. Now in that tenth season, this popular display is released every fall and is recognized for its anthology of trembling stories. This season is entitled “Pilgrim,” and will be shot native January with March. When the plot is quiet unknown, Provincetown is sure to be the perfect setting for this show!

The most popular movie to it is in filmed top top the Cape & Islands an ar is Jaws. The blockbuster film, exit in 1975, is the story the a shark and also the little island community it terrorizes. The movie to be filmed in various areas throughout Martha’s Vineyard as well as in Falmouth. One of the most recognizable sites is the American Legion Memorial Bridge, i m sorry sits in between Oak Bluffs and Edgartown and also is now often referred to as the "Jaws bridge."


much of Jaws was filmed in Menemsha i m sorry is a small, fishing town on the western next of the island in the town of Chilmark.

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Want come explore more of Martha"s Vineyard? sign up with us together we discover the various towns on this miracle island.

But this is no the only movie to it is in filmed in the area. End 25 movies have been filmed totally or in part in the area. That course, not all to be blockbusters, but listed below are just a few:

Year by the Sea

Released in 2017, Year by the Sea consists of the nationwide Seashore among its Cape filming locations. Based upon Joan Anderson’s memoir, the movie is around an empty nester who retreats come Cape Cod come reclaim the human she was before marriage and children.


One stunner Summer

The 80’s film, One crazy Summer, starred john Cusak and also Demi Moore and was filmed nearly entirely on Nantucket.


A 1995 work again, please again of a 1954 original, Sabrina, with Harrison Ford and also Julia Ormond, is a love story v a twist and was filmed in Chilmark and Vineyard Haven top top Martha’s Vineyard. The cottage used in the film once belonged to Billy Joel and overlooks Chilmark Harbor.

The irradiate Keepers

The 2009 film, The irradiate Keepers, filmed on place throughout Cape Cod, has a huge number of scene filmed in ~ Race suggest Light in Provincetown and also Chatham Light. The story line follows a lightkeeper that does not desire to associate with women, yet he is forced to reconsider once two female tourists move right into a cottage surrounding for the summer.


That"s My young

The 2012 movie, That"s my Boy, starring Adam Sandler, functions a replica the Fenway Park’s left field wall, the eco-friendly Monster. The was built at Dennis center School, and also the cast and crew spent about two mainly filming on place in Dennis.

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