Nomadic lack heritage and modern society co-exist in the UAE, a federation of seven emirates in ~ the southeastern leaf of the Arabian Peninsula. Look past the desert the consumes four-fifths that its area and you"ll uncover UAE capital Abu Dhabi, one oil-rich city of skyscrapers, parks and also malls, and Dubai, through its separation personality of luxury resorts and covered marketplaces, upscale boutiques and local artisans. Because that a break from urban sprawl, trip over roll red sand dunes into the Hatta Mountains, whereby the 200-year-old Sharia Mosque sit amid 30 restored buildings the sandalwood and mud.

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Drive follow me Dubai Creek, the lifeline and pulse the the city, which separates the city native Deira to the north and also Bur Dubai to the south.

the review By 128gabis - Dubai, united Arab Emirates

Dubai creek has all of it - a great view end Dubai, you can go for a romantic Dhow dinner cruise or walk along the creekside, take an Abra and also cross the Creek come the various other side and also then stroll about the "old" souk or ~ above the various other visit the summer sprouts souk and also gold souk, enjoy passing by the dhows and also experience the vibrating life while gaining an impression of the past and also and and.... It""s always great to endure this Oasis" of "old" and "new" Dubai

reviewed By MercyTey

Good for family members outing, nice water fountain. Restaurants room available. An excellent spot come refresh, and you can additionally jog. Perfect because that this winter weather.

Columbus Yachts and also Boats Rentals was established in dubai 2013 Cruise from Marina come Dubai Water Canal & gain amazing sightseeing follow me the Canal Route, Sheikh Zayed Bridge and also more! 4 hours yacht cruise for 1 until100 world by high-end Yachts

the review By 255nicholast - Dubai, joined Arab Emirates

Possibly just one to reap via watercraft during the warm summer months, in the cooler month of the year, a stroll along Dubai Water Canal is a good way to acquire some exercise and get part stunning views of the city.The canal starts by Jumeirah Beach and also works it’s means up v jumeirah and business bay. The is crossed by a variety of varied architecturally amazing bridges and also at the Sheikh Zayed road crossing over there is a stunning waterfall ~ above either side of the roadway which is illuminated purple at night and parts to allow boats to pass.A throughly satisfied escape from the city, whilst continuing to be close to downtown.

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the review By 37basmaa

If girlfriend are searching for a family day or friends bbq, the is the perfect place. You acquired to have a perfect lake view where you have the right to enjoy a cup that karak tea freshly made on stop. I would certainly advice to load the picnic matters to reap a complete day. Bbq will be amazing too. Prior to start camping or resting, it would be impressive to go for a lake equine ridding a one hr trip with a familiar guide type “ Al Jiad Stable”. After with ur car you deserve to just monitor the indications for one of the many beautiful sightseeing spots in dxb.

the evaluation By I7561CBvanessas - Andover, united kingdom

Loved the couple of hours we spent here. There is a suitable path approximately the lakes to walk on. Koi carp come look at. Several photo opportunities.You have the right to walk in the water between the lakes at certain points.Definitely worth the drive to take in that is tranquillity.

reviewed By JimLloyds - Dubai, joined Arab Emirates

sometimes gems room truly hidden, and also sometimes lock are covert in plain sight, and such is the Al Rafisah Dam - an alluring and also stunning turn off the beaten route travel destination, tucked afar indigenous mydubai’s metropolitan spread and out of sight of even the most seasoned explorers and adventure seekers, so lot of an oasis chin on the east coast of Khorfakkan clinging come the sides of the straddling western hajjar mountains bordering Oman, en route an unexpected stop-worthy detour on ours road trip traversing the an excellent outdoors of our own home turf, coiling untold mile on the winding brand-new Sharjah – Khorfakkan highway through an the end worldly landscape of the ever before enchanting deep orange sand dunes leading to a scenic high altitude trail paved between sheer walls of arid grey rocky mountains, the instantly evoked come the aware mind, the living embodiment that the award-winning writer Angela N. Blount’s renowned quote; “Sometimes the most scenic roads in life space the detours friend didn"t average to take.”and reality be told, this is no exaggeration come say, ns did small to no research before going, and I remember to only googling the route thinking the looked decent for a weekend escape from the hustle of the program to free-diving ~ above an limitless road the zig-zag curves in and also out over five tunnels laid v the mountains, busting our favourite songs ~ above the pat list, through our small one in tow, safety uninterrupted hours of endless conversations and also laughter galore, focusing on us and enjoying challenge time to an all-day lengthy quality time well spent together, and our delights knew no bounds once the scenery unexpectedly changed as we drove ~ above the various other side through the 5th tunnel and also what we saw was not what we expected one little - the largeness and strangeness that the dam was unexpectedly apparent, the at an initial glimpse is capable to take her breath away and surefire beckons friend to traction over and get the end from behind the wheel..and if you an elaborate taking things to a following level that peace and also tranquility and include a bit an ext of luxe to her life, mix this back-to-nature experience with a cool and laid-back morning the kayaking, i beg your pardon are accessible to rent, supplying you v a one-of-a-kind chance to gaze at the awe-inspiring grandeur of the reservoir whilst paddling with the labyrinth of its passages, where you might be happy to have a near encounter through the resident mountain deer’s, and also plenty that ducks..and that there’s no denying, the harmonious sound that the flow water the adds a soft blue contrast to the tranquil emerald environment-friendly landscape that surrounds the jaw-dropping panoramic vistas the the rugged mountains looming end the pure azure reservoir creates such an enchanting environment of relaxed solitude, the anyone, no issue of what thoughts and beliefs, can concerned find peace.. I beg your pardon is hard to think that however does not feature very prominently on most travel itineraries, that ns don’t know why, and also the civilization has yet to make use of its magnificent views, but shhh, let’s keep it our small "secret" getaway place! #worldscoolestwinter #UAE