President Obama, who declared when he very first entered the White house to have mostly kicked his nicotine habit, might have been captured on camera hold a load of cigarettes.

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The command in cook is watched clutching a white object in a snapshot with Italian element Minister Matteo Renzi posted Sunday ~ above Instagramby Renzi"s spokesman.

Obama and Renzi to be both in Germany attending the G-7 summit.

Several social media users questioned whether Obama was holding cigarettes in the pic, v one writing, “Smoking?”

The White house did not immediately respond to ITK"s inquiry for talk about the photo and also the critical time chairman Obama had actually had a cigarette.

It’s no the an initial time Obama’s claims of being mostly nicotine-free have been questioned.

In November, ITK damaged the story that Obama invited Billy Joel to have a smoke in ~ the White residence with him.

According come a resource who spoke through Joel, Obama said to the “Piano Man” singer during Joel"s 2013 White home visit, “I’m going out on the phibìc Portico to have a smoke. Perform you want to come v me?”

Obama claimed in 2009 that he “constantly” struggles with cigarettes.


“Have ns fallen turn off the wagon sometimes? Yes. Am ns a everyday smoker, a consistent smoker? No,” he claimed at the news conference.

“I would say that ns am 95 percent cured,” Obama said, “But there room times where … There are times whereby I mess up.”

Obama was heard top top an open up mic in ~ a 2013 occasion saying it to be Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaMichelle Obama looks come mobilize voter for midterms We need to mount an all-country response to assist our Afghan allies Obamas, Bushes and Clintons joining new effort to aid Afghan refugees an ext who “scared” him right into quitting smoking.

“I haven’t had a tobacco in six years," the chairman said. "That’s because I’m scared of my wife.”

UPDATE (2:32 p.m., June 10):

The White house said Wednesday that Obama is not holding a fill of cigarettes in the photo.

When inquiry if Obama has a load of cigarettes in his hand in the photo, spokesman mockery Earnest answered, "He does not."

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