Lots of recipes function wheat germ, and while they do a great addition to dishes, they may not always be available. Also, other reasons may cause some human being to take it off the list completely. And when this happens, you’re confronted with a problem; how to replace it in a recipe, particularly when that plays a far-ranging role. However there’s an answer to that question, and it lies in recognize substitutes.

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Whether you’re make a savory dish, baking, or prepare a act for her dog, you’ll find useful replacements because that wheat germ in her recipe. This suggestions will certainly replicate taste and volume in everything you’re preparing and come from acquainted ingredients, consisting of bran, almonds, and also chia seeds. But let’s quickly explore what wheat germ is and why everyone would want to discover a substitute because that it.

What is Wheat Germ?

When wheat is polished to flour, the husk of the kernels is commonly removed. This rice bowl is described as the bran. But along with it, something else is sifted out; the germ embryo found at the inner main point of the grain. This component is the nutritional section of the wheat kernel and also is from where the wheatgrass itself grows if the grains room cultivated. The embryo is known as the wheat germ.

Since wheat germ is the germinating part of the grain, it’s packed complete of nutrients, consisting of carbs, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Together such, it’s sold separately, very same as the bran, as a great supplement. Wheat germ is additionally rich in fiber and also oil- the latter is likewise usually extracted and sold separately.

Wheat Germ Nutrition Facts


Wheat Germ in Recipes

Wheat germ is stated to market a nutty, crunchy taste come recipes, however this different from person to person. Yet it’s a considerable nutritional complement for dishes and also is mainly used because that this purpose. Together such, you’ll uncover wheat germ in both sweet recipes roughly you, including those for dog treats. It’s also used because that baked goods and also is recognized to add a crunchy feeling to the bite.

Wheat germ can be included to yogurt and also breakfast cereals and also excels together a topping because that savory foods. It likewise incorporates fine in fruit purees and also drinks and also is a constant feature in various dishes, consisting of the complying with examples;

MuffinsMeatloafIrish brown breadIrish soda breadWafflesSmoothiesMulti-grain dog foodApple crispDog biscuit treatsChocolate seed squaresDigestive cookiesBrookiesParfaitsPancakesHoney oatmeal chewiesPoppyseed sweet breadQuickbreadBiscuitsCrackersBanana, wheat germ, and oatmealPeanut butter ballsSweet potato barsSalsa

Wheat Germ Substitutes

Wheat germ is rather expensive and is not as popularly marketed as the flour itself. It’s additionally high in gluten so the it i will not ~ be an ideal for celiac an illness people. And since that carries the many amount of nutrients from the grain, it additionally has plenty of carbohydrates, making that unfit because that those top top a low-carb diet. But you have the right to still change it through some beneficial substitutes regardless, and also some of the best options are listed below;

Flax Meal


When you’re trying to find a substitute that matches wheat germ in nutritional value, your ideal bet is a flax meal. This choice is acquired by grind flaxseeds and is packed through vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids. Flax seeds are currently a renowned healthy ingredient in plenty of baked recipes, so a flax meal is wonderful wheat germ replacement. It can additionally replace wheat germ equally in bread, muffins, and also other flour-based foods. Plus, you’ll additionally get a chewier texture and also a slightly nutty taste.



You’ll find various species of bran at the market, and also each one would conveniently change wheat germ in savory recipes. Wheat bran is the closest alternative to gain the same flavor profile meant from wheat germ. Yet it’s not a great choice for those wishing to walk on a gluten-free diet. For such people, various other considerations encompass oat and also rice bran, both that which would add good texture to baked goods and also work as toppings because that casseroles. Oatmeal can additionally be used instead of oat bran, but it often tends to be denser than wheat germ. Yet you have the right to resolve this texture distinction by crumbling that a bit in a food processor.

Whole Wheat Flour


Whole wheat flour is one easy-peasy option if she looking to keep the flavor profile of wheat germ and also aren’t worried about its gluten content. And unlike polished wheat flour, totality wheat flour is made through the wheat germ undamaged in the grains, so you acquire the total nutritional value. However compared come wheat germ, totality wheat flour is heavier and denser. As such, you’ll must sift the flour about three time to get rid of the clumps. But once done, you deserve to use whole wheat flour in place of wheat germ at same ratios.

Almond Meal


If you baking a gluten-free treat, you can likewise consider an almond meal in place of wheat germ. The almond enjoy the meal is also an ideal alternative if you’ve run out of wheat germ since it deserve to be integrated into a cake batter. Plus, you just need less of that to instead of wheat germ; around two-thirds those called. The almond meal might not it is in your ideal bet if you have a seed allergy, though. But for those that don’t, it’s additionally excellent in cookies and also muffins.

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Bread Crumbs

Sometimes, wheat germ is offered to coat details foods choose casseroles and also meatloaf before frying or baking. Since this is tho breading, you have the right to use bread crumbs to replace it in together recipes. If you have a loaf of consistent bread, toast part slices in the oven and crumble around to use. Most bread crumbs Co rain gluten, but you deserve to also shot other gluten-free ranges as well. Yet note that bread crumbs are only convenient in savory recipes that contact for wheat germ.