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as Chapter 18 of Harper Lee"s novel To kill a Mockingbird begins, Mayella Ewell, the get an impressive daughter the the town"s most virulently racist and also repugnant individual, is referred to as to the witness stand in the psychological of Tom Robinson, the afri American accused of raping Mayella. In the previous chapter,...

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As chapter 18 of Harper Lee"s novel To kill a Mockingbird begins, Mayella Ewell, the grown daughter of the town"s many virulently racist and repugnant individual, is referred to as to the witness was standing in the attempt of Tom Robinson, the african American accused of raping Mayella. In the previous chapter, Bob Ewell, Mayella"s father, testified the he heard his daughter screaming and saw Tom operation away. From the opened chapters of To death a Mockingbird, Lee"s young narrator, Scout, has noted that the Ewell family is differentiated by their abysmal hygiene and also disdain for education. Bob, the father, is a drunk and a racist, and also he is recognized for the path in which that raises his children, v Mayella, the oldest, required to be afflicted with the burden of providing what domestic stability exist while she father drink away what small money they have. When, in chapter 17, Bob Ewell testifies in the rape trial, that is disrespectful towards the court and, it is assumed and later validated, lying regardless of being under oath.

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When Tom Robinson"s defense attorney, Atticus Finch, is presented v the chance to cross-examine Mayella, the is able to draw out that the uneducated, ignorant young woman the truth of she father"s abusive nature--key come undermining her insurance claim to have been raped by Tom. Atticus knows that it was physically improbable if not difficult for his customer to have raped the full-grown and physically formidable Mayella, together Tom, it will be revealed, has actually a crippled arm. Atticus likewise strongly suspects the it was Bob Ewell himself that beat and possibly raped his daughter. His task, then, is to attract out the Mayella the truth around her father, in spite of the fear she hold of Bob"s retribution need to she fail to stick to her highly improbable story. The first instance that this occurs with the following exchange:

“Do friend love her father, miss Mayella?” to be his next question. “Love him, whatcha mean?” “I mean, is he good to you, is he easy to gain along with?” “He go tollable, ‘cept when –“ “Except when?” Mayella looked at her father and he satellite up straight and waited for she to answer. “Except as soon as nothin’,” claimed Mayella. “I said he walk tollable.”

Mayella is around to say that her dad is abusive as soon as he has actually been drinking, i beg your pardon is frequently the case, however catches herself, as she will again in the adhering to passage once Atticus asks her straight-out if that was her father that beat her:

“Who beat you up? Tom Robinson or your father?” No answer. 

While Mayella will proceed to deny that her father to be the culprit and also continue to insist that Tom Robinson raped her, Atticus has actually made his case. The Tom will be convicted anyway, however, illuminates the degree of the racism permeating the environment in i beg your pardon Lee"s story bring away place.