Nearly all wild lions live in Africa, listed below the Sahara Desert, however one small populace exists around Gir Forest national Park in west India. 

Lions in west and main Africa are more closely associated to these Asiatic lions in India, than to those found in southern and east Africa.

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On average, males sweet 190kg (almost 30 stone) and females weigh 126kg (almost 20 stone). 

They need this weight and also power behind them to hunt large prey and defend their pride. 


Young lions have rosettes and also spots on their sandy coats, however these generally disappear together they mature. 


Male lions grow impressive manes the older they get. These manes grow up come 16cm long and are a sign of dominance. The older they get, the darker your manes go.

As well together attracting females, their manes may additionally protect their neck and also head from injuries throughout fights. 


A pride of lions is usually consisted of of associated females and also their cubs, add to a masculine or little group of males who protect their pride. The lionesses behind their cubs together and cubs deserve to suckle from any kind of female v milk. 


Lions are extremely adaptable and can live in very dry areas like the Kalahari Desert. Here they acquire most of their water from your prey and also will also drink from plants such as the Tsamma melon. 

Lions deserve to eat up to 40kg the meat in a single meal - around a quarter of your body weight. 

Their tongues have actually sharp-pointed rasps, referred to as papillae, i beg your pardon are offered to scrape meat turn off the bones. 

Lions do most of their hunting at night together their eyes have adapted to the dark and also this provides them a large advantage over your prey. 

They hunt much more during storms as the noise and also wind make it harder for prey to see and also hear them.

When hunting, lionesses have details roles. Part play the role of "centre" and also others the duty of "wing" - the wings follow the prey in the direction of the centres. 

Lions space the only known cat varieties where people roar together - with also young cubs involvement in with their mews. The phone call sequence usually lasts around 40 seconds. 

Prides regularly roar with each other to note their are - a roar can be heard native 5 mile away. 

There space thought to be as few as 23,000 lions left in the wild. Once you think over there are around 415,000 wild african elephants, you realise lion number are exceptionally low. 

In fact, lions have actually disappeared from end 90% of their historical range.

African lion numbers are believed to have declined by end 40% in the just three generations. 

The key threats are retaliatory or preemptive killing to protect people and also livestock, and decreasing herbal prey and habitat (for example, early out to broadening human settlements and therefore less easily accessible grazing). 

When their prey is scarce, lions can reason grave losses to livestock, which can damage the revenue of local people. 

Climate adjust is one more increasing danger – excessive weather might cause an ext droughts or hold-up the rains, influence lions’ prey. 

They’re likewise killed because that the illegal wildlife trade. In recent years, the demand for lion bone as a substitute because that tiger bone in traditional oriental medicine has risen.’s work

We’re helping to establish and also improve protected locations of habitat in east Africa, and also work with communities to support the development of ‘conservancies’; ar land the is unfenced and protected because that wildlife, in return for income (for example, traveler lodges give neighborhoods money to be able to show tourist the amazing varieties that live on your land). 

We assistance the Mara Predator Conservation Programme (MPCP) in Kenya, i beg your pardon monitors and protects lions and also educates local civilization on lion conservation. This includes engaging with local communities such together anti-poisoning campaigns, providing better livestock enclosures, and taking school children on trips to watch the wildlife castle protecting. 

With partners, we’re supporting the an initial ever nationwide lion census in Kenya – using a survey technique developed by MPCP - to determine how plenty of lions live here and also how ideal to safeguard them. 

But us couldn’t carry out this without your support.

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