Does your school make the list? The height blue blood schools below should come together no surprised to anyone, but outside of those classic powerhouses, there are rather a few surprises. Right here are the height 30 colleges and universities in America that develop the most NBA players.

Please keep in mind that the variety of players per school includes those that played in the ABA as well as the NBA.

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30. Memphis Tigers- 36 Players

The Memphis Tigers, previously known as Memphis State, have actually made that to 3 NCAA final Fours and two championship games, however, their success has always been closely followed through controversy. Two of the Tigers’ three last Four appearances, 1985 and 2008, have actually been vacated due to NCAA violations.


Traditionally, the Tigers have been the greatest attraction in Memphis- the Grizzlies that the NBA didn’t make their method to Memphis until 2001. In 2000, man Calipari was named head coach that the Tigers. Calipari, in addition to star point guard Derrick rose (above), guided Memphis to the 2008 NCAA Championship Game, shedding to Kansas in overtime.

Notable players: Lorenzen Wright, Anfernee Hardaway, Tyreke Evans, Derrick Rose

29. Washington Huskies- 36 Players

The Huskies haven’t won an NCAA Championship and also have only one last Four appearance- ago in 1953. But the school proceeds to produce top NBA talent year in and also year out. Some optimal dogs in Husky background include Detlef Schrempf, everybody’s favorite German NBA player until Dirk Nowitzki supplanted him, Isaiah Thomas, and Nate Robinson.


Thomas and Robinson are interesting cases because of their diminutive stature. In spite of both being listed at 5-foot-9, Thomas and also Robinson excelled in the NBA, with I.T. Being one of the league’s most abundant scorers as soon as healthy and Robinson winning a remarkable three Slam Dunk Contests.

Notable players: Isaiah Thomas, Nate Robinson, Detlef Schrempf, Brandon Roy

28. Florida State Seminoles- 36 Players

Today, many people may think the Florida State strictly as a football powerhouse, and also while the soccer team has actually undeniably (and rightfully) garnered the bulk of the school’s attention, the basketball team has actually been consistently solid because that decades. The Seminoles have actually made the NCAA Tournament’s elite Eight three times and also the last Four once.

The Seminoles have actually a respectable .591 win percentage and have remained competitive in basketball’s toughest conference, the ACC. Today, the Florida State Seminoles space coached through Leonard Hamilton, who took end the program in 2002.

Notable players: Dave Cowens, Sam Cassell (above), Charlie Ward, George McCloud

27. Purdue Boilermakers- 37 Players

They may not be the flashiest team top top the list, however Purdue has actually been a regular presence in the nationwide spotlight because that over a century. Castle embody hard work, basic basketball, and also preparation, and also the results are impressive. Purdue has won the most large 10 Conference regular-season championships v 23, one ahead of Indiana.


The Boilermakers have likewise produced two No.1 all at once picks- Joe Barry Carroll and Glenn Robinson. The Boilers, whose main rival is in-state basketball powerhouse Indiana, room coached by Matt Painter that was handed the reins earlier in 2005.

Notable players: Brad miller (above), Joe Barry Carroll, valley Robinson, Russell Cross

26. California golden Bears- 37 Players

For the plethora that athletes Cal has actually produced, it’s fairly surprising the they’ve just made it come the upstream Eight and also Final 4 three times, v their most recent illustration coming way back in 1960- solid recent. California has a relatively consistent visibility in the NCAA Tournament yet has not been may be to develop on that success and become one of the nation’s truly elite teams.


Ironically, one of Cal’s most well-known basketball players, Tony Gonzalez, chose to ditch the court and make a name for self in football, coming to be a hall of Fame chop end.

Notable players: Jason Kidd (above), Jaylen Brown, Shareef Abdur-Rahim, Kevin Johnson

25. Connecticut Huskies- 37 Players

Since the mid-90s, the UConn Huskies have been one of America’s premier teams, and deservedly so. They’ve won four NCAA Championships and also appeared in 5 NCAA final Fours, all since 1999. Although UConn is no longer a member the the big East, they space still tied with Georgetown for most big East Basketball competition championships with seven.

What’s even much more impressive than their current success is the quality of NBA football player UConn has actually produced. In 2018, Dan Hurley ended up being the storied program’s 19th head coach, replacing previous player and coach Kevin Ollie.

Notable players: beam Allen (above), Richard Hamilton, Kemba Walker, Andre Drummond

24. Georgia technology Yellow Jackets- 39 Players

Georgia Tech has actually been a top NBA-talent creating school for essentially its entire existence, but that elite talent hasn’t yet analyzed to NCAA competition dominance. The Georgia technology Yellow Jackets have made it to the final Four twice and the championship game once, shedding in 2004 come the abovementioned UConn Huskies.

As the late, the Yellow Jackets have lost a bit of your sting and have no made it to an NCAA Tournament since 2010. Regardless of the dry spell, Tech continues to have a big NBA presence.

Notable players: chris Bosh (above), Jarrett Jack (above), Stephon Marbury, Jon Barry, Kenny Anderson

23. Marquette gold Eagles- 40 Players

Dwyane go (below) is, bar none, the most well known of the golden Eagles to with the NBA, but, walking aside, Marquette has been churning out NBA talent at a healthy clip long before America became aware of the future hall of Famer.

The gold Eagles have actually reached the last Four three times, the championship video game twice, and won the whole tournament earlier in 1977. In 2003, Marquette resurfaced come the nationwide spotlight many thanks to an improbable operation to the last four led by Wade. Today, the regime is still in search of its next signature player.

Notable players: Dwyane Wade, Doc Rivers, Jimmy Butler, Jae Crowder

22. UNLV Runnin’ Rebels- 41 Players

In the late 1980s and early 90s, the Runnin’ Rebels were the team to beat. They had the swagger, the players, the coaches, and also the fanatical aura of ras Vegas backing them up. The Rebs are fifth all-time in winning percent at .698. In 1990, UNLV go out out fight it out University in the NCAA Championship game by a shocking final score of 103-73.

However, since iconic coach Jerry Tarkanian retired, the Rebels have actually sputtered, failing to proceed their dominance of the at an early stage 90s. Part of your problem stems from an inability to find a stable, permanent coach ready to work through the program’s farming pains.

Notable players: Shawn Marion (above), Larry Johnson, Greg Anthony, Anthony Bennett

21. Maryland Terrapins- 42 Players

The Maryland Terrapins, recognized as the Terps, made back-to-back final Four appearances in 2001 and 2002, win the championship over Indiana in 2002. Led by allude guard Steve Blake (below), the team is widely taken into consideration to be the best in Maryland background and, to this day, is the only team to success an NCAA championship.

Defining success strictly by championships, though, would certainly not be the best metric that success. Maryland has sustained itself as an elite program by producing plenty of NBA players and reaching the NCAA competition seemingly every year.

Notable players: Joe Smith, Steve Blake, Buck Williams, john Lucas, chris Wilcox

20. Louisiana State Tigers- 43 Players

Another school generally thought of together a football powerhouse, Louisiana State is no slouch as soon as it involves their basketball program. The Tigers have made it to four last Fours and also six elite Eights. Much to the dismay of Tiger fans, LSU’s basketball team has yet to success a championship, something its football team has done 3 times.

Pictured below is the one and only Shaquille O’Neal, among two many tigers to be selected first overall in the NBA Draft, the various other being Ben Simmons. The tigers play your home gamings in the Pete Maravich Assembly Center

Notable players: Shaq, Ben Simmons, Mahmoud Abdul-Rauf (aka chris Jackson), Stromile Swift, Pete Maravich

19. Illinois Fighting Illini- 43 Players

The Illinois Fighting Illini location 12th all-time in winning percent in NCAA history, but the storied program has actually seen much better days. That being said, the Fighting Illini still organize the large 10’s second highest all at once winning percent at .645. In 2005, led by star security Deron Williams (below) and Dee Brown, the Illini do it come the championship game, eventually losing to north Carolina 75-70.

In the 1990s and 2000s, Illinois was a clip at nearly every NCAA Tournament, yet in current years the squad has actually been struggling to uncover its identity and also has shed its shine.

Notable players: Deron Williams, Derek Harper, Dee Brown, Eddie Johnson, kendal Gill

18. Georgetown Hoyas- 45 Players

The ar of Columbia has actually four department I basketball schools, but one of them stands head and also shoulders over the others- Georgetown University. The Georgetown Hoyas and also their visually appeal blue and gray uniforms are tied with UConn for most big East competition championships through seven.

With 30 NCAA competition appearances, five last Fours, and one national championship, Georgetown has been a pressure to it is in reckoned with due to the fact that the program’s inception back in 1907. Because 2017, former player Patrick Ewing has actually navigated the Hoyas with the rough waters that the big East

Notable players: Patrick Ewing (above), Allen Iverson, Alonzo Mourning, Dikembe Mutombo

17. NC State Wolfpack- 46 Players

Although nowhere near as celebrated or together iconic together their in-state rivals, the university of north Carolina, north Carolina State has been among college basketball’s many stable programs due to the fact that the 1970s. End the years, the fill have had no trouble getting to the NCAA Tournament, however getting come the promised land, or at the very least the final four, has actually been a various story.

The last time the fill reached the last Four was during their magical and also improbable run to the title ago in 1983, taken into consideration one that the biggest tournaments in NCAA history.

Notable players: Spud Webb (above), Nate McMillan, David Thompson, beanie Del Negro, Kenny Carr

16. Ohio State Buckeyes- 46 Players

Another institution that is unquestionably assumed of as a soccer school, Ohio State’s supremacy on the basketball court is almost equal to the of its football team. Needless to say, the Buckeyes strong department is law something right. The Buckeyes have actually reached the final Four 11 time (counting your since-vacated 1999 appearance) and have to be the competition runner-up 4 times.

Their one championship come in 1960. Ohio State is currently second with four large 10 Conference competition championships. Pictured above are 2 future NBA players, No.1 Mike Conley Jr. And No.20 Greg Oden.

Notable players: Mike Conley Jr., Greg Oden, man Havlicek, Jerry Lucas, Evan Turner, Jim Jackson

15. Minnesota golden Gophers- 48 Players

Today, the Minnesota gold Gophers aren’t top top too many peoples’ radar. That’s because they have largely been irrelevant in the big 10, overshadowed by house house such together Michigan, Indiana, Ohio State, and also Michigan State. In 1997, the gold Gophers made it to the last Four only to have actually their appearance vacated following a scandal the rocked the university and its strong department.

Minnesota has actually yet to success a large 10 Conference Tournament because the tournament began play earlier in 1998. Their main rivalry, but one-sided it might be, is through the Wisconsin Badgers.

Notable players: Kevin McHale (above) Mychal Thompson (Klay’s dad), Lou Hudson, Bobby Jackson

14. Villanova Wildcats- 48 Players

Although Villanova may be among the the smallest colleges on this list, the Catholic university situated just outside of Philadelphia is quickly one that the an ext accomplished programs. The three-time NCAA-champion Wildcats have made it come six last Fours and also won two of their three championships (2016, 2018) in a three-year span.

Villanova ranking eighth in NCAA background for many tournament appearances with 37 and their .654 win percentage puts lock in the top 15 all time. And also when the city of Philadelphia couldn’t obtain excited around the Eagles, they had the trusty Wildcats to fall back on.

Notable players: Kyle Lowry (above), Tim Thomas, Kerry Kittles, Ed Pinckney, Doug West

13. Michigan State Spartans- 49 Players

The college of Michigan is the superior football school, however the Michigan State Spartans can, there is no question, lay claim to being the state’s premier basketball school. In 1979, State winner their an initial national championship top top the ago of Magic Johnson’s (below) impressive performance. The game, pegging Johnson’s Spartans matches Larry Bird and his unbeaten Indiana State squad, to be the most-watched university basketball game in history.

In 2000, the Michigan State Spartans won their 2nd title by defeating the Florida Gators. Overall, Michigan State has been come nine last Fours, placing them seventh every time.

Notable players: Earvin “Magic” Johnson, Jason Richardson, Draymond Green, Zach Randolph

12. Syracuse Orange- 51 Players

The Syracuse Orange rank saturday all-time in win percentage and 10th all-time in NCAA tournament appearance. Syracuse is the best attraction in upstate new York, conserve Niagra Falls. They’ve to be to six final Fours and won the tournament in 2003 behind Carmelo Anthony’s (below) amazing scoring and, oddly enough, leadership.

One thing that helps ‘Cuse stand the end from the remainder of the NCAA is their home-court advantage. The Orange play in ~ the transport Dome, the NCAA’s biggest arena. Subsequently, Syracuse regularly leads the nation in attendance and also wins in ~ home.

Notable players: Carmelo Anthony, Derrick Coleman, Danny Schayes, Sherman Douglas, Dion Waiters

11. St. John’s Red Storm- 53 Players

St. John’s is an additional school that has actually not to be able to sustain that success native the beforehand days of university basketball. Earlier when America had actually a few teams and also even fewer rules, the Red Storm were thought about elite. Yet as the game evolved, St. John’s to be unable to save up and also the exclusive Roman Catholic university has largely been a non-factor once it concerns tournament play.

The Red Storm have actually been to two final Fours, v their last appearance comes in 1985. However, regardless of the current run that mediocrity, St. John’s ranks nine all-time in victories.

Notable players: Ron Artest (above), kris Mullen, note Jackson, Malik Sealy, Walter Berry

10. Michigan Wolverines- 55 Players

The Fab 5 (below) to be arguably the greatest freshman class ever assembled in NCAA history and led the Wolverines come back-to-back nationwide championship game appearances, losing both times. The Michigan Wolverines, although mainly thought of as a football school, have done remarkably fine on the hardwood because that a remarkably lengthy time.

The Wolverines have been come the NCAA Championship game seven times, winning the once ago in 1989. Overall, the Wolverines have actually won 14 huge 10 Conference regular-season championships. Today, the program remains one of the nation’s many competitive and also marketable.

Notable players: chris Weber, Juwan Howard, Jalen Rose, glenn Rice, Rudy Tomjaovich

9. Arizona Wildcats- 57 Players

Down in the desert that Tucson, Arizona, you will find one of the nation’s most successful basketball program. The Arizona Wildcats, sometimes well-known as “Point guard U,” rank nine all-time in winning percentage (.657) and 13th all-time in wins. What’s even more impressive than the wins was your 25-year streak of getting to the NCAA Tournament.

The Wildcats have reached the last Four 4 times and also the championship game twice, to win it every in 1997. In 2009, Sean Miller, the previous head coach at Xavier, came to be the new Wildcats head coach.

Notable players: DeAndre Ayton, Steve Kerr, Mike Bibby (above), Andre Iguodala, Jason Terry, Richard Jefferson, Gilbert Arenas, Luke Walton

8. Notre Dame Fighting Irish- 58 Players

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish. What usually concerns mind is your football team and their iconic yellow helmets and also plain blue jerseys. However, the is their basketball team, especially of late, that has been more consistent and deserves an ext recognition. The Fighting Irish have been come the NCAA tournament 36 times, placing castle at nine all time.

Despite all of those appearances, they’ve just made it come the final Four once and also have however to win the tournament. In the pros, Notre Dame, lot like in football, hasn’t produced too numerous flashy, impact players.

Notable players: bill Laimbeer (above), man Paxson, Joe Kleine, LaPhonso Ellis

7. Louisville Cardinals- 60 Players

It’s no surprised that multiple institutions from the basketball-obsessed state of Kentucky make this list. The Louisville Cardinals have actually been an elite regime for decades but haven’t completely been able to eclipse your in-state competitor Kentucky. In spite of the huge and continuous looming Kentucky shadow, the Cardinals have controlled to rack up outstanding stats.

They’ve to be to 10 last Fours, won three NCAA championships (yes, we’re including the since-vacated 2013 title), and also rank 10th all-time in wins. In 2017, the Cardinals were rocked by a scandal involving head coach stack Pitino, that was ultimately fired through the university.

Notable players: Donovan Mitchell (above), terry Rozier, Rodney McCray, Pervis Ellison, Wes Unseld

6. Indiana Hoosiers- 66 Players

Maybe the only state the cares an ext about that is basketball 보다 Kentucky, Indiana has basketball coursing through its veins. It’s the soil of Bird and also the Indiana Hoosiers, America’s most beloved basketball school. The Hoosiers space god awful on the gridiron which renders perfect feeling considering how they’ve specialized all of their time to structure a basketball powerhouse.

Indiana ranks sixth in NCAA competition appearances and also 11th all-time in wins. They’ve made it come eight last Fours and also have winner the tournament 5 times. Just put, they are a respected, revered, and storied franchise unlike anyone else.

Notable players: Cody Zeller (above), Victor Oladipo (above), Isiah Thomas, Quinn Buckner, Eric Gordon

5. Kansas Jayhawks- 76 Players

Kansas may not be the many thrilling state in the Union, however the Kansas Jayhawks are one of college basketball’s most exciting teams, year ~ year after ~ year. Here are a couple of stats the highlight Jayhawk dominance because the team began hooping in 1898: they rank 2nd in victories, 3rd in win percentage, 3rd in NCAA tournament appearances, and also hold the longest streak because that consecutive NCAA tournament appearances with 29.

The Jayhawks have actually won 3 NCAA championships while gift the runner up 6 times. Their alumni perform is bloated beyond belief and also includes All-Stars, champions, and Hall of Famers.

Notable players: Paul Pierce (above), wilt Chamberlain, Danny Manning, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid

4. Battle each other Blue Devils- 81 Players

You knew everyone’s favourite team to hate would certainly make this perform at some point, and here they space at No.4. The battle each other Blue Devils control to enrage scores the fans each year due to the fact that of your unabated success, your irritatingly well-executed playing style, their smug athletes, and also their spoiled fans. Duke’s stats are nearly too numerous to even start listing here, however some notable accomplishments include 5 national championships, six second-place finishes, and 16 final Four appearances.

Their 23-consecutive competition appearances rank 2nd all time. Blue Devils have actually been fight or miss out on at the NBA, with some football player excelling while rather failing miserably.

Notable players: Kyrie Irving (above), Elton Brand, Danny Ferry, Jay Williams, Marvin Bagley, approve Hill, Carlos Boozer

3. Phibìc Carolina Tar Heels- 94 Players

Duke’s bitterness in-state rival is the college of north Carolina Tar Heels. The eye-catching powder blue is just as memorable as the legend athletes that suited up for UNC. UNC has actually seven NCAA tournament championships in addition to five second-place finishes. Lock are third all-time in wins and second all-time in competition appearances.

North Carolina is, rightfully so, a yellow standard, a benchmark the excellence as soon as it comes to consistency and also success. Again, the players provided below are just a few in a ridiculously deep and also impressive talent pool.

Notable players: Michael Jordan, Vince Carter (above), James Worthy, Sam Perkins, Rasheed Wallace, Jerry Stackhouse, Bob McAdoo, Phil Ford, Marvin Williams

2. UCLA Bruins- 98 Players

They room no longer the Wizards the Westwood, however UCLA is still one of America’s many prestigious programs. See, UCLA is an excellent case because they won 10 of your 11 national championships under one coach, john Wooden. Wooden had actually a stranglehold ~ above recruiting and built his dynasty on happen in the nation’s finest players.

Since wooden retired, UCLA has actually struggled to win at such an alarming rate, making it to and also winning the 1995 tournament and losing in the 2006 championship game. However, the routine still attracts height talent and also produces elite NBA football player every year.

Notable players: Russell Westbrook (above), Kevin Love (above), Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Reggie Miller, Baron Davis, invoice Walton, Lonzo Ball

1. Kentucky Wildcats- 111 Players

If you desire to go to the NBA, try going come the university of Kentucky. It’s a factory creating NBA players at a freakishly rapid rate. The Wildcats popularized the one-and-done an approach of beginning college for one year prior to leaping to the NBA. Below are future NBA players DeMarcus Cousins, john Wall, and Eric Bledsoe. Kentucky has the most wins in NCAA background and the greatest winning percentage.

They likewise have the many NCAA tournament appearances and wins come compliment your eight national championships and four second-place finishes. Thus, the goes there is no saying that the Wildcats are extremely well stood for in the NBA.

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Notable players: Antoine Walker, Rajon Rondo, Anthony Davis, man Wall, karl Anthony-Towns, Sam Bowie, Jamal Mashburn


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