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On this page you can learn how to differentiate male and female praying mantises. You have the right to do this in 2 ways; through looking at the number of segments on the abdomen or by looking for exterior sex distinctions like the length of the antennae.

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Segment counting method

The segment counting technique can be provided for all praying mantis species that are older than L4 (fourth instar). In some varieties it is lot harder to view than in other species. With tiny species you may need a magnifying glass.

The basis principle is simple: female praying mantises have actually 6 abdominal muscle segments if males have actually 8. The final segment that the mrs is much larger than the rather while the male has several tiny segments in the direction of the end of the abdomen.

If you have to count the segments, you must look in ~ the underside of the mantis. Friend cannot count the segments from looking in ~ its earlier side. The photo will define it all:


Counting the ab segments the a mantis will certainly tell you its sex. Females have actually less segments then males. Left panel depicts a mrs nymph, the ideal panel a masculine nymph of Hierodula membranacea.

If you have actually an adult mantis girlfriend can additionally use the segment count method. It’s even much easier then since the mantis is larger and also the body it completely formed. The next photo shows the underside of an adult mrs Chinese mantis. You have the right to see that the critical segment is big and has actually a certain shape. A male of the same types has several tiny segments at the finish of the abdomen. The shape is likewise different.


The abdomen of an adult mrs mantis. Males have more segments and the last segment is smaller than the of the female. Top top this photo I did not number the very first segment, it’s in between the hind legs. Females have actually 6 segments and also males have actually 8.

Sexual dimorphism

Sexual dimorphism way that males and also females look different from another. For example with equines the sex-related dimorphism is low. For peacocks, the sex-related dimorphism is high. In mantis species the degree of difference between males and females is different for every species.

Looking at exterior differences between males and females

Adult male and also female praying mantises are various from every other. This is called sexual dimorphism. The differences become more pronounced as the mantis grow older. This technique of determining the sex of the mantis have the right to be used in between L5 and also L8 instar, relying on the species. Some species look a lot alike while others are an extremely different in body dimension or various other aspects.


Ghost mantis distinctions males and also females

The feathered antennae of a masculine Empusa sp. Mantis

AntennaeMales typically have longer and also thicker antennae than females do. This can be watched most clearly when the mantis is adult, but as the nymph grow to become an adult the steadily develops the longer antennae. When comparing male and also female nymphs you see that the female has actually thin hair-like antennae when the male has thick antennae. Types of the Empusidae household have males with feathered antennae (‘hairy’ antennae) if the females have actually smooth antennae.

Body sizeSome species have a really clear difference in human body size in between males and females, for example the Orchid Mantis and the Budwing Mantis. As the mantis nymphs grow, you deserve to start to an alert that part nymphs remain behind in size contrasted to the others. These room the males. Once adult the difference is even much more obvious as neither that the sexes will flourish anymore.


An adult Parasphendale affinis male. That looks fully different 보다 the adult mrs (below)


An adult Parasphendale affinis female. She is much larger and also bulkier than the male.


Ghost mantis adult female

Body typeMale praying mantises are generally much more slender than female praying mantises. This have the right to be seen especially well once looking in ~ the thorax. Most species have a express widening in this area, for example the shield the the Dead leaf Mantis (Deroplatys desiccata), and males have a much smaller widening 보다 the females. This effect becomes more and an ext pronounced together the mantis nymph i do not care older.

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Length that the wingsThis difference can only be checked out in adult mantises. The wing of a male praying mantis are usually longer than those the the females. The wing of the females reach to the finish of their body or also do not reach that far, if the wing of the male room never shorter than the body. The wing of the male typically reach previous the finish of their body, sticking the end a little from the back. This is because male praying mantises will fly to uncover a mate, if females generally are to heavy to fly.