In school, we learned the by mixing primary colors we deserve to make second and tertiary colors. However, there space a wide selection of colors that deserve to be produced by mixing various other colors together.

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There are much more hues in the spectrum the colors, favor magenta, i beg your pardon is in the household of pink and also violet.

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Primary color RYB model (Red, Yellow, Blue)

In elementary school, your teacher most likely taught you around various color by reflecting you the color wheel. As you can see through this chart that you have actually the main Colors which consist the Red, Blue, and Yellow.

Orange, Violet, and also Green room called second colors. These are essential colors that also help create the next collection of colors referred to as the Tertiary Colors, which room red-orange, yellow-orange, yellow-green, blue-green, blue-violet, and red-violet..

You have the right to experiment and also mix various colors together to attain different results.


I recognize it’s a lengthy answer come a straightforward question but hopefully, currently you deserve to understand the the prize is in fact not as simple. It all really depends on the color model that’s in question.

The shade magenta, is largely referenced as soon as talking about CMYK and RGB colors.

A lot of of world say magenta watch a lot prefer a pinkish purple. Therefore if it involves mixing paint colors girlfriend can achieve a comparable tone by mix the color blue and also red yet you may have actually to include some white to lighten the up.

Using details amounts that the 2 colors deserve to make a large difference. If you placed in more blue, the mixture have the right to look deep violet fairly than magenta. If you put an ext red right into the mixture, expect to gain fuchsia or maroon.

So you need to play around with the colors to gain the desired effect.

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Bottom Line

When it comes to making magenta through paint, the first thing that you require to know is, that is a family members of purple and also violet. You can simply add the color red or blue to gain within the variety of magenta.