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Ah Christmas wherein we lower wattage christians (i.e. Non “Spirit-filled”) lower our heads in humility while contemplating the incarnation of Jesus Christ, God the Son and Redeemer that the lost from sin, death and the grave.Meanwhile, countless other professing Christians see no an enig at all concerning the incarnation. Fairly the opposite, the bear of Jesus was simply a an outcome of it spreads widely the spiritual legislation that manage the spirituality realm. After all, the bear of Jesus was merely the end product of end a thousand years of positive confession.The native of confidence cult teaches that the prophets began to form Christ through their words end a thousand year ago. They spoke around where He would be born (Micah 5:1-2); the He would certainly be the boy of God (Psl. 2:7, Pro. 30:4); He would be anointed with the holy Spirit (Isa. 11:2, 61:1, Psl. 45:7-8); He would certainly serve together a Prophet (Deut. 18:15,18), a priest (Psl. 110:4) and also a King (Psl. 2:6). In fact, there are a small over 300 Old testimony prophecies the Jesus fulfilled in His earthly ministry. All of these “faith-filled” indigenous culminated in God being allowed to manifest what they claimed in the form of Jesus Christ, God the Son. Allow me go on to enable Mr. Charles Capps describe it for united state in the following article:The exact procedure by i m sorry God the Son became flesh is not spelled out for us in the scriptures in any good detail. The most familiar passage the text regarding the incarnation is cited below:Luke 1:35-38And the point of view answered and said depend her, The divine Ghost shall come upon thee: and also the strength of the highest possible shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing i beg your pardon shall be born of thee chandelier be called the boy of God.

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And, behold, your cousin Elisabeth, she hath additionally conceived a kid in her old age: and this is the 6th month v her, that was referred to as barren. For through God naught shall be impossible. And also Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord;(KJV, bold type & underlining added for emphasis).All the we understand from the holy bible is the the conception and also birth of Jesus Christ to be miraculous from begin to finish. We recognize that mary was a virgin at this time (read Isa. 7:14) and that the human being of the divine Spirit was the divine “agent” in bringing this miraculous conception about.After virtually 2,000 years of theological quiet on the really mechanics on how this miracle developed has been lastly answered once and for all. Also though the scriptures itself is silent, God, with His chosen vessel, Mr. Charles Capps, has actually chosen to expose to the Church exactly how this miraculous event transpired. As we chandelier see, it yes, really was no so miraculous at all!It to be an action of the God-kind of faith that led to the miraculous conception. It was the word of God in she heart; climate she saw Elisabeth’s house and told her, “He on foot done great things.” (Luke 1:49). How did she know? because the point of view of the Lord had told her, and she receive that Word….She had conceived words of God in she spirit. Right here is what the heart of God said to me around that situation: “Mary conceived the Word sent out to she by the point of view (God’s Word) and conceived that in the womb of her spirit, it manifested itself in she physical body. She received and also conceived the word of walk in her spirit.” (Authority, Charles Capps, Harrison House, 1984, pp. 76-80, bold & italicized type added)All that took ar was simply this: Mary offered the “God-kind that faith” and also through her use of this spirituality law, the regulation of faith, the miraculous conception took place. Follow to confidence teachers, there really was nothing therefore miraculous about the whole event. Mary just put right into action details cosmic principles and also received the preferred results, in this case, God gift born together a man.Please carry out not skip end the prestige of the insurance claim Mr. Capps is setting forth in his statement. Keep in mind that it to be the divine Spirit Himself who revealed what happened to Mr. Charles. Capps also places His words in italics for this reason the leader knows as soon as God is addressing him. Immediately we all have to clip the end this explain and add it to the ago of ours Bibles. If God actually made this statements then they have to be embraced as God-breathed by every the true Church. The holy Spirit’s revelation can be damaged down right into 3 basic steps:Mary conceived (or received) the Word carried to she by the angel.She conceived words in the womb of her spirit;9 months later on it materialized in she physical body.As anyone have the right to see, there is no large mystery as to how a virgin gave birth to God the Son….all the transpired to be a simple application of the God-kind-of-faith or come state it one more way—Mary used belief in the same way God supplies it. Capps states “If she had actually said, ‘Forget it, it won’t work,’ God would certainly have had actually to find an additional woman” (pg. 82). Mary was in control not God.Never forget that the variation of God the confidence movement presents is no the exact same God revealed in the Bible. God walk not use or need “faith.” only contingent beings need faith. God by definition knows everything, has actually all power and also all wisdom to bring about whatsoever He has decreed. What does God need to believe in or for? for sure nothing! (See our publications on web page 12 to learn more about words of confidence Movement’s leaders). Capps proceeds to serve as a conduit for magnificent revelation:The Lord stated to me, “My Word will get human being healed and filled v the holy Ghost the same means that the miraculous conception take it place! Any believer can conceive My Word worrying healing in your spirits, and also healing will manifest in your physical bodies! they can conceive My Word concerning prosperity of finances, and prosperity will certainly manifest chin in their business affairs. If castle will develop My Word worrying the baptism of the holy Spirit, it will certainly manifest chin in your spirits (ibid. P. 83, italics added).In this astounding explain we find out that “any believer can conceive My Word.” therefore we prefer Mary, require only to use the procedures divinely revealed come Mr. Capps (similar principles have likewise been revealed come E.W. Kenyon, Ken Hagin, Copeland, Price, Cho, and also others) and we too deserve to have our very own miraculous conceptions.I need to only wonder if what Capps says is true (remember to include this portion of text likewise to the ago of your Bible, probably below the various other portion, discount it “First Capps”) then why isn’t it working in the stays of those that subscribe to such beliefs?E.W. Kenyon passed away of a tumor. Buddy Harrison, the son-in-law the Ken Hagin and the Publisher that Charles’s publication died of cancer in December the 1998. T.L. Osborn’s wife, Daisy, passed away of cancer. Capps own wife, Peggy, had actually cancer and received medical treatment because that it. Betty Price, Fred Price’s wife also had cancer and also was median treated. Joyce Meyer admitted she had actually breast cancer and also only received medical treatment since her family members urged she to! just how come Tammy-Faye Bakker Mesner no conceive/receive her divine healing native the cancer that untimely eliminated her? Why on planet did january Crouch also get cancer in the first place? Why didn’t these people simply conceive the promises of divine health & healing in the “womb” of their spirits and also receive the miraculous fruit of magnificent health in their bodies? (Consider buying our article “The sick Healers”).The answer is simple —- Mr. Capps received no together revelation indigenous God. That is a false teaching which does not create the outcomes Capps and also others promise. Their theory does not even work in their own lives. What is miraculous is the so many human being willingly follow these cunningly devised fables and also doctrines of demons. Please pray for Mr.

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Capps and also those who follow him.http://discernmentministriesinternation ... -heretics/