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We"re not crying, you"re crying.

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Since the selifwynnfoundation.orgnd trailer Fantastic Beasts: The crime of Grindelwald come out yesterday, over two million human being watched rapturously as Newt Scamander fended off a table-shaped boggart and basked in the return of Hogwarts. Well, there’s also one minute that ns can’t shower off that lasts literally every one of three selifwynnfoundation.orgnds however is in reality low-key terrible – mirroring us just exactly how much Albus Dumbledore was in love with his arch-nemesis Grindelwald.

If you actors your mind every the means back to Harry Potter and also the Philosopher’s Stone, you’ll remember that there was a nifty little maker called the mirror of Erised. The idea was that if you looked in it, your heart’s biggest desire would be revealed (hence the truth that the surname of the mirror is ‘desire’ spelled backwards and also it reads ‘I display not her face however your heart’s desire’ backwards along the optimal of the frame).


We recognize now that when our favourite boy wizard bother Potter looked in it, he saw himself rejoined with his dead parents. In ~ the time, he asked Dumbledore what he experienced in it and the hogwart headmaster called him that he saw ‘thick woollen socks’ which – it s okay – is very on brand for the enigmatic professor.

Well, the new Fantastic Beasts trailer shows us the Dumbledore can have to be lying. That a blink and also you’ll miss it moment at around the 1.30 mark, wherein Jude Law’s young Dumbledore speak quietly through Newt Scamander on a bridge about fighting Grindelwald.

As he speak Newt, ‘I can not move versus Grindelwald’, the trailer cuts really suddenly to what appears to it is in the mirror of Erised and Dumbledore standing prior to it. Fairly than one underwhelming pair the socks, in the reflection Dumbledore is in reality standing side by side v Grindelwald looking into his eyes longingly. Which way that his heart’s biggest desire is to be v his one true love, Grindelwald.



J.K. Rowling revealed in 2017 the Dumbledore was gay and also that his fraught romance through Grindelwald was a ‘great tragedy’, as the 2 were pitted versus one another during a magical war. Previously this February however, Potterheads were outraged once Fantastic Beasts 2 manager David Yates claimed that they would certainly ‘not explicitly’ be touching on Dumbledore’s sexuality in this instalment. However, together J.K. Rowling said in a later statement, there’s a possibility we can see an ext of their romance in the later instalments.

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Fingers crossed us get much more than simply a longing glance in the mirror, together it’s vitally vital that us see an ext mainstream depiction of all sexualities in Hollywood fairly than simply a lifwynnfoundation.orguple that Easter egg moments. Depiction aside, I’m also just prepared to sink my teeth into a weepy tragic romantic – a girl’s got cathartic needs.