Best well-known as the charismatic manager of the Undertaker v an unforgettable high pitched voice, Paul Bearer was among the many recognized wrestling supervisors in the WWE throughout the 90s and also 2000s.

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For Paul Bearer, actual name wilhelm Moody, fatality was a component of life, together he was additionally a licensed mortician and also worked for plenty of years in the funeral industry before his employed staff in the wrestling world.

Sadly, the lover wrestling personality’s death came lot too quickly at the period of 58.

Although TMZ report Moody’s death as a heart attack, william Moody’s son, Daniel Moody offered us the following:

“He died of A-fib. He had a booking in Chicago, forgot to lug a jacket, obtained sick and also was put right into the hospital three days after return home.”

Breaking right into the civilization of Wrestling

William Moody AKA Paul Bearer had actually wrestled as an amateur during the 1970s however ended up coming to be a mortician in bespeak to support his family.


Before the was known as Paul Bearer, Moody wrestled under the moniker “Percy Pringle”. Below he is in WCCW in the mid 80s. Photo:

In 1985, Moody went back to wrestling as a manager for Michael Hayes with Florida Championship Wrestling. Working under the moniker “Percy Pringle III”, he likewise spent time through WCCW and USWA where he regulated many remarkable wrestlers at an early stage in their careers, including the can be fried Warrior, Lex Luger, Steve Austin, and also Rick Rude.

In 1990, the auditioned for a role with the WWE and his background together a mortician made that the perfect choice to cast as the manager of The Undertaker.

Plagued by wellness Problems

Although Paul Bearer was a substantial success together the manager that The Undertaker and played an important role in many WWE story lines throughout the 1990s, he had a variety of serious wellness problems. This health problems prompted him come take regular breaks native the WWE.


The power of the Urn: Paul Bearer hoists the urn to give brand-new life to the ‘Taker. Photo:

By 2002, Paul Bearer’s appearances had actually become very infrequent. Severely obese, Paul had actually gastric bypass surgery in November 2003. Doctors had actually hoped that shedding weight can prevent Paul Bearer’s fatality at very early age and improve his overall health. While the did regulate to shed weight, that still endured from wellness problems.

Emergency gallbladder surgical treatment was essential to conserve his life in 2004. He likewise struggled with sleep apnea, a condition where a human stops breath for brief periods that time while lock sleep. In January 2009, less than 4 years before the Paul Bearer death, he shed his wife of 30 years to cancer. The occasion left Paul deeply saddened.

Paul Bearer speak the story the Kane ~ above a 1997 episode of Raw

The last Days the Paul Bearer

Despite his wellness problems and also the grief he proficient over the loss of his lover wife, Paul Bearer stayed as energetic in wrestling together he could.

Just three days prior to Paul Bearer’s death, that attended the Gulf coastline Wrestlers Reunion. The annual event is hosted in Mobile, Alabama. Although Paul had been in great spirits together always, he to be confined to a wheelchair.

During the evening, the reportedly started to have actually trouble breathing. He to be coughing very hard and wheezing and also ended up leaving the event early, speak he had plans to view the doctor. ~ the event, Paul was hospitalized because that a blood clot.


Paul Bearer didn’t just play a mortician top top TV – he to be one in real life prior to his career in expert wrestling took off. Photo:

How Paul Bearer Died

Ultimately, Paul Bearer would never be released from that Mobile, Alabama, hospital.

During the course of the treatment for the blood clot, he arisen a serious problem called atrial fibrillation (commonly known as “AFib”), which is basically irregular love beats that deserve to lead to heart attacks, strokes and other heart complications.

Sadly, it showed to be too much for Moody.

Paul Bearer’s fatality was pronounced on in march 5, 2013. A windy wake because that family and also fans was hosted on march 9, 2013.


Backfired: top top the august 24, 1998 episode of Raw, Paul Bearer orders Kane to damage the Undertaker, however instead, The Undertaker destroys Paul Bearer. Photo:

A fitting Tribute to Paul Bearer

For Paul Bearer, fatality at very early age through no means meant the finish of his celebrity. After ~ news that his fatality broke, countless retired and energetic pro wrestlers common tributes come the lover manager on society media and in interviews with the press.

On the in march 11 illustration of Raw, The Undertaker paid tribute come his previous manager. To honor him, Paul Bearer’s death came to be a central to the plot of the present for number of weeks with CM Punk making use of his memory to mock Kane and The Undertaker. In ~ one point, he also stole the urn the supposedly held his ashes. The wasn’t until WrestleMania 29 the The Undertaker ultimately was able to acquire the ashes ago from cm Punk. As soon as he did, he committed his huge win to Paul’s memory.

Posthumous addition to the hall of Fame

Outside that the ring, Paul Bearer was additionally honored by the WWE. In 2014, less than one year after ~ the actual Paul Bearer death, he was formally inducted into the WWE room of Fame. Kane to visit the occasion to manage the official induction. The award to be presented to Paul’s sons: Michael and also Daniel. The Undertaker likewise made one appearance at the occasion in complete costume to say one last goodbye to the wrestles legend.

Posthumously, Paul was also awarded the 2014 Lou Thesz compensation from the George Tragos/Lou Thesz global Wrestling Institute because that his contributions to the sport.

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William Moody Grave

William Moody’s grave is located at Serenity Memorial Gardens in Theodore, AL.


William Moody’s dig is situated at Serenity Memorial Gardens in Theodore, AL. Photo: our family members history