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It’s probably one the the most common questions brand-new budgie owner ask and also it’s also one the the most essential ones to gain right if you plan on raising healthy budgies. Ok admit, because that a lengthy time i only ever before fed by budgies seeds, naively reasoning this was every they needed. But there’s much more to a budgies diet than simply seed therefore in this short article we’re going come tell you precisely what you have to be feeding her budgie.

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What perform budgies eat? Budgies eat a mainly herbivore diet the is comprised of approximately 70-75% seeds and grains and 20-25% vegetables, fruits, berries and also greens. Come supplement their diet a budgie likewise requires new water and vitamins and minerals, particularly calcium and also iodine, to remain healthy.

The staples that a budgie or parakeet’s diet are seeds, new vegetables, fruits and greens, calcium and also iodine and also water. Maintaining the best balance because that optimal health and wellness is the key, and it isn’t that challenging to achieve.

What carry out budgies eat in wild?

The vast majority of a wild budgies diet is comprised of grass seeds and grains. Throughout the year they feast top top wide selection of seed as different grasses come in and also out that season.

Supplementing this is a wide variety of fresh tree material and greens, consisting of vegetables, fruits, leaves, tree bark and also sprouting grasses. The availability of together material largely determines what type and amount wild bird eat.

Unlike pets budgies, wild budgerigars obtain a most their important vitamins and also minerals native the food and also water they consume. This is due to the fact that their diet is so varied and also contains such a high volume of fresh food.

Finding the balance in captivity

The crucial to a fine balanced and also nutritional diet for a pet budgie is make the efforts to discover the correct balance of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and also minerals that simulates a natural diet.

It deserve to be a challenge, specifically when most of the food us buy for our pets tends not it is in be as fresh or as differed as food resources in the wild.

“Poor diet is a usual reason for plenty of health difficulties in pets birds”

Dr rick Axelson – doctor of veterinary Medicine, VCA

However getting the balance right and also keeping your budgie or keet healthy definitely isn’t impossible. Through a little knowledge and some effort it is pretty directly forward.

To store your budgie in tip height shape you need to get the basic staple diet right to begin with. The clip diet consists of:

Seed and grainFresh vegetables, fruit and also greensCalcium and iodineWater

If you administer all these contents to your budgie every job they will certainly naturally find the correct ratio or balance to accomplish their needs, just like they would certainly in the wild.

The clip budgie diet

Seed and grain

Seeds and also grains form the foundation and the bulk of a budgerigars diet. They encompass grass, herb and oily seeds, legumes, oats and also a range of millets.

The best and easiest method to make sure you’re providing the right mix is come buy a quality budgie seed indigenous your local pet or create store. Almost all commercially available budgie seed mixes save on computer a rich range of seeds that are suitable to budgies.

Avoid seeds mixes that space designed or marketed because that other types of birds together they save a various mix of seed than your budgie demands for a well balanced diet.

Some stores additionally let you mix your own seed mix. If you don’t know what you’re law it’s finest to stop this and go for a pre-mixed bag, or ask a knowledgeable store human being to mix one up for you.

Try to make an evaluate of the freshness of the seed before you to buy it. Look for usage by dates on packages or look at the seed inside. The older the seeds the much less nutrition it will certainly contain. Seed need to not be wet or save mould, have lumps or clumps of seed or evidence of weevils or insects in the mix.

Always have actually a new supply the seed accessible in your budgie cage at every times. This means your bird will graze as it pleases. 1.5 – 2 teaspoons that seed per budgie per day is around as lot as is required.

Budgies eliminate the rice bowl or covering of a seed v their beaks prior to eating it, depositing the north husk back in the particle container or top top the floor. Make sure that you inspect containers every day come ensure they aren’t full of discarded husks. Punch away the height layer of discarded husks through a couple of breaths to disclose the seeds below prior to topping up the container.

When it pertains to containers there are plenty of many options. Hoppers and little dish or bowl form containers are the most popular. The preferable to use shallow containers for this reason the birds don’t have to dig through too lot husk to find their seed.

I favor to use a silo seed hopper prefer this one ~ above Amazon. It’s easy to see once they require re-filling and easy to height them increase from outside the cage. You additionally don’t should clear husks the end of the them as the shallow tray at the bottom repetitively refill itself with fresh seed as the bird eats. For an ext ideas because that seed containers check out our encourage cage equipment page.

Seed mix top top it’s own wont carry out all a budgies nutritional needs and also over time lock will gain a taste for specific seeds in a seed mix and begin come eat just those seeds. This will result in obesity and also health problems and is why it’s necessary to carry out your budgie with more than simply seed.

What about pellets?

At this suggest you could be wondering around budgie pellets. If you’ve never heard of pellets they are an artificial bird food that contains a selection of seeds, nutrients, vitamins and minerals ground together into a little dry pellet or ball.

Pellets were an extremely popular some years ago. They room marketed as a much more nutritionally well balanced bird food 보다 seed alone. Some breeders and fanciers like to feed your budgies pellets instead of seed if others choose a much more natural seeds based diet.

If she considering convert to pellets climate you need to know that is is really difficult, if not impossible in countless cases, to convert an adult budgie indigenous a seeds diet come a pellet diet, together the birds space unlikely to recognise the pellets together food and will most likely uncover the taste unpalatable (budgies have tastes too!). Girlfriend may yet have much more success through starting new chicks, who have actually never eaten seed, on a pellet diet.

Pellets additionally tend to be more expensive and not together readily easily accessible as seeds mix.

Fresh vegetables, fruit & greens

Along with seeds and also grain her budgies should also have accessibility to some kind of fresh vegetable, fruit or environment-friendly every day. This fresh foods carry out an immense amount the vitamins and minerals that budgies can’t get from seeds alone.

The an essential with fresh vegetables, fruits and greens is to mix it up and offer something various each day. This means your birds obtain a range of nutrients that store them healthy and also entertained.

Vegetables and also fruit

Offer 1 piece of vegetables or fruit every day. Fruit contain a lot of sugar and also acid so don’t serve it much more than twice a week. Offer vegetables ~ above the various other days. Also don’t market watery form vegetables prefer celery and lettuce more than double a mainly to prevent diarrhoea.

Fresh, raw and uncooked is ideal when it involves these foods. Always give lock a good wash v clean water prior to serving to remove chemical residue that may be top top them and make certain that you eliminate left end vegetables and fruits native the cage at the end of the day before they spoil.

Popular vegetables and also fruits encompass spinach/ silverbeet, sweet corn, melon, oranges and carrot. Examine out our full list of the 21 ideal vegetables or 13 finest fruits to feed your budgie. Vegetables and also fruits room best offered early in the morning once budgies room hungry and in the mood to forage.


Greens incorporate herbs and also wild plants, grass seedlings and also tree branches.

You deserve to offer herbs and wild plants as a substitute because that a fruit or vegetable or you have the right to have some kind of environment-friendly always accessible in the cage in conjunction v a day-to-day vegetable or fruit. Tree branches, specifically eucalyptus tree branches, space a great addition to a budgie cage together they love come chew the leaves and bark which gives some nutrition and helps store beaks trim.

Tie herbs and plants into bunches and also hang them approximately the cage in treat clips or with cage bars. Do the same with tree branches or connect a quick length of PVC pipe to the within of an aviary to hold big branches. Grass seedlings can be grown in little trays and also pots and placed ~ above the floor the a cage for birds come nibble on at your leisure.

Here is a list of some perfect herbs, wild plants and tree’s that room safe because that budgies. Because that a complete list the safe and toxic herbs, wild plants and also trees click here.

HerbsBasil (Ocimum basilicum)Chives (Allium schoenoprasum)Coriander (cilantro) (Coriandrum sativum)Cress (Lepidium sativum)Fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)Rocket (Eruca sativa)Sorrel (Rumex acetosa)Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus)Wild plants Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) Chickweed (Stellaria media) Shepherds purse (Capsella bursa-pastoris) TreesEucalyptusDouglas FirBambooBirchWillowSpruceHickoryLemon

Calcium and iodine

Calcium and iodine space 2 very important minerals the budgies must stay healthy. Lock are especially important for budgies who space breeding, as egg production have the right to seriously diminish a budgie hens calcium stores.

Calcium deficiency leads to brittle bones, nervous device problems and also egg binding in laying birds, all of which can be fatal. Iodine deficiency can additionally be fatal, if left untreated, as low iodine reasons swelling the the thyroid gland, restricting breathing.

Ensuring her budgie gets enough calcium and also iodine is simple. The easiest and most typical ways to execute this space with mineral block or a liquid water additive.

A mineral block is make from plaster that paris (calcium lead carbonate which is entirely safe because that birds to eat when dried) with additives such as extra calcium, iodine or other minerals blended in. Bird chew at the hard block, consuming little amounts the the plaster and minerals.

Mineral blocks are also great for help birds save their beaks trim and also for adding a tiny extra entertainment. You deserve to purchase mineral blocks at most pet shop or online. Make sure you ask for blocks containing iodine and calcium.

Cuttlebones (the dried inner shell the a dead cuttlefish) can likewise be supplied as a natural substitute for a mineral block. Friend can obtain them for cost-free if you live near the coastline or grab some from a pet store. They are packed with calcium however contain no iodine in ~ all.

Another well-known option space liquid mineral additive which are blended with the birds water. This liquids need to be included to water feeders in the recommended dose each time friend refill them.

Liquid mineral additives deserve to be rather expensive and they don’t have the benefit of helping your birds trim their beaks. They are additionally not as readily absorbed by the bird body as solid type minerals. If you want to provide a fluid additive a shot take a look in ~ Vetafarms Calcivet for calcium and find yourself a liquid iodine native a pet or drug store.


Your budgies need access to clean fresh water at every times. Without water they can die in ~ 24 hours.

Standard madness water is fine, but if you have a resource of clean new untreated water native a natural source that’s well too. Water must be changed with new water every day.

I favor to use bottle kind water feeders with closed tops and tiny openings for the birds to drink from, favor the people below. Unlike open up water bowls and dishes they don’t become contaminated with droppings or food and also they are basic to clean and also refill there is no the should go within the cage.

If you’re walking to usage an open top water feeder or dish shot to location it what it won’t get too contaminated and also make sure you clean the container completely and change the water every day.

What else have the right to you feed her budgie?

As well together the budgies staple diet, here are some extra foods you deserve to feed castle on chance for a special treat.

Sprouted seed

Sprouted seed is particle that has actually been soaked in water and also has just begun to germinate into a tiny seedling. It is a favourite budgerigar treat. The germination process unlocks a heap of dormant nutrients inside the seeds, making castle far an ext nutritious because that birds come eat.

The ideal seeds because that sprouting are budgie seed mix, quinoa and brown rice. If your keen to shot out sprouting your very own seeds for your budgies check out our finish how to sprout seed guide.


Eggfood is a powdered complement containing protein and vitamins the birds need during breeding or moulting. As the name suggests its main ingredient is egg (shell included), usually linked with some combination of ground increase seed, vegetables and also vitamin supplements.

Eggfood is usually blended with a little amount of water and also made right into a dough and fed to bird on a little tray or feed container. There space plenty that recipes on the internet for do your very own eggfood or you can buy a ready made bag from many pet stores.

Eggfood is great to serve as soon as birds are breeding, moulting or rearing chicks, as the added nutrients assist with growth and development. Yes sir no have to offer eggfood at various other times although there’s no harm if you want to treat her birds occasionally. Just keep it to a best of 2 servings every week.

Treat sticks

You’re probably currently familiar with treat sticks. They space hardened sticks of bird particle stuck in addition to honey and dried right into a stick shape. The idea is to hang them somewhere in her cage for your birds to eat.

Budgies love act sticks. They reap the sweet taste and get a the majority of enjoyment out of pulling personal the seed.

Use law sticks really sparingly. They are high in sugar and also offering them to generally can conveniently lead to fat little budgies.

Millet / seed sprays

A millet or seeds spray is simply a branch or rod of a millet tree in its natural type which has actually not had actually the seed removed. They are readily available to birds together a fun and entertaining means for bird to eat seed.

Most budgies get a many enjoyment the end of nibbling ~ above a spray. Cave them around the bird cage and also watch your bird do gymnastics together it tries come eat it. They are also an extremely useful if you’re trying to hand tame a budgie.

Remember though that a millet spray offers no more nutrition than continual seed and if fed to often can bring about obesity. No more than 1 – 2 servings per week is recommended.

Oily seeds

Oily seed such together sunflower seeds can additionally be available as an sometimes treat. Cracking open the big seeds administer budgies v something to do and also the oil within the seed carry out them with added nutrition the don’t gain from regular seed.

Oily seeds carry out contain a lot of fat so save servings come a best of 1 every week.

Hard boiled egg & cheese

Believe that or not yet budgies can eat tough boiled eggs and grated cheese. These foods items are great for including a small extra protein and calcium come a birds diet, especially during breeding time.

Serve up hard boiled egg in slices or mash that up with a fork and serve top top a dish. Save the covering on because that some added calcium. Grated cheese can likewise be offered in tiny dishes or feeding containers.

Don’t it is in surprised if that takes a while for your budgie to heat up to this new food. You can try sprinkling part seed end it come encourage castle to give it a try. If you keep offering it consistently they will at some point get the idea and give the a go.

Remove uneaten egg and also cheese native the cage after a couple of hours together it will start to spoil really quickly.

Do Budgies need grit?

No, budgies don’t require grit in their diet. If you’re not familiar with grit that is little insoluble particles of silica, sand or pebbles the are an essential part of part birds diets and digestive systems.

Unlike various other birds, i beg your pardon eat seed whole and require grit in their gizzard to aid grind under the seed, budgies eliminate the outer husk the a seed prior to they eat it, permitting their digestive equipment to process the soft soluble seed center without grit.

Eating a lot of insoluble grit deserve to actually reason health troubles for budgies.

Many commercially obtainable seed mixes contain some kind of soluble grit, usually ground up oyster shells, which failure into calcium in the digestive system rather than staying there to assist in digestion.

Foods to stop feeding your budgie

The adhering to is a list of foodstuffs that room toxic come budgies and should not be fed to her birds.

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Apple seedsAubergine / eggplant leaves and stems (eggplant fruit is fine)AvocadoChocolateCaffeineGarlicGreen tomatoes and also tomato leaves and also stems (red tomatoes are fine)MilkweedOnionPear seedsSalt

Related Questions

Can ns feed budgie left over scraps because that dinner plate? Yes, you can feed your budgie leftover vegetables and fruits from your dinner plate, so lengthy as they room fresh, uncooked, have not been contaminated with sauce or various other condiments and also have not remained in your mouth.