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Spanish Christmas activity Go come the valuable Links below to find the answers to these questions: Please create your answers on another piece of paper to rotate in. valuable link 1
1. As soon as do the Posadas begin? 2. What is the definition and objective of the Posadas? 3. Once is the work of the holy Innocents? that is likened come what work in the US? 4. The poinsettia was called cuitlaxochitl by the Aztecs. What go this name mean? 5. That was the poinsettia called after and also what to be his profession? 6. When is the Nativity step completed in Mexico? 7. What is hidden inside the ring-shaped cake eaten at Epiphany? (see los Reyes Magos) Why is it there? 8. Name five things discovered in a Nacimiento. 9. When do Mexican youngsters receive gifts? 10. What are "Pastorelas"? Useful attach 2 11. What space villancicos? 12. Once is El Día de san Esteban (St. Stevens’ Day)? 13. When is "Noche Buena"? 14. What is turrón (also spelled turró)? 15. What carry out the Spanish eat at the hit of midnight on brand-new Year’s eve (Noche vieja) and also why? Useful attach 3 16. What room farolitos? 17. Who space "Los Peregrinos"? Useful attach 4 18. What room "hogueras"? Why do civilization jump over them? 19. What do youngsters put ~ above the doorstep on January 5? 20. That traditionally it is intended the presents in Spain? Santa? 21. Of the 3 Wise Men, who is the favorite of Spanish children? 22. What is the turkey stuffed with in Spain? Useful connect 5 23. What summer sprouts is offered in mexican hot cacao (champurrado)? Useful link 6 24. What is Santa Claus dubbed in Chile? 25. What is the one-of-a-kind nativity scene referred to as in Venezuela?

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