1. 2 charged particles held near each other are released. Together they move, the acceleration of each decreases. Therefore, the corpuscle have


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the very same sign. B. The contrary signs. C. Not enough information given.

Reasoning: They should berepelling each other. Thus they move away, and also as they do, the pressure on every charges keeps decreasing, which results in a diminish in acceleration.

2. A confident charge and a an adverse charge hosted near each various other are released. As they move, the force on every particle

A. increases. B. Decreases. C. Continues to be the same.

3. In one electrically neutral atom the variety of protons in the cell nucleus is equal to the variety of A. electrons that surround the nucleus. B. Neutrons in the nucleus. C. Both of these. D. No of these. 4. A positive ion has much more A. Electrons than neutrons. B. Electrons 보다 protons. C. Protons than electrons. D. Protons than neutrons. E. Neutrons than protons. 5. Strip electrons from an atom and also the atom becomesa A. hopeful ion. B. Negative ion. C. Various element. 6. Come say that electric charge is quantized is come saythat the charge on an item A. May occur in an infinite selection of quantities. B. is a whole-number multiple of the fee of one electron. C. Will connect with neighboring electrical charges. D. Deserve to be neither created nor destroyed. 7. Come say that electric charge is conserved is to saythat electrical charge A. May happen in one infinite variety of quantities. B. Is a totality number multiple of the fee of one electron. C. Will connect with neighboring electric charges. D. Have the right to be neither created nor destroyed. 8. The unit of electrical charge, the coulomb, is thecharge on A. One electron. B. A specific huge number of electrons.9. A key difference in between gravitational and electricforces is that electrical forces A. Attract. B. Loss or attract. C. Follow the inverse-square law. D. Act over much shorter distances. E. Are weaker. 10. The electric force between charges is strongestwhen the charges room A. close together. B. Far apart. C. The electrical force is consistent everywhere. 11. The electrical force in between charges depends onthe A. Size of electric charges. B. Separation distance between electric charges. C. Both of these. D. No one of these. 12. Obstacle electrons from your hair v a comb and also thecomb becomes A. Negatively charged. B. Positive charge. 13. One electroscope is charged positively as presented by foil leaves that stand apart. Together a an adverse charge is brought close come the electroscope, the leaves

A. Fall closer together. B. Spread apart further. C. Perform not move.

14. Two protons tempt each other gravitationally and also repel each various other electrically. By much the better is A. The gravitational attraction. B. The electric repulsion. C. No - they room the same.

15. The major purpose of a lightning stick is to

A. Attract lightning and also guide it come the ground. B. discharge the structure to which that is attached. C. Publication the electrical field within the structure to which that is attached. D. Induce within the framework to which that is enclosed a charge opposite to that of fee clouds overhead. 16. A balloon will certainly stick come a wooden wall surface if the balloonis fee A. Negatively. B. Positively. C. either way. D. Neither way. 17. As soon as a auto is to win by lightning, the resultingelectric ar inside the auto is A. Generally huge, yet for a brief time. B. Normally vast for a time longer than the lightning stroke itself. C. Tiny enough to be for sure for an occupant inside. D. Zero. 18. Electrical potential, measure up in volts, is the ratioof electric energy come amount of electrical A. Current. B. Resistance. C. Charge. D. Voltage. E. None of these. 19. One uncharged pith sphere is exposed by a nylon fiber.When a negatively fee rubber rod is brought nearby, withouttouching it, the pith ball A. Becomes charged through induction. B. Becomes polarized. C. Is repelled by the rod. D. All of these. E. None of these. 20. As soon as the distance in between two charges is halved,the electric force in between the dues A. quadruples. B. Doubles. C. Halves. D. Is diminished by 1/4. E. Nobody of these. 21. Fragment A and Particle B communicate with each other.Particle A has twice the charge of bit B. Compared to theforce on bit A, the pressure on bit B is A. 4 times as much. B. Two times as much. C. The same. D. Fifty percent as much. E. Nobody of these.

Reasoning: Newton"s third law calls for the forces to it is in the same but in the opposite direction. Also, based upon the Coulomb"s law, the force depends on both charges and thus is the exact same for the two charges.

22. If girlfriend comb her hair and the comb becomes positivelycharged, then your hair becomes A. Positive charged. B. Negatively charged. C. Uncharged.23. A difference in between electric forces and also gravitationalforces is that electrical forces include A. Separation distance. B. repulsive interactions. C. The inverse square law. D. Limitless range. E. None of these. 24. A conductor differs from an insulator in that aconductor A. Has more electrons than protons. B. Has more protons than electrons. C. Has much more energy than an insulator. D. Has much faster moving molecules. E. No one of these.

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Reasoning: Insulators have actually tightly bound electrons. Conductors have actually a big number the (almost) openly moving electrons. In both cases, the number of electrons and also protons are normally the same, because atoms are neutral.

25. Every proton in the cosmos is surrounding by itsown A. Electric field. B. Gravitational field. C. Both the these. D. None of these.