Why eat it: This meal is about getting the body going, and an enhancing metabolism – the duty of the body that division food down right into energy. Actimel is a probiotic drink, which method it has healthy bacteria to save your cradle in tip-top problem (rather 보다 nasty bacteria i beg your pardon will simply hospitalise you).

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The lemon juice additionally helps jolt your metabolism right into life, and also having the water lukewarm help the body absorb the without using unnecessary energy. It likewise has a purging impact – clearing the end the rubbish from the system. Finally, dark chocolate with a high cocoa content has now been discovered to be great for the human body in moderation (just nothing eat the whole bar!)

Preparation: it doesn’t gain much simpler than this – i beg your pardon is fortunate if you’re no at your best an initial thing in the morning. The just remotely tricky little bit is squeezing the lemon, yet that’s a doddle if you’ve acquired the sort of lemon squeezer pictured below. If not, walk out and buy one – lock an affordable must-have kitchen accessory.


Why eat this: A footballer’s breakfast is the meal he’s going come eat prior to going to training and also needs to pack him v enough power to gain him through the session. So it’s about getting carbohydrates, which room turned come glycogen, which directly fuels the muscles.

Brown bread is a an excellent source that carbs, without the nasty additives that room pumped right into white bread. And as the secret Footballer claims “nuts space a so-called ‘super food’ … a slow-releasing energy source.” Alternatively, if friend go with the porridge option, that’s likewise a good source that carbs. Countless sports civilization swear by oats in your diet: lock cheap, filling, contain protein, and can help lower cholesterol.

Preparation: Although i’m partial to a little bit of porridge, i went with toast this time round. The the simple option, and since i’ve still acquired to chef lunch and dinner, I’m maintaining it straightforward here. So for now, it’s another easy enjoy the meal – this one just being a instance of placing some bread in the toaster and then dispersing it v a generous helping of topping.

The just tricky little was locating almond spread in my regional supermarket. It to be a job that beat me, so instead I opted because that the best, most organic (and predictably, most expensive) peanut butter I could find. That 97% nuts and also has no added sugar so I’m obtaining nothing much more than nutty goodness.

What it’s prefer to eat: After my wake-up meal, which mainly consisted just of liquids, it’s great to gain something to fill me up. 2 slices that brown toast with spread does the job and I’m all set for the morning. I might not have the rigours of soccer training, yet I’m still sustained to strike the day-ahead.

Meal 3 – lunch

“Steamed broccoli, grilled chicken (no skin), numerous brown rice”


Finally: the rice. Contact me lazy however I’ve got enough on my hands v the broccoli and the chicken so i bought microwave rice which only takes 2 minutes. Make certain that it’s boiled rather than fried brown rice that you’re buying, that it’s acquired no included sugar (yes, part do include it) and an absolute minimum of included salt.

What’s it favor to eat: Not bad, yet a little plain. It feels choose it requirements some sauce, yet ketchup is especially banned from the diet follow to the an enig Footballer since ‘it can reason sugar-spikes’. So, I chose to include some chopped cherry-tomatoes and also a dash that olive oil. Tomatoes room extremely good for you and being complete of flavor, and the olive oil (in moderation) is really an excellent for the heart, and also lubricated the rice nicely. A good lunch and also one I can see myself pack in a lunchbox in future.

Meal 4 – dinner

“Grilled or steam fish through steamed veg (avoid carbs). Adhered to by low-fat yogurt and also fruit – berry in particular.”


The yogurt and berries is exceptionally easy come prepare. Simply buy a big tub of yogurt, spoon out a sensible part and include the berry – easy! i also added some pomegranate seeds – an additional item it is on the ‘super food’ list.


You have the right to eat something favor this, however minus the hummus dip

Drinks: how a pro footballer hydrates

With this new balanced diet you’re following, you won’t need anything other than simply plain water to store your human body hydrated, and also you should have actually a glass v every meal, in ~ least. No need for sporting activities drinks – you’re getting all the energy you require from her meals.

And there’s definitely no time because that sugary drinks – placed down that can of Coca-cola – or caffeinated drinks like tea and also coffee.

How go it feel to eat like a pro?

At very first I looked at the menu and also wondered if the entirety day could feel a little joyless, dining like a monk, that was actually pretty good. The meals were tasty, and also there to be something reassuring about preparing and eating ideal food, free of every the additives that you uncover in the handle rubbish the sneaks right into our diet. I’m not saying that I’m walking to it is in eating choose this every work (after every I’m not a pro footballer), yet it has certainly made me think around what ns eat. I’ll it is in making some of these meals more often.

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The agree diet challenge

So, you’ve watched me execute it, now it’s your turn. Can girlfriend live the footballer’s diet because that a day? If she up for the challenge, allow us recognize in the comments below. Nothing forget come come earlier and share her experiences later on – will you feeling the very same benefits that ns did? will certainly it change the method you eat in future? will you crumble simply mid-way through the day and also hit the crisps and also chocolate instead?

It’s just one day and won’t price a fortune – I extremely recommend offering it a try. Allow me know just how it goes.

Credit because that the above meal plan goes come the mystery Footballer and his guide to the contemporary Game. If you desire to read more, his book is available on Amazon* by clicking on the listed below image.